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    Buck Dvd

    Was given a dvd as a present and have just watched, Buck Brannaman Dvd, was not sure what to expect but really enjoyed it. Anyone else seen it? thoughts on the man. Never really heard of him before.
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    Folding Wheel Barrows

    If you stable at shows overnight are the folding wheel barrows a better choice for space etc. Not sure if to invest in one.
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    rug in stable

    Do you always rug your ponies in the stable especially if they are very hairy and good doers. Have just been listening to two people arguing with each other. How funny what people will fall out about. BTW they are both in their 40"s.
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    Western spurs help?

    Can anyone advise me on which spurs are suitable for a man for showing . Have to get as a present and have no clue what make/model Thanks.
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    PE Rug leaked

    All mine came in yesterday sopping, 4 had Rambo Duo's without any liners, 2 had Rhino's 200g and 1 had PE rug without liners. All dry except the horse with PE rug, soaked to the skin. Well done Horseware rugs.
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    Holiday recommendations with dogs

    Can anyone recommend nice holiday places to take dogs. Looking to be walking distance to beach if possible.
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    Ruggles Newmarket Fleece

    Bought one yesterday from YHL. Just to say how lush it is for £25. Very soft and similar to the Equenox. Recommended.
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    What would you compromise?

    Would you compromise location for your equine heaven? or what would you be willing to compromise on. House, land, hacking etc. Friends and I discussing as one of them lives in a lovely area but is moving to a less nicer area but has far more land, stables. Im not sure what I wold be...
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    Western Saddle Fitters

    Anyone know where is best place to get a good new western saddle fitted correctly? thanks
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    western saddles

    What make and models are good? Where do you buy from and will they have the knowledge to fit correctly? On behalf of friend who is getting into western.
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    Anyone A Monty Roberts Online Uni Member

    If so what are your thoughts? have you found it useful. Wondering if to sign up for OH as he has been on a few of the courses.
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    Royal London Show question

    On behalf of a friend< can you just turn up for the late qualifier show and pay on day? friend not sure she can get and has missed deadline for entry anyway. Thanks
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    Wisbech Peeps

    Hi me again, after looking at many properties friends have found a lovely house near Walsoken. Can anyone tell us what the hacking out is like, initially their thoughts were there was not much but I said I would ask on here. Thanks
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    Rampant mare

    We have had little pony mare 7 yrs and never had a problem with her being in season, you never knew when she was. This year she has turned into a rampant rabbit, jumping on other mare, chasing the other little mare and basically being a nymph. Very embarrasing to watch also. Any clues if a...
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    Riding and jumping on your land

    Has anyone else been told from their local council they are not allowed to exercise on their own land. Someone rang the local council to report my friend having a mobile field shelter, whilst there she noticed her jumps and told her she was not allowed to ride in her own field.
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    Wisbech Peeps

    I posted a while ago about friends that maybe moving to Norfolk. They have seen a few properties near Wisbech area. What Is hacking like, is it a horsey area, and any other good or bad things Many thanks
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    Fens area for horses

    Can anyone tell me who lives in the Fens what it is like horsey wise? Are there many shows in the area Tack shops/feed shops whats the riding like and anything else good or bad. Thanks
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    Thetford Forest

    Can you park up on any of the fire routes or are there specific places to park and ride? I have only ever been when its an organised ride. A group of us hoping to travel down in the summer. Also, which is best. Thanks
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    Those that feed Pure Feeds

    Just wondering if a) you find it cost effective b) what you give 3yr olds , fibre balance or pure easy c) do you add anything, ie linseed, fast fibre. I had a forage analysis and a feed programme done over the winter, horses ate it reluctantly, now the grass is here they will not...
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    New Horse Worm Count

    Friend bringing a horse over to mine for a few months whilst she sorts her finances out. Not a problem, am glad to help. But, I asked her to worm count as I keep on top of mine and have no issues. Her count come back 1000 , she has not wormed since Oct, used Equitape. She has given her...
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    Replacing riding hats

    How often to you replace your riding hats? I am a bit of a hoarder and have about 7 riding hats. Different makes and models, some vented, some velvets and skull caps. Was just wondering if I should ditch some of them as a couple are 3- 5 years old. I know some people say replace every...
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    Those who feed minerals

    Just had my feed plan back and ordered all minerals ( am quite poor now). For those of you that have been using minerals for a while, do you find it very expensive, or about the same as before, or is it quite cost effective after the initial start up. Just wondered as I now know I will be...
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    Vitamin E Dosage Help

    My friend has been told her horse needs to be given 5ml of Vitamin E ( forage analysis) Could anyone tell her how many capsules this would be? I have no clue. Looked on Holland and Barrett website and they have 200iu, 400iu etc. ??
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    Snuggy Jams?

    Do you use on their own or put a stable rug on top?
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    Snuggy Sale

    Snuggy sale through facebook (preview sale) . Should not have looked, my card had a hammering again.
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    Leather headcollar

    Can anyone recommend a really nice soft leather headcollar. Wanting to buy OH a birthday present, upto £100. I hate them blooming stiff leather ones so would rather pay and get a nice one.
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    Norfolk/Thetford area

    Where is a nice place to live Norfolk/ Thetford area. Friend is thinking of moving out that way, she wants a nice quiet area, nice riding, not too far from forest and beach. Thankyou
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    Hip Replacement

    Hi my mother is having her hips replaced and she is worried about returning to riding. Any advice from anyone that has had this operation and how did they get on riding afterwards.
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    Shwmae Rugs

    Has anyone had one of the Shwmae rugs ? , have a few snuggy rugs and happy with them. These seem a lot more value for money. Anyone ?
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    Insurance for mutli horse owners?

    How do you go about insuring all your horses? do you insure individual/ use BHS Gold or other. I have just had my renewals for the year and its got me thinking about changing things around.