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    New Equestrian Centre....need help

    How about paying higher entry fees, or competing at existing centres more often. It is not an easy thing to run at a profit; and if you are not making a profit, you are making a loss
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    Addington manor closing down

    sounds like a totally baseless rumour, but a thread stating "addington manor closing down" really helps nobody
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    Whats the ground at Keysoe like?

    Yes, about to go spreading. Also on the hunt for a bowser
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    A few photos from tonight's CSI"" Event at Keysoe

    The schedule is in FEI format, next year we will have a spectator friendly version, most likely we will have timetable and brief class description well before the show, then night before (after declarations) we can offer rider lists and class numbers. We will not be running an evening class...
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    Whats the ground at Keysoe like?

    I am sorry but this is absolute rubbish We just ran our CSI this week, so on Wednesday, unless you were competing internationally, you were not here. Surface worked brilliantly BTW We are in the process of putting more organic matter on the XC. It is hard now, in May we were running with...
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    Keysoe NRF report

    Thank you for the comments. Not sure what we can do with the "organisational" ones, as I am very happy with the way collecting rings were stewarded, and as said, if the red light goes on, there is very little we can do. With regard to the XC, we were totally caught out by the weather. We...
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    Keysoe HT, is this right???

    Horse was competing on Sunday, stabled over for event and being exercised on the Saturday (if it is the one who asked my permission)
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    Keysoe Under 25s

    nothing to qualify for, have to be correct age & points eligible Correct age & mount for FEI classes
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    BD Members Keysoe Entry fees!

    We have also put prize money up to £50 first, £25 second, £25 third. I believe these are the best prize funds out there. Want to put on a quality competition, that does come at a price
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    Cost of cancelled events

    Total payout was much higher than £400K a few weeks ago
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    This whole withdrawing/balloting/waitlisting lark.

    Are you sure BCA will not replace you? Whe nother events abandon, they will get hit with HUNDREDS of horses looking for a run. If they have 10 spaces on withdrawal list, they will probably want to turn away as many requests as possible, but still be able to fill slots (ten times over)
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    Why not ban big lorries rather than cancel?

    Not really convinced about this one, personally I would rather tow one 18 ton lorry with 6 on than 3 x 7.5 ton with two horses on each. Smaller lorries "looking after themselves" are the real problem, a big tractor towing a lorry makes very little mess compared to a lorry flying into a wet...
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    Event insurance?

    Competitors public liability insurance is irrelevant, and not your problem. It will not stop you getting sued; injured party will write a long list of names, whoever ese is on there is not your problem
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    Event insurance?

    call SEIB, Shearwater and NFU. You will then get a well rounded set of choices (NFU sometimes are not interested in event liability) Have not bothered with abandonment myself, have found that taking it on the chin now and again is cheaper than the premiums
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    Eventing - 2 horses same class?

    I think for most events they will take care that your dressage fits, and that there is time for you in the jumping phases, then let you slot in. Certainly when I do out times, the SJ and XC for multiple riders is a bit scruffy with the intention that they chose how to swap those horses around...
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    Keysoe Unaff ODE .. quick Q

    A lot is down to SJ course builder, but we do guide that the technicality of eventing should be lower than BS. We do build up to height, it seems to make things rather easy that the 80cms fences are 80cms, and the 90 fences are 90cms. Is there some code we should work to where they are...
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    strangles... again...

    One of the problems is that there is a week long "dont know" period between a horse with bumpy glands and a strangles test result. The only really definitive result is a gutteral pouch swab, and that will take a few days for a result - a negative result takes longer than a positive result, as...
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    strangles... again...

    No known horses with strangles at Keysoe No horses at Keysoe awaiting test results for Strangles Can think of no reason for these rumours. There is a yard 15 miles away that I believe has had a case
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    Keysoe ??

    Sorry chaps, no way that we could safely get to the last horse on Sunday. Showjumps will be up for schooling on all weather, but XC closed!!!
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    Keysoe ??

    Decision being made tomorrow morning. If we cannot anticipate running the last horse of the day safely we will not run. I think that the 5 day forecast tomorrow will be reliable enough to base a decision on. We would not be fit to run today. Regarding refunds, we anticipate a fair...
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    Good surface for an indoor school - recommendations please

    Waxed if you can possibly afford it No dust / no watering Is a much better consideration indoors than outdoors (and you will be doing less square metres)
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    Anyone who was at Keysoe today?

    Sorry no cctv in that area
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    XC schooling around Cambridge now it is winter?

    Keysoe now closed until February
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    Anyone drive a 4x4?

    Do you "need" a 4x4, any big car will tow just as well - X type tows well, as does big Volvo, plenty of other choices out there
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    ODE's or similar in cambs area???

    Keysoe one will be different from previous. New Horse Trials dressage menage will be used for dressage / dressage working in; so then we can have jumping working in in the small indoor, Showjumps indoors and portable XC fences outside on main all weather
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    Being ripped off at shows?....(SERIOUS MESSAGE)

    I do find some of the BE requirement excessive. We run BD without paramedics, and BS without paramedics AND doctors on site. Fair enough to have paramedics / doctor for XC, but it is a tad excessive for dressage. Am a little amused by people thinking they are ripped off when they pay £3 per...
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    BE and £££

    BE take at least £6 per entry, and the Insurance fee also takes it's own route away from organiser. Personally I think you should increase entry fees year on year by 3-5% to keep it in line with inflation. Supplier costs have gone up by much more. Should BE be leaner / more efficient...
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    XC jumps IN water - advice/tips, please?

    Log is 90cms and there is a nice straight line to it if you go around the BE100 house before the water
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    Xc schooling what do you do Winter?

    We are looking to put portables on the all weather, wont get you the gallopbetween fences, but should sharpen up a few skills
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    Who's going to Keysoe Unaff ODE/HT on Sunday?

    Sorry guys texting of times broke, they are on the web