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    Arghhhh. No grass.

    I'm REALLY struggling with grazing. I've rotated and sectioned off my fields to no avail. My three are out 24/7. So they do graze a fair bit. But there is absolutely No grass left. I've seen more grass on a carpet !!! What tiny bit I have is brown and dried up nd looks like hay. Anyone else...
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    Measuring anti casting strips

    I am putting anti casting strips into the boy's shelter tomorrow. When my boy casted he didn't make any marks on the wall, so i have no idea at what height I should be putting these strips. I have bought enough to put two lines around but how do i measure at what height???
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    My baby casted :((

    Tonight my youngster was really excited and rushed into his shelter as it had new shavings and he wanted to roll, I was bringing my other boy in and hear a lot of banging on side of the shelter which i thought was just him rubbing against the kick boards. When i came back to the shelter he was...
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    Fly masks

    Can you keep fly masks on indefinitely? I'm going away for a week. One of my boys will NOT let anyone but me put his fly mask on ( takes me half an hour. He's very head shy). So was wondering if I could put it on before I go and leave it on 24/7 ? Or is it dangerous ? Thanks.
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    Grass growth

    I was just wondering if this is my circumstances with my ponies or the grass isn't growing as fast as it should be this time of year. Is everyone else's grass growing quickly? mine is worryingly slow, but it could be fact mine are on the field 24hrs, although they spend a bit of the night in...
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    Fly mask and flies

    One of my ponies has had very messy sticky runny eyes for past few days. I got the vet in and she said its conjunctivitis caused by the over excessive amount of flies. I've been putting antibiotic gel in them ( which is a major fight three times a day) and they clear up nice. So I put them in...
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    Feed advice please

    My two boys came to me in Nov 15. They were in pretty good shape but my youngster couldn't hold his weight well. So I was advised by my vet to feed him the following twice a day: 500g mare and young stock handful alfalfa A and Hanful of chaff. My older one all the above but no mare and young...
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    Very boisterous pony

    My youngster is becoming a pest. He is a rescue pony and is 3 yrs old, gelded but not broken hes a companion pony. Ive been having problems when trying to feed him, he chases me with the feed bowl and cuts across me and barges me, he's become quite dangerous. Ive been trying to make him...
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    Am i doing this right?

    New pony arrived on Sunday. I put him in a sectioned off part of the field with my other two, so he was just across the electric fence. They had a sniff and seemed to be ok. So two days later we decided to put all three in a big field and watch them. My older one wasn't too bothered by him...
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    Spring fields

    So my grass is growing all be it slowly in my main field. Ive been resting it for three months now. It's getting harrowed next week. When is everyone putting their horses/ponies back out into these fields? I want to let them have the whole 3 acres for one day just to gallop, roll and...
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    Runny nose

    My 8 year old comes in from the field sometimes with a runny nose. Tonight it was white and runny from both nostrils. He's well in himself. Could it be an allergy or nothing to worry about? Not a lot of fluid just a little bit. Not sure what it is any help?
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    Pawing pony

    My youngster who is coming up for three years old has a bad habit of pawing, especially around food. He paws his bucket so much when he's eating it he knocks it over and ends up eating it off the floor. But, today I was coming through the fence, his feed (covered) was the other side of...
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    Integrating a new pony

    Hi Could I get some advice please? My two ponies who are very close to each other and have lived alone together since November are going to get another pony in their company. So should I put them in the same field but put him ( new one) the other side of the electric fence? I don't want to...
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    Need advice for two things

    hi ok first flies !!!! I'm sure they have arrived on the back of the mud drying out. My boys are really fed up with them around their heads. I tried a spray of citronella , eeeek they freaked out, so I decided I would rub it on my gloves (which are blue) they see me coming with these blue...
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    New Shelter

    I had my second shelter built today on concrete !! yay dry land !! I'm thinking of letting the boys go in tonight or maybe tomorrow night when I have sorted out the fencing outside. So I wasn't going to put rubber mats in this one as its only going to be on this part of my concrete until...
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    uneven concrete

    I'm having a new shelter delivered on Monday. It's being erected temporarily on my existing concrete area that I am going to use long term when I can move my large stable block over (its stuck in a foot of mud at moment and will be damaged if we attempt to move it) But the concrete isn't...
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    What to do???

    I am having a dilemma :(( The position i stupidly put my stables in has been a disaster with the muddy winter we have had. IT is not getting better as its to the top of my wellies in sticky clay mud. I have just about been managing but my ponies are not coping well with it. The past week...
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    Dengie alpha A

    I bought the above. Emptied it into a lidded dustbin. I don't use loads as my ponies only have a handful twice a day. Parts of it has rotted already. It's been two weeks. There are also s lot of tiny flies around it too. Is that normal ? Doesn't seem that long to become like that. Anyone else...
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    pony changing colour

    my pony is almost 3 yrs old. He was always a strawberry roan. Over the winter i have noticed he's changing colour. He's going light grey !!! Can that happen? i think when i give him a good spring wash and groom he will actually be white !! Has that happened to anyone else's pony?
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    Green trough water

    Is it ok for the trough water to be a bit green? it's not too bad but it's got a green tinge.
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    Tips on nervous pony with farrier

    Ok I have asked about this in a different post. But can anyone give me some advice on how to make my very nervous pony's farrier visit as easy as possible. He barely lets me go near his feet, although I've been picking them daily since I got him late last year. He also isn't keen on men much...
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    Farrier or barefoot trimmer.

    Help. I'm looking for a farrier or barefoot trimmer for my two nervous little ponies. Getting desperate now as they are a bit overdue. Due to the mud !!! I'm in the Hertfordshire/ northaw/cuffley/ Enfield area. Can anyone recommend a good experienced person who has patience. Thanks.
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    When will we get grass again.

    I was looking at my field today. I almost cried. It's trashed. I've split it down the middle to try to save it. The part directly in front of my stable doors is a foot deep of slushy mud. It's taken all of my strength not to fall flat on my face in it the last few months. In fact I have gone...
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    Feet trimming

    My ponies are a bit overdue to get their feet trimmed. Mainly because of the state of my fields. Also because I'm dreading it as my older one just won't let anyone near them. Except me if he's eating and pre occupied. The vet has given me some sedative for him. I don't want him to have it but...
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    My youngster's antics

    Does anyone else's ponies/ horses paw at their feed bucket when eating it and knock the lot over ? My rascal paws and turns the feed bowl round and round and usually tips his feed all over the floor. The only way to stop this happening is to hold the bucket while he's eating it, which probably...
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    Had a fright with youngster tonight.

    Hi. We had a problem tonight with our youngster. I had turned them out in the spare field. There were some tiny cider apples that had fallen from the tree in Autumn. I didn't think they would be interested. I'm not sure it's that. But I brought him back to his shelter and fed him and after his...
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    Moving stables on wooden skids

    Has anyone ever moved stables on skids ? I need to move mine to surface the ground underneath. But I feel it will loosen or dislodge if it's dragged across the field. I'm only moving it about 20 metres while we do a surface then drag it back again. Just wondered if anyone had done this...
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    Sedating for feet trimming and dentist.

    I've been lucky in that I've never had to sedate any of my horses for any procedure. Now with one of my rescues the rescue centre are recommending sedation for dentist and trimming feet. Can someone explain what it entails and as they live out should I keep an eye on him afterwards or maybe take...
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    Under feeding.

    I spoke to a nutritionist at Dodson and horell today. When I told them I was concerned about my two year old dropping a bit too much weight. They asked how much hay I was feeding. It was WAY too small. I give him about 2kg in the morning and same at night. The grass is rubbish right now. His...
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    When do youngster fill out

    My two year old is a skinny little thing. Not skinny so much but he permanently looks tucked in. I cant feel his ribs but he has a skinny little bum. He just doesn't look like my other one who is fairly stocky. At what age do they fill out a bit? I have never had a youngster so it's all new to...