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    Dunhill - German riding pony, sold to UK for driving

    A friend in Germany is looking for a pony she sold a few years ago, who was then sold to UK as a driving pony. If anyone knows him the post is here
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    About time, noseband tightness checks in Denmark

    Interesting article in Eurodressage, Finally overtight nosebands are starting to be dealt with at shows, hopefully at some point it will be implemented by the FEI so that it will trickle through to all countries and will stop some of the people who do not know as much copying the higher level...
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    Airowear shopping/buying help needed

    Does anyone know how much it costs to have an Airowear Outline made in your own colours, how long does it take, and is there anywhere that will do it online and post abroad? I have a feeling it will not be possible but wanted to ask the people here as the collective knowledghe is better than my...
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    cctv time for me tonight

    just had a message saying that the my foal may be getting ready to make an entrance so its cctv for me :) the mare came in and looked normal. but within 20 mins was looking colicy and walking round and is now laying flat out so she is being very closely monitored to see if its prefoaling cramps...
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    nick skelton retiring

    I have not seen anything about this on here. I just hope he enjoys his retirement as he has done so much for the sport
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    Iwho would you like to see ride your horse

    following on from what forum horse would you like to ride and can no one else ride your horse. who (forum member or otherwise) would you like to see ride your horse or (if they were magically light enough) pony? for me I used to have someone who came over sometimes and it was lovely to see how...
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    Is there anyone who is good with photoshop that can help please

    I have a photo that was snapped by a friend and would like to make it into a christmas print for her and its driving me nuts. does anyone have the time to photoshop on a santa hat that looks semi realistic as anything I am doing just looks like a disaster :( I will upload the picture here and...
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    bed shopping help

    I am looking for a large dog bed for a present and need reccommendations please. for a big hairy dog that lives outside in a barn and runs around in mud and wet. needs to be waterproof and with an outer that can be changed for another when one is drying after being washed. the ones on ebay all...
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    people in the cheshire area

    also in the tack room. alert from the cheshire police about a man calling at equestrian properties
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    anyone in cheshire area

    will post in the area boards as well but this seems to be seen more. alert from the cheshire police about a man calling at equestrian properties
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    Kevin Thornton excluded from cagnes after his horse diies

    this sounds horrific. the poor horse :( and another link to a google translated page from germany which has a bit more about what happened
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    help - who here does dressage with a whw horse

    I know someone here does dressage on a horse from world horse welfare but the search is not helping me find them. could someone point me to the right person please as I have a quick question
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    If anyone is interested someone has just emailed me to say Aachen is online so I am currently watching the eventing dressage :) I suggest you turn the soiund down if you are watching at work
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    curiosity about tracing a dressage mare with unknown name

    In here because competition people are more likely to know her or where to look for any record. I am curious about if a young mare who is out of the mare I have on breeding loan has been registered here but have minimal details to go on. I have from my friend is "she is a bay with white...
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    so very proud of someone I have never met

    I had a thread in the breeding section earlier this year about which mare to have on loan. I have never met the owner of the mare but she obviously breeds good horses. I am so proud that although I chose her florencio mare. the sandro hit one that I did not choose now has a 5 year old stallion...
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    does anyone know what I can use to stop flies

    yes its early! but before they come out for the summer does anyone have any reccomendations for a cream or something I can put on the dogs ears to stop flies biting the ends of them please? in summer she has the tips of her ears eaten by the flies and I have not found anything that works to...
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    reading some threads here makes me realise how lucky I am

    just thinking as I have been browsing the threads how lucky I am. my (now ex) competition horses are pretty much retired and happy doing not very much in my own fields. I have just taken on loan a broodmare who is at a super unposh place with a yard owner who really does look after the horses...
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    so who wants one

    of these :D
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    not a which stallion but a which mare

    I am looking at having a broodmare on free lease (I pay keep and stallion and associated insemination fees) for this season and have a choice from 2. both in germany and I have somewhere to keep whichever one I choose thats acceptable to the owner at a very reasonable cost so the cost side of...
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    yet another horse for sale thread

    If anyone here is looking for a horse this one could be interesting :D
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    could worm burdens be hereditary?

    I have wormed as usual using pramox and have one weanling (that was wormed with pyrantel on arrival mid december and only a few roundworms seen while he was in isolation) who was then wormed with pramox along with the others in january and a lot of roundworms and this time some redworms came out...
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    clip my horse now

    if anyone is interested the celle stallion show is on now
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    yet another rug post

    just to let everyone know that I have just delivered the last of my unused (for a long time) stable rugs to their new homes. the turnouts that were not being used were sold last year so I am now down to a civilised amount. there are now only 3 stable and 8 turnouts remaining for emergencies...
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    Stolen horsebox

    Just had this come up on my newsfeed
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    just a word of warning that wind or rain is bringing them down earlier than normal this year so the trees here are either being fenced off or the horses have been moved to fields that dont have them. worth checking if your horses are grazing in fields with them and either fencing trees off or if...
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    Young horse championships live online

    I should have posted earlier in the week, but if anyone wants to watch whats left today its live on clip my horse for dressage and jumping
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    Odd sized. round flat feet and hoof boots

    we have a new horse coming and she has rubbish feet. she has what I would desctibe as flat carthorse feet with low heels at the moment. the fronts are near enough the same width as length. one hoof is also at least 1/2" smaller than the other. I saw her at the end of last week (and removed the...
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    I have forgotten a website name

    I am sure there is a website where you can have your horses details and keep details of worming innoculations etc as I cannot remember it and a forgetful friend wants to use it
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    Lease mares in a different country

    This is carefully worded so it cannot possibly be construed as an advert. Thoughts please on leasing a good quality proven mare (with GP level dressage relations) in a different country. as in the owner keeps the mare (with a very good stud vet) but the leaser pays a fee and the...
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    Not my problem longterm but need help with recall

    I am looking after a dog for the next couple of months thats well trained when on a lead but when she is off it the recall is non existant if a rabbit or hare jumps up :( Other than keeping her on a line all the time does anyone know a way I can improve her while she is with me or will it be a...