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    Royal Windsor Platinum Jubilee ITV coverage

    It was a bit ridiculous to have the two 'trigger warnings' from Phil regarding the Omani horses lying down and then again when the trick riders were going to go under the horse (which in the end ITV didn't show) My OH gave up watching when we saw more of Gregory Porter than the Household...
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    Horse Passport Survey

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    Badminton XC coverage is not live via the BBC red button this year

    Eventing is mainly a rural sport. Rural areas are generally the places that have poor broadband speeds. Putting Badminton on line makes it unwatchable for many of those interested in the sport due to poor broadband speed. The news higher up the thread that Burghley is going the same way and...
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    Get a Welsh cob, I thought...

    Welshies can be a bit 'special'
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    Artic soul

    I seem to recall years ago that Lucinda's Wideawake died on his lap of honour from a heart attack after winning Badminton (?) (but I'm old so I might be remembering incorrectly) Another who died doing what he loved but it is hard for those left behind as is the case with all deaths.
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    Badminton XC coverage is not live via the BBC red button this year

    I do not have a TV capable of streaming and do not have any of the TV streaming services like Netflix. OH and I enjoy watching the XC together on RB usually. Huddling round a small laptop screen relying on not very fast BB will be impossible. I pay my TV license every year reluctantly as I...
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    Cheltenham Day 3.

    Richard Hoiles posted that he's loaded on the horse ambulance and it's being driven slowly back. Do hope he's OK.
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    Livery termination. Help.

    Does your contract state 30 days notice on either side? If so (ours did) you are liable for the payment until the 5th April
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    Livery termination. Help.

    In a similar situation a few years ago we were forced to pay up to the end of the 30 day notice despite leaving before that date in order to keep the place at the new yard. Our yard also gave 30 days notice due to the yard having been sold and closing but the owner wanted to get every last...
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    Cheltenham Day 1

    Glad I'm now retired and can watch good racing like this. Condolences to the connections of the horse fatally injured in the first race.
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    Who on here used to work professionally with horses?

    was working in engineering but when jobs became scarce and redundancies frequent during the 80s I did my BHS qualifications and worked a mix of full and part time teaching and livery yard work as and when the day jobs came and went in engineering. Also worked for a national hunt permit holder...
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    Ewell Village Stables

    The yards on Hook Road still exist. St. Ebbas has been an RDA centre for many years (Epsom RDA). Horton Farm across the road is still going. I haven't driven that way for many years but my friend has her retired racer there at DIY and she wouldn't be anywhere that wasn't OK for him.
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    What happens to our horses if there is a WW3?

    My pony would be put down but if things got as bad as they potentially could people would have to accept their animals being put down by being shot as drugs would be in short supply. Further, in extreme circumstances where food is very short and people are starving, I would allow my pony's body...
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    Oisin Murphy

    Murphy banned for 14 months from Dec. 8th 2021 and fined £31k I feel sorry that he became 2021 champion jockey instead of Buick.
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    USA Ranch Holidays

    Something I always wanted to do and never got round to doing, mainly due to having no-one to look after my horses which were kept at home. I'm now far to old and decrepit to go, but by choice I would have gone to Montana. OP go for it. It's amazing country there. Don't be like me and miss out...
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    Oisin Murphy
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    Vintage horse book shops?

    Allens - I remember them. The first 'horse' book I was given came from there in 1962 when I was just starting proper riding lessons. It was Equitation by Wynmalen. I still have it somewhere in good condition as I used to cover all my horse and cook books with self-adhesive film to protect them...
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    Oisin Murphy
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    Oisin Murphy
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    Oisin Murphy

    Caught twice riding or attempting to ride under the influence of alcohol. Caught previously riding under the influence of cocaine (which is normally a 6 month ban but he got away with 3 months). All of the above are illegal if a person is driving a motorised vehicle. On a racecourse either...
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    I furnished my stable yard with stuff from Robinsons such as saddle racks, rug racks, and even some of their showjumps and was never let down. Also like many bought rugs and clothes for myself from them. Sad to see them go downhill and close.
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    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - It's Been A While!

    Thanks for posting these. I always read and enjoy them. A Christmas post would be lovely if you have time to do one.
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    It seems from PaulineW and my experience that getting the vet to try with PP might be another option if they are ignoring your approaches. Vets sometimes get a bad press but with the experiences listed above they might get better results. Good luck with your dog. Our animals seem to always...
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    I had a horse die in an arson. It was fully insured with PP. No previous claims and he had been a healthy 5 yr old. PP refused to pay out the claim for loss of horse. Their reason was that I couldn't prove that the body of my horse was the body of the horse they had insured. My vet was...
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    Loan obligations

    I think the sharer is not a suitable carer for this elderly horse with lameness issues. She is riding him more than he probably should be as he is on 2 bute. Also, whilst her clinging to him is perhaps understandable if she is attached to him emotionally, it also brings into question whether...
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    Planning Query

    Your planning permission for private use only is often imposed because the road/lane to your property is not suitable for multiple movements of horseboxes and trailers. The Highways Authority at your local council and the views of your neighbours will have been taken into account when your...
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    HOYS - Do I need vaccine passport? You can get proof of covid vaccination for your mother from the above site. It says allow 10 days but mine came thru after about 7 days. I needed it as I don't have (or want) a smartphone.
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    Queues at Blenheim

    It used to be that the XC started at around 9.30 with the 8&9 SJ following the XC in the main arena. There were numerous complaints about the early start as a lot of people missed the early runners due to queues getting into the main carpark. It appears the 11am start with the 8&9 SJ...
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    Awful news

    sadly if the lorry driver is at fault he is unlikely to get any specific punishment for the deaths of the 4 horses. Under current law horses (and other pets) are treated the same as stolen TVs. I believe there may be a law going thru Parliament atm that is trying to change the law re...
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    Tokyo Showjumping thread

    As a print subscriber you should be able to access news for free - but you have to 'apply' for it by ringing the number for magazine subscriptions. Apparently I'd forgotten my password for the free online linked to my email address and it all got confused. In the end I had to ring the magazine...