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  1. nuttychestnut

    Sprenger Bow Balance - sizing?

    That doesn't sound right, I have the same size and bigger feet but have a good inch of space. Did you measure them before you sent them back?
  2. nuttychestnut

    Old fashioned horse stuff sometimes still the best...

    Joddy clips! Most annoying things ever! Still have my clicky over reach boots somewhere, used to be so jealous of those who had multiple coloured flaps!
  3. nuttychestnut

    Overreach boots for turnout

    I'm going to try this, once box rest is finished!! Oh Mole Valley has great ones reduced to £10 a pair, they really do last and stay put.
  4. nuttychestnut

    Pedal bone broken damaged coffin joint

    Personally I would treat them the same as if it was me. I broke my leg 11 years ago but it hasn't stopped me from doing anything, well apart from running without a knee support! He will tell you if it starts to hurt :) Good luck and fingers crossed!
  5. nuttychestnut

    Saddle rubbing...

    Mine had this, I was recommended to try an Eskadron lamb skin under saddle pad, allows you to use your saddle pads as normal.
  6. nuttychestnut

    Pedal bone broken damaged coffin joint

    Can't comment on jumping, but a fellow liveries horse suffered the same injury and after a year on box rest came sound and continues all flat work with no issues.
  7. nuttychestnut

    Eskadron saddle cloths

    Depends on how forward cut your saddle is. My K2 jump would have been ok, but my mono flap doesn't even fit the SR cut.
  8. nuttychestnut

    'Not as advertised'

    Personally I would offer to send my instructor over to them for a lesson but not offer anything more. (Due the travelling element) Sounds like the horse is pushing the boundaries with them. Would like to say not all of them test the water, but a fair few do!
  9. nuttychestnut

    PRO CUT Clipper Sharpening Services.

    I haven't personally, but they could be shut for the Christmas period.
  10. nuttychestnut

    Saddle woe (part two - Dressage)

    I've found a saddler who can make a lovely mono flap dressage to your specs. Has 10 different styles of tree so you should find something suitable. All for around £1400 so not bank breaking
  11. nuttychestnut

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Very very odd!!
  12. nuttychestnut

    DIY banner style filler

    Do you think gorilla glue would hold it?
  13. nuttychestnut

    DIY banner style filler

    Help! Calling all DIY pros. I've managed to get hold of a decent sized bit of banner material and I am hoping to turn it into a banner style filler. I'm just stuck on how to stick it together to allow the poles to slot through on either end. Does anyone have any ideas? I hate the thought of...
  14. nuttychestnut

    Pointings Saddlery, Lansdown, Bath

    Peter has been a saddler for a few years, great service. The area is blessed with some great saddlers. Personally didn't buy my last saddle from them as I went made to measure - so much easier and better for the horse IMO but same price if not cheaper than the Fairfax which i think has a kent...
  15. nuttychestnut

    BEVA guidelines and insurance - Rubbish

    It's a ridiculous clause!! You have to have exhausted all treatment options prior to considering PTS under the guidelines, even if the prognosis is only field sound. I tried when my boy was PTS due to subspensory damage, OCD in his stifles and liver failure, was told his case did comply as there...
  16. nuttychestnut

    Just can't find a horse to buy!

    Depends, a friend got a failed well bred eventer for less than your budget. Lovely mover just doesn't understand how to jump! I didn't believe my instructor that I should just wait for the right horse, she kept telling me not to bother looking as she would get offered a suitable horse for me...
  17. nuttychestnut

    Would anyone mind looking up a BS record please

    Thank you, but the lovely photo_jo found my lads record. Looks like I can still enter RC teams
  18. nuttychestnut

    Just can't find a horse to buy!

    You will find something, just need to start with word of mouth. There is a stud local to me that has been known to sell off their 3/4 year olds for peanuts compared to their breeding! I got my new boy by being in the right place at the right time. Got him for much less than your budget, but he...
  19. nuttychestnut

    Would anyone mind looking up a BS record please

    Hi, Would anyone be able to look up a BS record for my horse please? Thanks!
  20. nuttychestnut

    Instructors in the Wiltshire area???

    Fully recommend Niki ryan, based near Bradford on Avon. Lovely indoor school. Witty, honest and will push you as hard as you want. Also she loves a TB, taken a few from off the track to 4 star.
  21. nuttychestnut

    Hind gut woes- WWYD?

    Roben oils, gastroraft. Looks pretty amazing
  22. nuttychestnut

    Hind gut woes- WWYD?

    Will have a look at the leaflet and let you know. Works as a buffer during exercise.
  23. nuttychestnut

    Hind gut woes- WWYD?

    Did you see the new ulcer preventative at YHL? It's produced by two equine vets and it was interesting to hear their view point on ulcers
  24. nuttychestnut

    The woo that is horse shopping

    So sorry to hear that :(
  25. nuttychestnut

    The woo that is horse shopping

    I have a pony!!!!!!! Finally! Not really want I was looking for, but absolutely perfect for me. He's a 9 year old warm blood, BE to novice and is just a generally lovely chap, talented but sane
  26. nuttychestnut

    Please help, 2 oldies to be PTS

    Our yard owner put both of her ponies to sleep together. Plus I don't think you are doing it early, well done for keeping them going for so long. Plus putting yours and your family needs first is not selfish.
  27. nuttychestnut

    Spooky horse tales for halloween

    Some very interesting stories :) Just one/two for you. I had to let my pony go very suddenly so didn't to say bye how I would have wanted. Lost her in the evening. Next morning I was at the yard sorting out my other horse and as clear as day I heard her whinny, I thought I it was just wishful...
  28. nuttychestnut

    Mendip Hunt..Hirelings?

    I will try to remember to ask on Thursday if the lady I know travels to mendip.
  29. nuttychestnut

    Win-a-horse 2015

    I'm struggling!!
  30. nuttychestnut

    The woo that is horse shopping

    I stuck to my guns about what I wanted, just had to be flexible and give up on the grassroots dream. He has points so I'm just going to have to jump bigger to make up for it!! Vetting is booked for tomorrow morning so everything is crossed. Good luck with your babies, I tried it last time...