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    Strange lameness - your thoughts please

    Hello all! Posted in here because they scare me in NL :p Wondered if I could pick your brains. My older chap, Len, has been off for the best part of two months now. Took him out jumping nearly a couple of months ago and he jumped nicely enough, but the JO in the second class was big for...
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    Anyone have Feet First by Nic Barker and Sarah Braithwaite?

    If so, look at the front cover. Is that a tendon boot on the rider's arm? Or am I going mad? :confused: :p J&C
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    Spurs, a musing

    Ok, this is going to be painful, but bare with me. I posted a few pics the other day, and the general consensus was that I need to sort out my awful habit of drawing my heel up when I want to put my leg on. On concentrating on relaxing my lower leg down and softening my knee I realised that...
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    Barefoot Aficionados, Your Thoughts Please

    Just wrote out an essay, and deleted it :rolleyes: Ok, little Ozz has been without shoes for roughly 8 weeks now. All is well, he's a little footy of really stony, rutted ground, but not too bad at all, and it's improving all the time :) I've noticed, however, since he's had his shoes...
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    Since we're all in the mood for CCing...Baby TB Schooling pics :D

    A few pictures of little Ozz schooling (slightly belated, from Saturday) For those who don't know, he's a 4yo TB, bred to race but never made it into training, the plan is to keep working him lightly and see what he's best at :) He's naturally a bit 'gobby' (I hate that word, sorry, but it's...
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    Some people. (Slight Rant)

    A little while ago I won my first BS with my lad. It's taken us a while but we've finally really gelled and it's all come together. I our euphoria (:p) I collected my rosette and went back to the trailer to show Len his rosettes. Lots of pats and Toffee Crisp bar for pony :D totally...
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    A 'Look how much he's grown up' Baby Ginger TB Pics

    Had a fantastic lesson on the little chap today, who after lots of long, low stretchy stuff came up and felt so much more consistent and soft than before, like he's beginning to really work through :D He still has moments where we have a bit of a loss of balance ;) :p and it all goes to pot for...
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    Baby ginger TB schooling pics :D

    I don't really post much, but I thought I'd post some pictures of my little ginger TB schooling today :) He's 4yrs, 15.3hh/16hh, but still growing a tad in front, and unraced :D CC to your heart's content if you like :) I'm trying to be as conscious of my position as...
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    FAO joeanne! Your inbox is full!

    As title :) J&C
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    Banning Lethal Unfixed Portable Fences. Petition - Please Sign!

    In case you haven't seen the recent threads in CR, we'd like you to sign the petition to ban lethal unfixed portable XC fences. You can read more here, but the video is very upsetting: Here's a facebook link: (You should be able...
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    Lengthening canter - Tips and Exercises Please!

    Hello all, I would like some tips for encouraging Len to lengthen his canter. Put out some canter poles on the standard canter distance today and it was quite comical, (but not) with poor old Len really having to stretch to make the distance :o It was a bit of an eye opener for me. He won't...
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    Improving my lower leg. Help Please!

    As title really, I seem to have a bit of a wobbly lower leg issue at the moment :eek::o Had a lesson at the weekend and RI pointed out that it was odd that my upper body is pretty good; I sit up well, look up, fairly decent-ish hands and yet my lower leg, more so when trotting, is a bit...
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    Flying Friesian's Lesson Report *Pic and Vid*

    So, feeling very wimpy today as I pulled myself out of bed, having read PS's thread, riding with gastroenteritis! :eek: I am ashamed to report that I only have a nasty cold, and ache all over. Grid work today :D CC as you wish, I am fully aware of my rather awful jumping position, how would...
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    Sodding squirrels

    Have been coming in Lenny's stable every night and making a lovely burrow through his banks, through the wall, into the feed room and last night climbed my hangy-uppy-groomy-thingy and ate a whole packet of.... ...Chocolate hobnobs. I'm ashamed to say I blamed my sister until I...
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    Anybody else worried about...

    Getting stuck at Olympia? Looks like snow this weekend, although I can think of worse places to be stuck, but I'd quite like to get back to put the neddies in :rolleyes:
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    The Friesian Goes Jumping. Exercises/ways to improve please

    Okedoke. I rarely venture into here, but I figured it was the best place to post for some advice. Went jumping at the weekend and wondered if you could take a look at the pictures and give me any tips for helping me look a little less.. err.. cr*p and helping him to round more over the fences. I...
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    Nice smelling oils for an oil burner as a gift. Suggestions please!

    Argh, wrong place. Ignore me. :rolleyes:
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    Anyone else watching Animal Madhouse?

    Poor horse, how odd that it should fall asleep only when she starts tacking him up! Love his name too. 'Sting'
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    New Dog, Old Dog Smell?

    Hallo!! Fingers crossed (if the approve of our home :D) we have adopted a dog from the RSPCA. He's a 9-12 month old GSD X *something* (possibly collie?). Anyway, we have had a few dogs in the past who have been in the house for a while (not ours, friends, family etc.) and wondered whether...
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    Cost of Shoeing

    I'm sure this has been done before but I thought I'd do a recent one and I wondered whether you'd all tell me how much to tend to pay for a set of shoes, a trim or for stud holes? I reckon there will be some difference depending on where you live, but I will take that into account, I just...
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    Clipping! Is it only me...

    ..who finds bits of horse hair embedded in their skin days later? Last night, while taking my makeup off I noticed a small black mark on my skin, by my hairline and on closer inspection it was a shard of Lenny, UNDER my skin. I'm afraid I had to operate ;) I also found two in my hands. I...
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    Crofton Manor

    *Gulp* I don't often venture in here :D So, I'm off for my first BS at Crofton Manor and I have a very numpty question. You are all fully within your rights to point and laugh BUT what are the courses like? I have done tonnes of unaff there but I presume there will be a different...
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    This month's Horse Magazine. . .

    There was a picture of some jodhpur boots and gaiters in the article about healing horses. They had patent toes and tops and I quite like them. Does anybody know what make/brand they are? I have been looking but can't find them anywhere and I really like them! Thanks in advance :D
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    Nice long boots for a short arse :)

    I have been looking for some long black leather boots for competing in for a while now and can I find any to fit? I'm really struggling to find some, really nice ones, I don't mind paying a decent amount for them, even if I have to save up. I like the brogini ones with patent tops, and the...
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    Reaction to vaccinations?

    Has anybody's horse reacted to a vacc before? Worm had hers done yesterday and this morning she could hardly move! Been on the phone to vets who said quite a few have been reacting recently but I wondered a. Has anyone had this b. How long will she take until she's feeling better? She...
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    Your tracing history/current home success stories!

    I have been trying to trace the current homes of all our old horses/ponies to no avial. So, has anyone managed to find history on their horses successfully, did you discover anything shocking/sad/happy/heartwarming? Did you manage to find where your horses have ended up? So tell me your...
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    A little help from duvet users please!!

    Following on from a thread a while back, if I were to get Lenny a duvet as opposed to a stable rug this winter, would I go for a single or double? An unbelievably numpty question I know, but I'm always up for saving a few quid if I can and thought it was a great idea! Cheese toasties for...
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    A little help from duvet users please!!

    Following on from a thread a while back, if I were to get Lenny a duvet as opposed to a stable rug this winter, would I go for a single or double? An unbelievably numpty question I know, but I'm always up for saving a few quid if I can and thought it was a great idea! Cheese toasties for...
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    Winter fluff? Surely not. Anybody else's horses getting hairy already?

    I really can't remember them turning wooly this early last year? Or is it just my herd who are already growing their winter fuzz in preparation for winter? Even Worm who is in 24/7 has already got an impressive amount of fluff! A warmblood with feather, honestly?? Maybe I'm very mean and...
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    Not happy with Vet bill. What to do? *Rant* Sorry

    Various rants to follow. Worm has recently had fairly hefty surgery on both hocks to remove bone chips and is making a very god recovery etc etc. When we took her we made sure they knew about her various (multiple) allergies etc, one of which is Penecillin (sp?) and yet when reading through...