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    JA that rears - what would you do>

    If your daughter is not wanting to ride him, its time for him to go I think, I assume as has been said that back etc has been checked. but I have to say I totally agree with baggybreeches, Talented JA ponies are a law unto themselves, we have several at home none simple or straighforward one who...
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    Would you spend £3000 upwards on a foal ?

    have a friend who has twice been abroad and bought incredibly well bred foals, bred to do dressage top bloodlines one is now 4 the other 5 both nice made horses the four year old is very ordinary and shes just sold him for what she paid for him 3 1/2 years ago! the five year old when dressage...
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    boys riding

    my sons 13 and has been riding since he was 8 and the lack of boys riding clothes is awful. wasnt so bad when he was 8 as unisex stuff was fine but as hes getting older its harder hes quite a big 13 year old, size 9 feet!!! so mens stuff is now fitting him, but how expensive for decent stuff...
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    Showing people...

    i ve done workers and the best piece of advice i was given was that when you all go in to trot, canter around together to make sure you are always in a big gap so that the judge can only see you rather than a group of 3 or 4 of you. if you have to make any alterations to your ride make sure you...
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    Buying unseen over the internet - shocked

    we sell a lot of horses, from happy hackers through to competition horses and we still get at least a call a week from potenetial buyers wanting to buy unseen having only seen a pic and a video! some do ask to have them vetted others just want to pay for it and have it delivered. we ve only done...
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    Riding whilst pregnant?

    i rode until i was 8 months with my son, on a safe sensible horse. only stopped because he used to get his feet under my ribs!! he went full term and the labour was 2 days!! oh and when i was about 4 months i fell off, hence the sane sensible horse after. but i was on the yard till the day i...
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    Selling the older horse

    it all boils down to price i think. we have a 15hh 15 year old who has won over £2000 showjumping, he s not sharp, rides lovley on the flat in a snaffle. my son jumped kids on horses on him last year. we ve also hunted and farm rided him. i often hack him and lead another off him. we ve known...
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    Eventers, buying a youngster by an unproven stallion, would you?

    we sell quite a lot of eventers and any pros we sell to tend to see a nice model of a horse that moves and jumps if they like it then they ask how its bred, would be very narrow minded i think to dismiss something because of its breeding. we ve had very well bred ones that havnt been half as...
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    Valerian as a calmer?

    before it was banned i used to feed it to a very sharp youngster i had, it stopped the explosions, but as some one else has said she was still herself just seemed to make her more rational!
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    Why do people want to own cobs?

    we have a hairy spotty cob, when hes not clipped his feathers swish!! but as for talent will 3 gold medals at the europeans do you?!? he could jump over the top of our young riders horses, one of which has also won a gold, all of which are warmbloods. all i ll say is never judge a book by...
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    Ebay Saddle Feedback Help Please.

    i would email the seller first with your concerns, they may refund as the saddle isnt as described
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    Any experience of returning a horse to a dealer?

    bad dealers you ve all had experiences with then. We deal and if something doesnt suit for what ever reason we have it back. whats the point of selling something that doesnt suit? it only leads to a bad reputation. i have to say though we have had very few returned, but everything has to be...
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    To buy or not to buy....

    if your doubting then dont buy, but shes been in a riding school this would explain a lot with the ride problems, she jumped 3 foot comfortably would she of done that if she was hurting?! , if she was a nice person i would go ahead with the vetting. The ride problems you can alter the fact she...
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    If buying a foal/youngster would the fact that it was grey put you off ?

    a good horse is never a bad colour....
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    jumping saddles to suit high withers - suggestions please

    we have a youngster with high and very long withers he has a prestige paris d, fits him fantastic, nothing else did
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    Show Jumping Boots

    dodo boots?? yes they are bsja legal, depending on weight?? we have some kentaur ones and they ve been to the europeans and were still allowed, stewards did take them off and weigh them though!!
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    Dealers and vettings

    we deal and insist everything that leaves the yard is vetted be it a happy hacker or a competition horse, but there are certain vets that we wont allow on to vet, both of which are local and both of which we dont rate as horse vets. we do tell clients this and any other vet in the country is...
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    Is it to late to clip?

    i clipped 2 at the weekend, but as has been said take it all off!
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    Can you get 16inch Adjustable Jump Saddles?

    prestige joy jumper, but its not the cheapest
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    Why are people so standoffish at Showjumping? Minor rant

    Sometimes i think its nerves!! up here we are quite a sociable bunch tend to chat to lots of people i dont know the names of just faces we see each week. but i do think the horse lot are not as approachable as the pony people, they are realy friendly.
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    Help me find a horse - Please!

    we deal a little and have a lovley 16,2hh liver chestnut warm blood gelding, 7year old, whos ace! the kids have all hacked him hes been to southview a few times and jumped around hes also been out hunting a few times, all in a snaffle. if you want to know more just let me know, but we are a...
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    first ridden ponies on loan...

    I may have what your looking for! hes no plod but our sons learnt on him. sons outgrown him and will not sell him so hes spent the winter out with our youngsters but he deserves his own person! so have been thinking about loaning him, but only to a fab home. pm me if you d like more info
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    Hacking out on stallions.

    our stallion rides out alone or with mares and geldings, we hack past quite a busy show centre sometimes we have the odd neigh as hes passing but hes well behaved, certainly dont have to warn people coming the other way and hes only 5!!
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    chestnut mares

    people definatly dont look if its a chestnut mare, we sell a few horses and people always pull faces when they see my chestnut mare!! who i have to say i wouldnt sell shes a star!!! there loss i feel, you'll get as many bad bay geldings as chestnut mares, but people can be very narrow minded
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    pony of year

    normaly as long as your entries are sent off a soon as you get your schedule you ll get in. very popular pony show! we ve never had ours returned. if you dont hear anything in the next week i would assume you ve got in
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    stubben mf special, like sitting in an arm chair!! but any saddle that you feel secure in is ok
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    Moving up to bigger horses ...

    just because shes 16.2 doesnt mean she ll ride like a big horse, go and see!!!!
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    Bloody depressed - getting money out of a dealer!

    dont tar all dealers with the same brush, we sell a few and nothing leaves the ard without a vets cert, thus your problem doesnt happen.
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    My new competition horse is here!

    we have a 3year old colt by mill law, he was realy small too but since xmas seems to have shot up!
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    Cost of taking horse to US?

    i think you have to fly from amsterdam, when we flew ours to greece we went from amsterdam too