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    We have a horse with an Irish passport and who is microchipped with the code in her passport. According to the information I have been reading the passport is ok So she should need reregistering but her microchip doesn’t come up on the central database. How do we get her microchip on the system?
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    Passport issues

    I sent a passport to the society for a change of ownership and a name change. Paid the fees, a passport was returned minus the vaccination record. The secretary had printed out a new passport. I contacted the society secretary immediately and she said she would post it immediately. Nearly a...
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    No harm done

    Reading the storyline about the 11.2 pony being removed from his stable and ridden by a man, who also punched and kicked him. Lancashire police statement that ‘ Following investigations no offences were disclosed’. When did it become ok to ‘punch, knee and kick’ a pony. I know that...