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  1. nuttychestnut

    DIY banner style filler

    Help! Calling all DIY pros. I've managed to get hold of a decent sized bit of banner material and I am hoping to turn it into a banner style filler. I'm just stuck on how to stick it together to allow the poles to slot through on either end. Does anyone have any ideas? I hate the thought of...
  2. nuttychestnut

    Would anyone mind looking up a BS record please

    Hi, Would anyone be able to look up a BS record for my horse please? Thanks!
  3. nuttychestnut

    Irish Horse Imports

    Hi, Just looking to speak to anyone who has been to their yard this year. I went a few years back and I am happy to admit that I didn't feel confident enough to be able to purchase the green youngsters that they had for sale. Very lovely but I would have ruined them!! I noticed on their...
  4. nuttychestnut

    Sharpening your own blades

    Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction please. After seeing how straight forward it was to sharpen blades, can anyone recommend a sharpening stone/plain thing?! Thanks
  5. nuttychestnut

    Do you ever learn to sit to a massive jump?

    Just wondering if you ever learn to sit to a horse that has a massive jump. Tried a lovely mare, but her jump is massive and I found it very hard to sit & stay with her! Thanks
  6. nuttychestnut

    The woo that is horse shopping

    I really should be excited that I'm in a position to purchase a new friend, but I am hating the process. So far I've had one fail a vetting, one get sent into surgery the day I was due to view, two lame at viewing and a few non suitable ones. I've really tried to view all that are within a...
  7. nuttychestnut

    Horse hunting - what does £5k really get you?

    Evening all, As the post title suggests, I'm in the middle of searching for a new neddy to have fun with. Just pondering if I should save up a bit more and then start looking. Have I got a decent budget to find a nice sound horse (just lost my previous horse due to soundness issues) that...
  8. nuttychestnut

    A good parelli rope copy

    Hi all, Has anyone brought a 12ft lead rope, that is the same weight and diameter as the Parelli banded one. I just don't want to pay £45 for the Parelli one if I can help it. Thanks!
  9. nuttychestnut

    So you think it's safer to canter up hill??!

    Today I had a very fresh horse out hacking so did a lot of trotting and planned the first canter up a nice hill as I have alway been told this takes out the skip in their step. Oh how wrong was I, within the first 3 strides I was on the floor. 2nd canter was uneventful, however on the 3rd...
  10. nuttychestnut

    How do you know if your horse is happy in their saddle?

    Hey hopefully you will all be able to help :) I am about to take a very nice dressage saddle (Amerigo) on trial for 2 weeks to ensure both my horse and myself are happy. However as I haven't been very successful in my previous saddle purchasing history I want to be absolutely sure this...
  11. nuttychestnut

    Dressage saddle owners

    Tried a few dressage saddles on Friday but I just couldn't find my balance in them. Just wondering as I have spent the last years riding only in a jump saddle could it be this that makes the dressage saddle feel so odd and unbalanced? How long did it take you to feel good in your saddle...
  12. nuttychestnut

    Shoulder in help for rider

    I am hoping you lovely people can give me some tip on how to ride shoulder in. I can get a 10 m circle using the outside rein and leg whilst flexing the inside rein and using the inside leg. However if I try to pop into shoulder in I completely lose the ability to use my aids correctly...
  13. nuttychestnut

    Saddlers with a large select of dressage saddles - South West

    Hi, I am finally in a position to treat my horse and myself to a new/second hand dressage saddle. Can anyone point me the direction of a saddler with a decent selection as I would like to try an Amerigo and Equipe. Thanks!
  14. nuttychestnut

    Got some spare cash?

    Just thought I would share these beauties
  15. nuttychestnut

    Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups - use

    Hi, Can anyone explain which way the stirrups are used please? Thanks!
  16. nuttychestnut

    Leading issues

    My horse has been on box rest for a number of weeks which has finally gone to his head! Finally allowed T/O but is an absolute nightmare to lead to the field. His way to get away is just to jump forward and kick back towards me with his hinds or rear, strike out with his front then turn and...
  17. nuttychestnut

    Decent old fashioned lead rope - help!

    I really need to purchase a new lead rope or two as my current one is starting to become a little thin. My local tack shop only has thin cotton ones or slippery nylon ones - both of which I personally dislike. Does anyone know of any nice traditional thick cotton rope ones with a clip end...
  18. nuttychestnut

    First dressage in 12 months!

    Just a little report following a positive dressage comp at our local venue. Toby the BFG has been following a rehab program since being out of work since late last year, finally brought back into work in April/May time 2014. He's been back in the school for a few weeks so I wanted to A)...
  19. nuttychestnut

    Dressage - permitted saddle cloths

    Hi, I've got my first dressage comp next week but I've realised I don't have a white saddle cloth. Are only white & black allowed or could I get away with dark green or grey? Thanks!
  20. nuttychestnut

    What do you expect from a light weight T/O?

    I've got a 1200D light weight turnout and it has completely leaked in the rain this week. Im a little annoyed as it's only been used a few times. Am I expecting too much from a light weight? I just don't want to complain if I should have put him in a medium weight. Thanks!
  21. nuttychestnut

    WWYD - veterinary nurse self diagnosing and giving drugs

    A current situation down the yard has really annoyed me but I'm not sure what to do. A little back ground to the story. The livery I am speaking about is a small animal nurse at a small animal practise. Sunday morning she brought her horse in with a kick to the hock, some heat and swelling...
  22. nuttychestnut

    How long does it take to fully grieve a loss

    Nearly 6 months ago I lost my first pony of 14 years to a broken leg. The loss was sudden and completely unexpected. She was 17 years old but I thought I would have at least another 6 years or more to enjoy her. If I'm honest I'm struggling to stop the tears and feelings of grieve for her. She...
  23. nuttychestnut

    Acavallo gel pad - sheepskin or not??

    Hi all, I need to purchase a new gel pad, I really like the Acavallo one but is it worth the extra £40?? My head says purchase the £40 pad and possibly stick/stitch the sheep skin on later? My heart says the sheep skin will look really pretty. Help!
  24. nuttychestnut

    How experienced do you class yourself?

    Sorry can't sleep so thinking! I've ridden for the last 20 years and owned horses for the last 16 years but I would still class myself as a novice. Am I being too hard on myself? What you expect a non-novice owner to be able to do? I think I class myself as a novice as I don't seem to know...
  25. nuttychestnut

    Sedalin and riding

    Hey all, My horse who has had pretty much had a rubbish year, ulcers, lameness (OCD) and liver issues is finally getting sound enough to start schooling, yay! However due to his previous explosive episodes (please see previous posts) I am completely terrified of riding him in the school, due...
  26. nuttychestnut

    Naughty or weird things your horse has done

    Hey all, Just a quick fun post and just so I don't feel alone with the naughty stuff my horse gets upto. Well this weekend I got a call for the YO to say my horse had taken the gate off the hinges and it was now laying on the floor. Luckily he stayed I. The field, but seriously why did he...
  27. nuttychestnut

    Personal question - what underwear do you ride in?

    Help! After a very painful shower, I'll spare you the details! I've come to the decision that I need new knickers. What does everyone else wear to ride in? Any suggestions are gratefully received, as I will be hiding from my husband for at least a week, otherwise he'll be asking questions...
  28. nuttychestnut

    Napping help

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had any ideas to help with my horse's napping on hacks. He will lead on a hack but will suddenly stop and run backwards to the horse behind. My issue is I cannot kick him forwards as he just keeps going backwards towards the other horse. If I horse too much force...
  29. nuttychestnut

    Hunting in Ireland

    Hi, really want to try hunting in Ireland. Can anyone point me in the direction of a yard that does hirelings? Plus is hunting in Ireland as crazy as it looks? Thanks in advance
  30. nuttychestnut

    Arena surface

    Just wondering if anyone could help, how do you decide if an arena surface is too hard to be safe to ride on? Many thanks,