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    Livery yard issues am just been grumpy or should I say something to the YO

    They played whats known as a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game - usually over 1million active players. You tube videos - two or three a week, involving lots of organising, lots of editing and sound countrol. I doubt the guy had time to eat let alone own a horse!! Think he was making that...
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    Livery yard issues am just been grumpy or should I say something to the YO

    I used to know someone who made £8-10k per month playing online games.
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    Improving leisure horse welfare

    I think one of the biggest problems with leisure Horses welfare would be teaching most owners what low, medium and hard work are and how to feed appropriatly. The amount of obese horses is shocking. I knew someone who wo9uld do 1/2 hour walk hack and then feed the same amount I would have fed a...
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    Unpopular dog opinions

    I'd like to try to drag this thread back on topic. Unpopular dog opinions People who can't or won't exercise thier dogs should not have dogs People who are afraid of big dogs should not get dogs People who do not realise that number one is cruel and deprives dogs of social contact with their...
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    Contact - arms by side

    I'm sorry to tell you but you won't stop him reacting with the reins. He is stronger than you are :) Rein contact is a funny thing, and hard to teach because it is individual to each rider and to each horse. You can't have a good contact without having enough impulsion created by the leg. If...
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    Pets in long-term rescue?

    I think that IMHO lots of rescues put unrealistic rules on potential adopters. They would rather have a dog in a kennel 23.5 hours a day rather than sleeping on a sofa for 8 hours a day while their owners are at work. I bent the truth when I adopted my last one from a well known charity. The...
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    Chasing an animal with a pack of dogs until it is too exhausted to run, then letting the dogs tear that animal to bits is not a human right. It's ridiculous that anyone would think it was. But they need to be controled?
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    Isn't a democracy majority rule? therefore bending to the will of the majority is not playing pouplarity games. I know you are going to say the majority are not anit or dont care so I'll just point out that the majority of posters on this thread seem to be against fox hunting in its pre ban...
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    You confuse me greatly Palo. I understand from your post that you would support a return to traditional fox hunting with a mounted field and a pack of hounds and you would support the law being changed to make this possible? One of the reasons for this is to control fox numbers? But flushing...
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    Maybe the new law could state number of riders allowed and max number of hounds allowed?
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    There would not be any need to disband hunts from running P2P or fun rides. In fact they could run more of them because of all the extra time freed up from trail hunting. Fallen stock could continue. The hunts would not need as many employees so would be able to save money there. how would it...
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    Talk to me about stringhalt please

    As far as I was aware string halt is a mechanical lameness rather than and pain related lameness? If the horse is currently in work and doing its job ok then proceed with a vetting on the condition that vets records are released? It is considered an unsoundness and should be declared when...
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    France to impose certificate of knowledge

    I would guess that the content of the course would be updated periodicaly. In regards to remote owners, such as racehorse owners, Where the owner is not caring for the horse directly, there would probably be a clause that would cover registered facilities or staff to care for the horse and...
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    France to impose certificate of knowledge

    I think it could be a very good idea if it was a test like the stage one and that management of each horse could be modified to siut. I also think it will make prosecutions for neglect of cruelty easier because people won't be able to claim they didn't know about the animals needs.
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    Tendon and Fetlock Boots / Brushing Boots

    What is it you are trying to protect the legs from?
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    Genius or Weirdo?

    We need a link to this please!!!
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    Is this acceptable... Becuse I'm sure the statement applies to dog fighting as much as it does to hunting You haven't at all taken on board the impact of culture on a community and how difficult it is in practical terms to get rid of cultural activities, values and behaviours. Whilst you might...
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    Meaningless phrases shouted by instructors

    Usually this is not an instruction ... more the instructor pleading that you do not to fall off again!!!
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    If countryside foxes are mostly healthy why don't hunts move into more urban areas if they are so concerned for foxes as a species to be healthy? I think the intention in shooting is always to get a clean, swift and pretty instant kill, where as in fox hunting it is not. Could it be because of...
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    So... so if the fox population was sick and weak they would hunt in the daytime? Wouldn't that make it easier to shoot them cleanly with one shot then??
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    I am aware of the idea... I'm just confused to why you ( pro hunt not you the individual) would want an animal that is vermin to you, to be strong and healthy? Wouldn't it be better if the vermin were weak and sick? Wouldn't that make them less likley to attack lambs and chickens?? Why do people...
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    Sixteen years on, with trail huntings future balancing on a knife edge you'd think that it might be time to change before all is lost. And that is why all hunting with hounds will soon be banned. Lost to pig headedness. If foxes are vermin surley hunt followers would be pleased that rural...
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    Unresponsive to the leg and whip

    He's really down hill isn't he. But still a very nice type. Maybe get some bloods run when the vet is out. Worming all up to date? Teeth all ok?
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    Unresponsive to the leg and whip

    So the vet is your first stop. Vet out to check him over. If he was mine I'd be discussing the possibility of a bute trial later on. Does he work ok on the lunge? With tack on and tack off? If I had looked at tack and pain then I'd start to change his feed for a higher energy food, and look to...
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    Dunne v Frost

    If they had all groped a female jockey would it be ok because all of them had done it and its accepted behaviour?
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    do you do flatwork/schooling with you happy hacker

    Schooling for me is any activity ridden or non ridden where you and you/ or your horse learns something. You open a gate? you turn on the forehand to hold it open, go through and close it. You move out to avoid a drain? you are leg yielding. You push on to keep up with a friend? you are...
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    To use whip in riding lessons

    Hi Grajo, I've been reading your posts for a while now but not commented until now as others have given you some very good advice. I have noticed that your posts tend to be very direct and to the point and I hope you don't mind if I also use that style of writing to reply to you. You need to...
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    Buying a horse with problems always view a horse!

    no available bridle? or couldn't get one on it? Sounds like a lucky escape for you.
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    New pony threw daughter - very concerned!

    Hi Op, Sorry you have recived some mean replies on here. Buying a 17hh ex racing stallion for a 9 year old is an easy mistake to make. Most of us here have probably been is a similar situation - you go to view a sensible cob for your inexperienced child and end up with a huge stallion...
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    how much to have set aside?

    I do understand that other posters may not have experienced vets who will agree to payment plans, but I have experienced a few local practices that have done, so if this is something you would like or need from a practice it is a question you would need to ask before making decisions on...