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  1. maxapple

    Riding centres (for hacking) near surrey / Berkshire

    I want to get back into riding again (my horse lives at a retirement livery). Did have a flexible part loan for a while but i can’t commit properly as my partner works shifts some weekends so don’t want a regular day thing at the moment. can anyone recommend riding centres that do small group...
  2. maxapple

    Facebook equestrian pages for south west London?

    Have moved to this area a while ago and want to get back into riding / perhaps loaning. Does anyone know of Facebook pages (around Wimbledon / Richmond/ Hampton etc) Thanks
  3. maxapple

    Riding stables in SW London

    Can anyone recommend a good riding school in SW London (I live near Wimbledon so in cycling / bus ride radius) Moved this way in Nov from the other side of London so don't know any places at all. Would like somewhere that does hacking as well as lessons. Thanks
  4. maxapple

    Rehoming jack Russell's

    I am having to look at a possible new home for my two dogs. I have contacted two organisations who are breed rescues but wondered if anyone knows of any others or ideas on organisations who may help (I'm in the south east) I don't need any advice on alternative ways of keeping them. This is...
  5. maxapple

    Short riding holidays?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere suitable for a teenager to go unaccompanied for a weekend. It's for my friends daughter who has been having lessons at a riding school for a few years. They live in Hertfordshire.
  6. maxapple

    Dog theft? How big an issue?

    My fb feed seems to constantly have people looking for their dogs who have either gone missing, or more worrying been stolen from homes. How much of an issue is this? And why do people steal dogs? Is it to breed from or to sell on (which would be hard with microchips I guess) Is it more...
  7. maxapple

    Riding school / centres where you can hack - South east?

    After losing my pony in the summer, I've been having a break and considered looking for a part loan in the new year. However - much as I miss riding I don't feel ready to commit to a new horse just yet. Over christmas I went for an amazing hack in the cotswolds at jill carenzas - on a...
  8. maxapple

    Good sites for part loans?

    I'm considering looking in the new year for a part loan. Wondered what sites were good (I'm in kent)!
  9. maxapple

    Total change to my horses life!

    I have a 20 year old tb. Usually this time of year he is living in at night, rugged up and starting to drop weight despite Adlib hay, feed etc. He moved to retirement livery on a farm in August. He is currently living out 24/7 in a natural herd environment with good grass still and unlimited...
  10. maxapple

    I just miss my boy

    5 1/2 years ago a very cheeky pony came into my life. He was supposed to just be a part loan, but eventually he became mine. He had a huge character and really I will never find another one anything like him. He was an absolute ****** at times but I loved him. He had so many quirks and...
  11. maxapple

    Horse memorials / keep sakes?

    My pony was put to sleep last week. At some point I'd like to think about having something made as a keepsake, but not sure what. I have lots of photo's that I will make into a photo book at some point, but would like another memento that I can keep. I have one of his shoes and part of his...
  12. maxapple

    Retiree number 2

    So now I have 2 retired horses. 'Oldie' is 20 and had a broken leg a few years ago. Younger one I retired 3 weeks ago. He's only 13 but was becoming increasingly tense and unhappy to ride due to back and hock problems. He used to be on Loan to me and I bought him 3 years ago knowing he had...
  13. maxapple

    Feed for jack Russell's

    I need to find a new feed to maintain the weight of my 2 small jack Russell's who expend lots of energy! We have recently moved - our old house had a very large garden and cat flap so they used to go in and out as they wanted but mainly just pottered in the garden. I used to walk them for 45...
  14. maxapple

    Insurance - worth having?

    I have 2 horses, both insured with pet plan costing me £60 a month. I'm thinking of cancelling as I don't know whether it's worth having anymore. Horse 1 is 20 years old. Had a broken leg 3 yrs ago which cost us £5k (insured) and another £2 in vet hospital bills! He's retired now but I know...
  15. maxapple

    Home remedies for kennel cough?

    My little JR has developed it quite badly today. Ill take him to the vet on Tuesday as its closed until then, so has anyone got any suggestions on what to do in the meantime? I've tried a bit of child cough medicine but its not really doing much.
  16. maxapple

    Retired horse - maintaining weight

    How do people with retirees keep them a good weight in spring / summer. My 20 year old tb gets a huge tummy very quickly in spring but this is the first year he's retired so not sure how to keep him a good weight. He lives out 24/7 and the grass is good in his field. I could take him for...
  17. maxapple

    Retired horses - feeding?

    I have a 20 year old tb who lives out in a 20 acre field with 4 others. They get hay morning & night and there's always a bit left so they're getting enough. There's not loads of grass but enough to graze on. I also feed him fast fibre, Alfa a oil and hi fibre cubes. Just wondered if I...
  18. maxapple

    Storms tonight

    Hope everyone's horses are ok tonight. I'm not going to sleep well for worrying about my two who live out. They are in a huge field with loads of shelter but I'm worried about falling trees knocking fences down. It's definitely worse here in the south east than the storm a few weeks ago -...
  19. maxapple

    Happy retirement

    A few months ago I asked for advice on retirement livery as my 20 year old was on full livery & being stabled wasn't great for him. I am very lucky as my yard also does grass livery and I've been given the perfect field for my boy so he can stay with me. I'm not good with estimating but...
  20. maxapple

    Ranch holidays

    Can anyone recommend somewhere - America or possibly elsewhere. Ideally somewhere without children (we're both teachers so need a break!!) Hubby is a basic rider but will have some lessons before we go.
  21. maxapple

    Dog walking - how much to pay?

    Our friends teenage daughter is going to help us with our 2 small dogs - just letting them out twice a day / one time taking them for a half hour ish walk. What would be reasonable to pay her? A daily or weekly amount? We're in London. A registered local dog sitter charges £15 ph for 2 dogs
  22. maxapple

    Retirement livery - anyone know these places

    Any one know of any of these places and can give feedback (pm if you prefer) I don't live anywhere near Devon / Cornwall so just an off e wall idea...
  23. maxapple

    Horse falling over

    My horse is 19. He is in regular light work (hacking mainly) and is doing well. He broke his leg 2 years ago so had months of box rest (3 cross tied also) but recovered well. He is ridden 5 times a week - once or twice in the school and hacks mainly walking but sone trotting and cantering...
  24. maxapple

    Getting weight off - horse.

    My tb is FAT! He is out overnight and comes in at 7am until 2pm for a rest, where he gets a hay net that he just picks at (so not ,uh point soaking it) and a handful of happy hoof so he doesn't protest when my pony is fed. He's never rugged unless its chucking it down and is exercised 4...
  25. maxapple

    Fly masks and rain ....

    Who leaves fly masks on in the rain? My pony is suffering this year with sweet itch and possibly hay fever, as he is really rubbing his face and eyes. He is out most of the time, coming in daily for a few hours for a rest. I left his fly mask off for one night and his eyes were itchy and...
  26. maxapple

    Lame in hind leg help

    My pony has been lame for three days (well I noticed it tue when I tried to ride) He's a bit lame in walk but noticeably lame in trot. On Tuesday he really struggled to turn in a circle, today he was better. Here's the problem... I can't box rest as he just gets very stressed and box...
  27. maxapple

    Riding / trekking centres in Dorset

    Any recommendations for riding schools / trekking centres in Dorset (near Dorchester) We're going on a family weekend away next week & 2 of us would like to go riding.
  28. maxapple

    Sweet itch?? Rubbed hair off face.

    We are in the south east and have had two or three lovely warm days this week. On Wednesday, my pony came in with a bit of a swollen eye. By yesterday it was pretty puffy and sore so I called the vet out. She had a good look with the green dye and couldn't find anything - so gave him a bute...
  29. maxapple

    Another selling due to finances thread ...

    Like someone else posted last week, I am also having to sell a much loved pony due to money. I know I am very very lucky to have two others that I love dearly - but it's still really tough. I bought her last year when we had our own little yard - but circumstances changed and we have had...
  30. maxapple

    Selling horses - which sites

    Which sites do people have most success selling on? (For all rounder type horses - not competition types) Thinking horse quest?