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  1. ladyearl

    young traveller

    Is it normal for a foal to be off the mare and travelled across Europe at 16weeks? Not me, nothing to do with me, just something I have seen and it seems barbaric to me but I have not been involved in breeding so know nought.
  2. ladyearl


    Am looking after some chickens just now and tonight arrived to find four bodies. At first I thought fox but then I was thinking the dead ones had hardly been touched - just one head removed. I then wondered if it might actually have been a dog that had got into the garden and had a bit of a turn...
  3. ladyearl


    Any idea where best place to buy haylage is (price wise) I think I'm probably looking for horse hage at this stage. Doing a bit of online research but thought I'd be cheeky and ask you in case anyone has already done it! I am slightly north of Glasgow. ps first visit to the Scotland...
  4. ladyearl

    sourcing haylage in and around Glasgow area

    The farmer who supplies our yard with haylage has run out! Everyone else is either already on hay or a mix but my mare can't eat hay so I need to find some haylage for her. I've bought a couple of the Silvermoor bags but at £9 a pop it's going to be a very expensive end to the winter if we have...
  5. ladyearl

    recommend me a good dog bed please

    I want to get Tess a new bed and it's a minefield of prices and quality. I want a soft one in an oval shape with a back - quite large. She likes my old dogs bed but it's ancient and a bit smelly so I'd like to get her one of her own! Anyone seen a fabulous deal anywhere? thank you ;)
  6. ladyearl

    My dog goes blinky in the rain

    As the title says. My BC finds rain very difficult. She can't keep her eye open and blinks very fast. It is as if her eyes lack the necessary coating to protect. She hates going out late for a wee in the rain and always looks worried as if she'll be left out. She is a rescue - got her at 10...
  7. ladyearl

    is your dog left or right handed (pawed)

    Serious question. I understand the history behind walking dogs on the left is to do with carrying your weapon on the right (guns.sword etc.) but in reality some people are right handed so maybe some dogs are too? I have a very pulley dog she's getting much better with training and patience...
  8. ladyearl

    extra protections for paws ??

    Hi there. Do any of you use any special products to help protect your dog's pads? My dog has started doing cani cross with a friend and came back with a cut pad at the weekend, which is a shame because they were going to try a fun run at the weekend. To be honest the cut could have happened at...
  9. ladyearl

    Dog DNA testing

    Has anyone done this and if so was it worth it? That's all really I'm a bit fascinated but it's slightly over the (what I pay for nonsense) payment threshold so holding back just now! thanks you all :)
  10. ladyearl

    dog tricks book

    Can anyone recommend a good book on teaching your dog "tricks" I don't mean basic training/obedience I mean how to bow etc. thanks in advance
  11. ladyearl

    Any used a blow up buster collar?

    Just bought one for Tess in advance of her spay op next week as it was recommended as a comfy alternative to the hideous lampshade. Has anyone else used on and did it work?! thank you :))
  12. ladyearl

    agility film - lovely I hope you can follow the link to this lovely little film which features many of our friends. It's just lovely and I hope you can see how it links the pedigrees with the rescues and the "foundlings". Oh and yes that is a LEO you can see! We haven't started...
  13. ladyearl

    nice dog collars anyone?

    I am looking for a soft padded leather dog collar. I've seen one on a dog whose owner said she thought they had got it in pets at home but I can't see anything like it on their site. It's a kind of waxed leather that doesn't get too stiff even when in and out of the river etc. Tess has been...
  14. ladyearl

    facebook profile - does your dog have one?

    Just that really.... I think there are quite a few dogs with profiles someone I know thinks otherwise. ........ahem mine does, might as well 'fess that up straight away!
  15. ladyearl

    Tess is getting spayed

    Just made the call to book Tess in for her spay at the end of June. I KNOW it is the right thing and there is no way I am not doing it. But oh I feel guilty at the idea of putting her through an operation that she doesn't actually need for immediate medical reasons! :(
  16. ladyearl

    does anyone compete in obedience?

    Just that really. I'm dipping my toe in the waters and wondering what I might aim to do with Tess. I would like her to try agility as I think she'd like that but this year I am concentrating on her obedience work and was thinking maybe once we had sorted out her walking on the lead (she pulls...
  17. ladyearl

    Proud of my Rescue dog :)

    Very proud, last night at dog training club Tess was told she was ready to move up to the next class. Three months ago she was in a rescue centre and had no real knowledge of life outside in the big world. She has come on leaps and bounds and is really starting to concentrate on obedience work...
  18. ladyearl

    Anyone have a Grand Vitara

    Mine has started making a horrid whining noise when in 4WD. Has anyone had an experience of this? Mechanic stumped as doesn't make the noise on the ramp.. Don't want to be stranded in the middle of a field so deciding whether it's time to trade on or stick it out. Mechanic doesn't think it will...
  19. ladyearl

    anti mating spray

    Ok so after her false start a few weeks ago my bitch is now well and truly in season. I have just heard of a spray you can use to mask the scent for attracting boys. I have a plan to walk her early and in a quiet place and I'm recruiting my sister's dog to keep her company when I have to leave...
  20. ladyearl

    Collie people what do you feed and why please

    I am getting bogged down by dog food. Basically I don't think Tess is on quite the right food. Can't put finger on it but she's up and down energy wise and her poos are a bit too loose for my liking. She started on JWB Junior as that was what she came with but I wasn't convinced so put her onto...
  21. ladyearl

    Can your dog do this....

    Flying.......................... photo taken by pure chance at the weekend.
  22. ladyearl

    is she "in season"?

    OK I know it sounds a bit thick but I think my bitch is possibly in season. Have seen two spots of blood in the last week and things look a tiny bit swollen down below. If I'm right she's into week two and there's been no interest from any dogs. Could she be very unattractive? It would be her...
  23. ladyearl

    six weeks in and here we are...

    It's been six weeks since Tess came to live with me and I am truly amazed by her progress. She has bonded totally with me and is getting on really well with her training. It seems that every day we do something new so I thought I'd share a couple of photos of today's "new " thing. Until now I've...
  24. ladyearl

    things that make me cross no: 553

    Heard today that a dog has changed from one dog walker to another. This dog is unpredictable and can have a little growl and may snap if not controlled. The dog walker who was originally walking it walks in a busy (not crazy busy, off road open moorland) area but only has small groups of no more...
  25. ladyearl

    do you walk your dog in a harness?

    Tonight someone said walking dogs in a harness makes them pull. I have a dog I walk and he was impossible to walk off his collar so asked the owners to get a harness and he's now able to be walked. What are your thought people? thank you :)
  26. ladyearl

    Anyone live with a horse with chronic sinusitis?

    Long story short my friend's horse (also the owner of my loan mare) has had a tooth removed, endless anti biotics and now two different procedures to have his sinuses flushed out. It's not working and there doesn't seem to be much more to do for him in terms of medical intervention. Vet has said...
  27. ladyearl

    good training book suggestions pls

    I am working on lots of things with Tess just now and some things are working and some I'm not sure of. Yesterday I called her to me to sit and wait while a van drove up the farm track past us - she sat and waited and I released her, she went a little way off and I called her back and she came...
  28. ladyearl

    Tess off lead pix

    So have spent last three weeks doing recall recall recall and today (after many trials on long lines and extending leads and a a couple of tester sessions with dogs I can rely on) Tess got her first taste of total freedom! and within minutes of getting back in the car
  29. ladyearl

    best dog food for my young collie?

    Apologies if this has been done to death but I did a search and didn't come up with anything. Tess came to me from the Rescue eating JWB lamb and rice junior so for now I've kept her on that. Thing is she's underweight and to put on weight she needs to eat quite a lot of it and I am not...
  30. ladyearl

    Bald patch on horse's face ??

    Hello - over the last fortnight or so my horse has developed a bald spot on her face. There are a few scratches but I think that's just from trees or barbed wire where she's scratched it in passing. I don't think it's super itchy or it would be really raw. It doesn't feel hot or look infected in...