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    Foster Mare Needed Urgently

    Does anyone know of a mare who has lost her foal. My friend has a foal that needs a foster mum urgently
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    Are sarcoids catching to other horses

    A lady at my yard has a pony that has a massive sarcoid near its mouth. Its now big and red where it keeps rubbing it and where the bit sits. Infact it keeps bleeding. She is using thuja cream and tablets but I am worried that it grooms my horses and don't want it spreading to them. Any...
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    Please vote

    Please vote for my old boy thanks
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    Evision Rug urgently needed

    Hi Has anyone got a 7ft 3" heavyweight evision turnout rug they no longer want.
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    Rug Repairs

    Does anyone know where I can get my trashed rugs repaired. Don't need washing as my youngster has probably only worn them a few days before trashing. Needs to be near junction 25 of the M1. Risley want to wash and reproof them so they are a no go
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    Martin Deakin - Farrier

    Does anyone have a contact number for him please
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    LPG conversion problem

    Hiya I seem to be having problems with my lpg conversion on my discovery in this cold weather. It just doesn't want to work. Is anyone else having the same problem. Does LPG freeze?
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    Hoof Boots

    Does anyone know where I can get a very large hoof boot for a shire horse. He has an abcess and cannot go out as wears through vet wrap, gaffa tape, tarpaulin, the poultice boots etc. He is starting to get very fed up in the stable. Or if you have any other suggestions they would be greatly...
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    Passport and loaning a horse

    If you loan a horse from someone and it is moved to another yard who has the passport?
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    Best sites to look for loan horse

    Can anyone tell me what the best sites are to look for a sensible loan horse. My friend is wanting a long term loan to just hack out. She is not bothered about age. But it must be allowed to move yards. There doesn't seem to be many in the nottingham, derby, leicester area
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    How do you keep their water tubs from freezing

    Please can people tell me how to stop my horses water tubs from freezing over night in their stables. I have packed straw round them but this has not worked
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    neck cover for knightrider rugs

    Hiya Does anyone know where I can get a large size neck cover for a knightrider medium weight rug.
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    Young horse not picking feet up when ridden

    Has anyone got any suggestions of exercises I can do when riding my young heavy horse. He is not picking his feet up in trot and yesterday tripped in the menage and went down on his knees. I ended up on his neck and have pulled muscles in my neck, knee and calf. Did manage to get back in the...
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    Castration Question

    Can anyone tell me how soon after having your colt castrated it is safe to put him out in a field with mares in it
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    Trying to find a loaner

    Is anyone else finding it hard to find someone to loan their horse/pony. I'm really struggling to find someone to loan/help bring on my 3year old that has just been backed.
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    Feeding Hay and Straw

    Someone has suggested mixing my very good doers hay with straw so he gets the fibre to fill him but not the calories. Has anyone done this before and does it work? What quantity of straw do you use to hay and what type of straw do you use? Would it take the goodness out the hay if I...
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    laura newman posts

    following on from my previous post. Can anyone tell me how I find the posts on laura newman and the stolen horses. For some reason I have it in my mind that the lady I am looking for has something to do with laura
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    Trying to find Wendy in Breaston, Derbyshire

    I am trying to find a lady called wendy in breaston, derbyshire that had a big chestnut polish warmblood. My daughters boyfriend has been to see him with his present owner. I would really like to know more about him as this lady has not had him out hacking on the roads etc and I wondered what...
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    Saddle fitters in Nottingham/Derby area

    Does anyone know of a good saddle fitter in the notts/derby area. Need one urgently
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    Advice please

    My shire horse has started to produce a lot of slimy saliva and then he spits it out. It seems to have grass in it. this has only started happening since it got really warm. Has anyone any idea why he should be doing this.
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    Advice needed please

    While I am hacking out my youngster he keeps putting his head down and pulling me forward. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
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    Just wondered if anyone used it and how good it was. I have a horse that suffers with sweet itch and was thinking of starting him on it
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    Mark Todd Ultra Combo Fly Rug

    I was just wondering if anyone else had a problem with their horses really sweating in this rug. On of my horses is really getting hot in it and has come out in lumps on his front and shoulders Your where the lining is.
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    Vetrofen - update

    Have had tro on it for nearly a week and he is a different horse. He is walking like he used to do and is turning on a sixpence and walking off at a great rate. He is also looking brighter in himself. Its fantastic stuff and I would recommend anyone whose horse has joint problems try it...
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    Has anyone used vetrofen and did they have good results or did it make no difference. am thinking of giving it to my old boy
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    weigh tape for large horses

    My vet has said my old shire need to put on a bit of weight but the tape I have is not large enough. does anyone know where I can get a tape that is over 750kg
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    training advice please

    I was riding my 4 year old today and he did nothing but lean on my hands. He is in a d ring snaffle. Any ideas how to stop this. Another thing is that he is not picking his feet up he is being lazy. I have put trotting poles out but this is not making any difference. Any ideas on exercises...
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    Hoof Boots

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get one to fit a big footed shire horse. the ones I have seen on the internet are too small. Have tried covering his hoof in tarpaulin and he just walks through it. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated
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    Its their last chance. Dartmoor foal appeal

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    Treeless Saddles

    I have been offered a traditional style treeless saddle. Please can someone tell me how these fit as I want it for my xwide horse. I have what I call the normal style treeless but cannot for the life of me think how a traditional style one would work treeless