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    Hillside Sanctuary takes on ponies rescued from another rescue

    Just seen this on Facebook These poor ponies were rescued from one rescue and have now had to be rescued from the rescue who rescued them. Look at the letter at the bottom :( Be careful who you loan...
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    Good livery yards in the South Yorkshire area for my friend

    Are there any? My friend is getting to the end of her rope trying to find something that is good and affordable. She's not looking for heated stables and 1000 seat indoor arenas but is looking for decent turnout, even in winter, in a herd and not in small paddocks with no access to hedges and...
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    Devoucoux/custom fit saddles, any experiences good or bad please?

    I'm in the market for a custom fit saddle and really wanted a Lauriche but they're not available anymore which is a real shame. I was interested in Devoucoux but have heard lots of bad things about their customer service so don't really want to give them my money if I'm going to end up without...