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    My horse has a blanket clip at the moment and my instructor advised me today to take the rest of it off and just leave her legs on. She has started to moult already so is it too late to clip?
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    This is probably a stupid question, but my horse has just began a 7-day course of steroids for these bumps she has on her skin. The vet said that there is a risk of laminitis and I've been scaring myself with reading lots of cases where horses have had steroid induced laminitis:confused: She...
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    Schooling exercises

    I think both I and my horse are getting bored with schooling so are there are any exercises (on the flat) people recommend to get her brains working?
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    When is a young horse ready to go showjumping?

    I have a 4yo and at the moment she's nicely popping small courses with fillers at home. When would you say is the best time to take a 4yo to their first show? And what height would you suggest?
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    Noseband covers

    Might be a silly question but can you put fluffy noseband covers on drop nosebands? Are they still effective in getting the horse to put it's head down?
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    Anyone used / use one? They look good but are they actually any good? Does your bridle go in the storage bit under your saddle?
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    Stirrup leathers

    What are some good stirrup leathers that aren't too expensive but don't rub the saddle? I have a Bates jump saddle with the Bates webbers (T bar ones) and Free Jumps, but I'm buying some ordinary stirrups (probably Compositi ones) for when my horse is exercised by the YO and the Bates webbers...
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    Rug sizes

    Anyone have a KTY rug? Are they true to size? I'm going to get a KTY 5-a-day one for my mare and she's in a 6ft JHL rug atm. Is the sizing on KTY rugs the same?
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    What show jacket

    Does anyone have a Horka show jacket? What do you think of them - quality, appearance, etc? I can't find any reviews of them online and just want some opinions on them before I buy one. Thanks x