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  1. CrazyEquestrian

    Nick Turner-Lessons

    Evening all, does anyone know if Nick Turner does individual lessons? Can only seem to find clinic dates on his website! TIA :)
  2. CrazyEquestrian

    BS Ticket query.

    Can a junior compete in senior classes on a ticket? Thanks in advance! :)
  3. CrazyEquestrian

    Maria Jarvis ~ Instructor

    Has anyone had an instructor called Maria Jarvis? Just wondering as BE seem to have a lot of clinics with her and wondering how she is and what is her experience? Thanks in advance.
  4. CrazyEquestrian

    Pony swinging right hind leg under in walk and trot.

    My pony has just started to swing his right hind leG underneath him in walk and trot. We think he has slipped in the field and pulled something does anyone else have any suggestions?
  5. CrazyEquestrian

    Waresley Park - Any ideas??

    Posted on here a while ago wondering if Waresley had reopened. Again has anything recent come up - when its reopening , is it reopening? I know Nick Turner's lesson are still going on. Thanks in advance! :)
  6. CrazyEquestrian

    DIY Wavy plank.

    Does anybody know how to make a wavy plank for showjumping? Or have a reputable website which sells them cheaply?
  7. CrazyEquestrian

    Sunflower oil for energy?

    Hullo, I read somewhere that Sunflower oil could be used to give a pony an extra bit of oomph. Is this true? Thanks in advance. :)
  8. CrazyEquestrian

    Neue Schule bits?

    Hullo all. Are Neue Schule (sp?) bits all that they are worth? Just wondering was thinking of getting one on trial for the little yellow pony. Thanks in advance
  9. CrazyEquestrian

    Waresley Park?

    Anyone know if it's still closed or not? The website won't load and I haven't heard any news since the announcement it was closing for some reconstruction stuff. Thanks in advance! :)
  10. CrazyEquestrian

    Spurs for PC and BE

    Hullo all! Sorry for the rather silly question but can I wear 20mm Prince of Wales spurs in Pony club and BE? Thanks in advance! :)
  11. CrazyEquestrian

    Boots for weak ankle!

    Hullo all! Can anyone suggest a pair of long boots that could give my very weak ankle the support it needs?! Much obliged! :D
  12. CrazyEquestrian

    Pre intro

    Hullo all! Just wanted to ask a quick question as when I went to enter Aston's combined training instead of heights it say intro, pre, novice etc I was wondering if pre-intro was 80cm? Ta in advance! :)
  13. CrazyEquestrian

    Oh good lord what have I done?!

    I just entered my first BE! It's the Aston Le Walls BE80(T) and I was just wandered if anyone had any tips and tricks on it. I went schooling at Aston a couple of weeks back and he flew everything up to novice! :) So feeling optimistic! :) Anyway any tips and tricks would be much appreciated! :)
  14. CrazyEquestrian

    Getting rid farrier.

    Hullo all, any tips on how to get rid of my farrier because he's just so grumpy and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable around him. But feel awkward as he does other clients on the yard! Thanks in advance! :)
  15. CrazyEquestrian

    Small dilemma!-Passports

    Oh good lord had my little pony for a year now. I haven't gotten round to sending his passport off but I went to register him for BE today and realised his passport isn't updated! grrr :\ Anyway does anyone know how long it would take me to send off his passport and get it back from Ireland...
  16. CrazyEquestrian

    Aston! :)

    Hullo all! Just wondering if Anston-Le-Walls BE80(T) is a nice first time BE? In terms of XC and SJ. Thanks all! :)
  17. CrazyEquestrian

    Is there any way?

    Is there any way I can watch the Puissance on my laptop? TV is on the blink so can't watch it on that so was wondering if theres anyway I could watch it on my laptop/ Thanks in advance! :D
  18. CrazyEquestrian

    Frivolous post about BE events! :D

    Just written down a list of which ones I'll aim for next season and I think I may make my mum and dad rather broke! :D Have added a foot note to my list apologising for the coming expenses! :) On the other hand I am now feeling thoroughly excited for next season! Hope little yellow pony behaves! ;D
  19. CrazyEquestrian

    Kelly Turner flat&jumping clinic

    Well I am rather please to say that I have a flat and jumping individual clinic (?) with Kelly Turner at Milton Keynes EC next weekend and before I go in I would rather like to know what she's like?! Thanks in advance! :D
  20. CrazyEquestrian

    Ashfield lines...

    So, just wondering peoples experiences of horses with Ashfield lines? I'm wonder because my little lad's sire is Ashfield Jovial Joker. I was wondering what their temperament and jumping ability was. :) x
  21. CrazyEquestrian

    Anyone else?

    Has anyone else found that their horse is a whole lot less spooky when they are riding in the dark? Our school has only one light at the moment while the lights get fixed and my horse was a lot less spooky when I was riding him in the parts where the light couldn't reach!
  22. CrazyEquestrian

    Desperate help-Clippers!

    Could anyone recommend a good make of clippers that are reasonably priced? :)
  23. CrazyEquestrian

    Lucinda Green clinics near Herts?

    I was reading somewhere on the forum that Lucinda Green did clinics somewhere near Hearts however the user didn't say where apart from near Herts. Does anybody know where she dies clinics, if she still does clinics. I don't particularly mind if they are not near herts. :) Much obliged! :)