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  1. wispagold

    The future of Acton Scot Farm

    That is very sad. My mum lives in Shropshire and we have been waiting for it to reopen so that we could take my 3yr old. We have been told it is very good by several different people. I hope they find a solution.
  2. wispagold

    Horses and a Baby

    I think it depends on how much support/ help you have and what your horse is like. I found it quite stressful. My horse was on full livery, she wasn't the easiest horse. Needed a consistent routine and wouldn't live out, but weaved when stabled. My first baby slept really well in the car so I...
  3. wispagold

    Beau has gone ๐Ÿ˜ข

    So sorry for your loss xx
  4. wispagold

    Terrible names

    We had a pony called Toad, he was very pretty! I've also met a Frog too. Also known a Brian (very pretty arab cross), a Norman ( a 13.2h show pony) and a Gary (sports horse)... they always make me smile as their names just don't suit them!!
  5. wispagold

    What’s the obsession with the duns and buckskin

    Found some photos of the crew! Blackberry Fleur Sky (the palomino was also ours!) Nutmeg Sandy Wispa This is Wispa as a 2yr old as it shows her colour a bit better as she that is her winter coat in the photo above
  6. wispagold

    What’s the obsession with the duns and buckskin

    Loving all these gorgeous neddy photos. My mum definitely picked ponies based partly on colour. Growing up we had... A 11.2h blue roan Welsh sec A A 12h strawberry roan Welsh sec B A 14h red/ Bay roan Morgan x Welsh B A buckskin/ roan 12.2h (unknown breeding) she really roaned out over the...
  7. wispagold

    Horse dentist E Cheshire N Staffa NW Debys SW Yorks please?

    Heather Urquhart is very good. She is based in Derbyshire. She is a vet who has set up on her own as an Equine Dental Technician.
  8. wispagold

    Sad goodbye to a much loved mare

    I'm so sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful mare
  9. wispagold

    HHO's "Bear" project pony...

    Might be worth doing a bit of research on this as not all yeasts are the same. I only know about yeasacc for ruminants, rather than horses, but it was specifically meant to increase numbers of fibre digesting and lactic acid utilising bacteria in the rumen. There are lots of papers published on...
  10. wispagold

    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    I actually really like this idea. Maybe with an orienteering aspect to it so that they have to map read and navigate.
  11. wispagold

    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

  12. wispagold

    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    I am not disagreeing with you. Yes, the horses are capable but I don't think it is a fair ask for them to jump round a 1.20m course with a strange rider after only a 20min introduction. However a 1.20m course on a known horse that you have a partnership with and that you have been able to train...
  13. wispagold

    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    MP makes sense as a natural progression from PC tetrathlon but I am not sure it works as an Olympic event. Compared to the heptathlon and triathlon the competitors don't seem to be of the same standard. Maybe having riders compete on their own horse would make the most sense. I think for an...
  14. wispagold

    RIP puss cat Zak

    Oh I have only just seen this post and I'm so sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful dog and from all your other posts that I have seen he was clearly so loved by you. Thinking of you.
  15. wispagold

    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    This was on the HIGNFY Instagram page Oops, meant to put this on the Telegraph dressage article thread. Oh well, I will leave it here and hope it makes people smile ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  16. wispagold

    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    I was in the car when Carl did his test so I had 5 Live on the radio. Victoria Pendleton and someone else were commenting. It was fairly entertaining but I hadn't got a clue what was going on! When I watched the test later in the day they really hadn't relayed what was going on at all...
  17. wispagold

    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    She looks lovely! I can't think of any Irish names that haven't already been mentioned so I would have to go with the Chicago musical theme and go for Jazz or Zeta.
  18. wispagold

    Communication from a vet: don’t know what to make of it!

    My OH named our cat... part of the deal when he agreed I could have one. He called him Super Hans after the character in Peep Show. At home he gets called by his full name. Although I will admit he is registered as Hans at the vets as I was a bit embarrassed.
  19. wispagold

    Should I hit the panic button?

    This is genius as it is always unexpected when an item delivered by them actually arrives! The perfect name! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  20. wispagold

    Should I hit the panic button?

    Congratulations! Beautiful baby and very proud mum! Love the name suggestions!
  21. wispagold

    Car sick dog

    Thank you! He travels in either a skoda yeti or a Ford Ranger pick up... In a custom made dog cage in the back. He usually travels with my mums other lab, who is a good traveller. I haven't met him yet, due to covid so not sure on his general personality but will pass all your suggestions onto...
  22. wispagold

    Car sick dog

    Thanks. She is still hoping he will grow out of it but where she lives is quite remote so he has to do some travelling. My mum is trying to limit travelling him as much as possible at the moment as it makes him so miserable. I get car sick so can sympathise with how he feels.
  23. wispagold

    Car sick dog

    Does anyone have any experience with dogs that are really car sick and do you have any tips that might help? My mum had a 5 month old lab puppy who gets really car sick. She was hoping he would grow out of it but no luck so far. She has got him anti sickness tablets from the vets but these are...
  24. wispagold

    Riding EARLY early?

    This has reminded me of the times about 15 years ago when, in the summer I would often go on hacks at 4:30/5am (as soon as it was light enough to go) with 2 other liveries on the yard I was at. It was such a lovely feeling to be out in the fresh air when it was just you and the birds.
  25. wispagold

    Finding a livery yard for multiple horses

    We managed to move with 5 horses all in one go to a DIY yard. We were lucky. We had had our name down for a place for a few years. We knew the YO and we had a good reputation locally. It worked out as 2 stables became free and they had just finished building another 3 boxes. I think the YO...
  26. wispagold

    How would you advertise a ridden zebra?

    Can anyone remember the film Racing Stripes? We had the DVD and it included an extra bit about the behind the scenes filming. Apparently there were a few issues with the zebra on the race track as they don't like going in straight lines. In the wild they would dart all over the place to try and...
  27. wispagold

    Astra Zeneca jab

    I've got my first jab at 7:30pm tonight. I don't know which one I am getting but I really hope I don't feel too bad as I have a 5 week old baby that I will be up all night breastfeeding regardless of how I am feeling. I think I will take a couple of paracetamol before I go to bed just in case. I...
  28. wispagold

    And the cr@p parenting award goes to.....

    Impressive! Love the 'bit stabby' ๐Ÿ˜‚ If it makes you feel any better, when I fell off in the SJ at Somerford I was checked over by the on call doctor and they gave me the green light to go XC (I opted to withdraw). I was also checked over by 2 paramedics who were very reluctant to give me a lift...
  29. wispagold

    Would you take offence at this?

    I had a very similar comment when I moved to my last livery yard. The lady with the horse next door to mine decided to tell me that my mare was too skinny. She was a fit TB and it was Feb time so just coming out of winter. When the nutritionist came out with her weigh scales and told the livery...
  30. wispagold

    Have you ever known a horse that regularly gets rid of riders?

    I was about to say the exact same thing. My first pony was an 11.3hh sec A. She was great on the lead rein but would try and dump everyone off lead rein. My best total was 7 times in one session. We use to be on a livery yard that backed onto a country park. She knew her way round so well that...