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    The ground at iping

    Hello, I am going to iping tomorrow to do the novice and I have heard through the jungle drums that the ground isn't very good. Has anyone else heard this? If you are competing there today, good luck, and I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what you thought of the ground...
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    Milton Keynes for first intro

    What is Milton Keynes intro like? In the BE book it says it's suitable for first timers at BE90 level. I haven't been there for a few years as it's always badders weekend, but this year we can make it and then head onto the big one (for mega shopping and dreaming that one day I'll ride...
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    What to do with a horse that dunks!

    I have a horse who dunks each mouthful of hay into his water bucket as he is eating. He then dribbles his way back to his haynet, takes another bite and repeats the dunking process. At the moment he is on dry hay as it's been too frozen on the yard to wet it. When he has soaked hay he does...