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    Felt the need to share this link ,I want to buy a dressage horse ,enjoy.
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    Irish draughts are all cycle road race fans.

    I have known that Bob the notacob was a cycling nut ever since I took him to watch the London Olympic mens road race (which he enjoyed thoroughly) But one of his cousins seems to have taken his enthusiasm to a new level...
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    Hurrah Hambledon!

    I dont think I have ever seen the bluebells look better. The ground was perfect ,courses were fabulous (as usual).This was "A" and Cruella,s pre Bad grass roots run and it was all we could hope for. Dressage at 30.5 or thereabouts , workmanlike but horse tended to pre empt movements .Double...
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    Boomerang thank you!

    I drove "A" down to Boomerang for a pre season warm up with Nick G . The "Cruella sisters" performed wonderfully and even A didnt fall off (lol). Nick is a great coach but its like astronauts ,where would they be without the backup. RUSS ,I am talking about you cobber. What you provide at...
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    BCAstudents ,a big thank you

    A big thank you to those BCA students who helped make this weekends event happen . You know who you are! Thanks.
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    Stopwatches and BE XC

    I am not a competitor ,but someone who has a direct interest in the safety of a rider. I am extremely concerned that the tightening up on xc times will affect safety. My rider, having been jocked from 4th to 6th place by one second xc now feels that timing is the way forward.My concern is that...
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    So..does your horse have a song?

    Bob the notacob has "I walk the line " by johnny Cash ,It sums up his hatred of dressage.The twisted sisters ,Betty and Florence are partial to "You dont own me" though whilst Florence is into the modern rap version ,Betty is definitely old school,Bet Middler ,Dianne Keaton.So ,Does your horse...
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    Just what planet are some liveries on!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had a lesson booked tonight (mid evening) . Bob the nota cob is somewhat sensitive and not a great fan of the dark scary end of the school. Why is it acceptable for a livery to bring their dog to the yard and just let it wander unsupervised like this was some sort of park. Cue dog going...
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    Not the sharpest tool in the box!, By Bob the nota cob.

    Hi, Bob the nota Cob here. The worlds most literate Irish Draught. Its been raining cats and dogs here and blowing a gale ,so at 6pm I am thinking that Mike has deserted me . I was just about to play some really moody music and sink into depression (as only a purebred Irish Draught can)...
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    saddle pommel repair.

    I have a saddle that was made for my high withered horse and so the pommel is also high . I have worn out the leather on the top through jumping (forward position causes my jacket to rub saddle) It looks to me to be a nightmare to repair but I am no saddler so I am hopeing someone can advise me.
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    Am I over reacting or is this completely mad!

    YO has built a mounting block for the 60 x20 sand-school . No problem there , BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,Its concrete, situated at C , and juts into the school about 2 metres . It also weighs about 2 tonnes. I just cant help visualizing one of the smaller kids getting carted round the school , pony...
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    Chilham BE80,

    A competition report."A" took her new horse to Chilham for Florences first ever outing . They did extremely well (actualy they couldnt have done better).And even though I am extremely proud of their achievement ,knowing the work that has gone in .It is not about their success that I wish to...
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    Mike falls off and Karma bites large Irish draught on the Bum

    As Above. Bob the nota cob has been poorly for a few days but is on the mend so I took him for a hack "around the block". On our way back , close to home I spot that the neighbor is topping his field the other side of the hedge to the bridle path. I thought that if I trotted on briskly ,the...
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    Grass sickness ,just stumbled across a research paper of interes

    t. Just found this . Very interesting reading for those of us who are committed to defeating this loathsome disease. . hope my link works.
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    So its Christmas eve ,when all the animals can speak.

    What will yours be doing ? Bob the nota cob will almost certainly be singing (its an Irish thing). Probably Fairytale of New york by the pogues ,till all the other horses hurl empty feed buckets at his door!
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    Ym did a runner yesterday

    Well to be precise subletting part of a yard and having her own liveries. Having been told that for various reasons her agreement would be ending ,she took her horses ,any feed that her horses were on , and left . LEAVING NO ONE TO LOOK AFTER THE OTHER HORSES IN HER CARE.She flounced out ,no...
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    Any awards I can nominate this young lad for?

    There is a young lad ,16 or so , wants to be a paramedic, ponyclub kid ,but cant ride due to an accident. Does everything for his local PC and any other related organisation . Turns up at the drop of a hat and saves the day with his enthusiasm. I so want that he get somthing back . Any ideas?
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    Two years ago! Update by Bob the nota cob

    Ok so this is BTNAC logging in , worlds only computer literate horse .(Ok I might use spell check a bit). Well , a major turnaround in the mike/BTNAC camp . It was September two years ago that me and mike had our crash . Up till then I had slagged him off frequently on this very forum for...
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    50 years of horses and my horse surprised me today.

    It was just a little thing. Over the years I have had countless horses step on my foot. Today I was in every sense ,caught,wrong footed and Bob the nota cob stepped forward onto my foot. No escape ,caught bang to rights ,this is going to really hurt. yet as all 700kg of him went forward ,he saw...
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    Pathetically keen to showjump but has four left hooves

    I have to face tha facts , Bob the nota cob is absolutely pants at showjumping , even the dealer I bought him from had to admit this. But here is the sad thing, he absolutely loves it, and will never refuse anything EVER! He will nap out hacking,INTO the drive of the neighboring riding school...
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    Problems posting ,by Bob the nota cob

    Good grief ,this has been the longest two weeks of my life. Mikes computer has been totaly shunned by the HHO forum platform .I thought at one point that mike had managed to get himself banned , but a quick hack into his e mails showed a string of increasingly snotty emails to HHO regarding...
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    Teeth problems.

    Having traveled the hard way through some teeth /hyoid problems ,I wanted to share this link.
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    Owning an Irish draught is worse than being married.

    I am now being made to suffer ! My ID is definately giving me the cold sholder. All I did was take him to the dentist to have his teeth sorted out. But no ,he cannot see the logic behind it and now will not talk to me. In fact he pointedly makes a fuss of anyone else in front of me just to prove...
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    Horse with rather dodgy jumping style

    Not sure how else best describes the problem. I took a hard fall some while ago when the horse didnt take off properly at a solid xc fence (not particularly big ) I put it down to weather conditions ,slippery going, no studs. But the horse has a history of rapping similar jumps HARD. I have...
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    Tweseldown cancelled,first victim of the weather

    What a pity , I do hope that it isnt going to be the shape of things to come this season
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    Why have I never tried this before!

    We were trying to take a nasal swab from Bob the nota cob yesterday. All 17.2 of solid muscle and a chest like a bull. He was having none of it . Young vet (Irish so not entirely useless)struggling. I suddenly had one of those light bulb moments . You remember all that stuff we learned as kids...
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    Oh good grief!!!!!

    It looks like Bob the nota cob is going to have some time off. No he is sound as a pound ,and so am I. So WHY I hear you all shout! Because some absolute Numpty has backed into our nice brick built ,paved top ,mounting block , and strewn it across half the yard! I cant get onboard! And...
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    Not enough of a defensive seat? or

    or just bad luck and inevitable. Constructive criticism and a certain amount of sniggering permited.
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    Jo Pitt I did not know of this girl or her achievements till today. I am moved and saddend by her death at the early age of 34. I have not seen any other post from any more knowlegable and worthwhile...
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    At last ,Mens modern Pentathlon last we seem to have a good solid mens Modern Pentathlete to follow in the footsteps of Jim Fox and Danny Nightingale.