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    Is he bum high?

    Eggs, May I ask, what's a good saddle for a bum high horse?
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    Pasture/yard rent increases.

    My landlord is trying to increase my yearly rent by 50% this year. Apparently, rents have doubled over the last few years and I need to 'catch up'. Has anyone else seen hefty increases over the last few years? What is yearly rent per acre of grass these days? I fear neither me or my...
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    Mobile mechanic in kent?

    Have you tried TJF Services. based in chessington but do a mobile service. worth a try
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    Rider Wanted!!

    bert, I'm in Guildford, possibly a bit too far for you. best of luck
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    Rider Wanted!! Guildford Area

    ditto..only mines a big 'ol boy that is good as gold
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    Rider Wanted!!

    I have 3 horses and would also love to find a reliable, trutworthy and knowledgeable adult that would like to ride out with me 2/3 times a week. It's tough finding someone who wants to ride during the day AND is capable of basic horsecare, tacking up etc on their own. Let me know if you have...
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    Holistic Horse and Pony Centre

    Arizona, lol, i dont think they 'pick' their boxes..they just know where their box is and go straight to it when let in.
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    DIY livery in Hampshire/Surrey

    Have you tried Puckshott near the Hospital?
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    Holistic Horse and Pony Centre

    I know it well. Yes, the peeps are nice, the horses are well cared for in herds. Generally horses live out 24/7 but they have ample stabling facilities. It's very much an alternative type yard where your horse will be cared for as an individual. You'll often see a visiting physio...
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    Guildford, Security talk and tack marking.

    Tack marking team from Surrey Police have confirmed now, Look forward to seeing everyone. If you need more details, get in touch.
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    Guildford, Security talk and tack marking.

    Horlicks, Great news. Please get in touch via email or Facebook and let us know how many people. We'll email back with the venue details.
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    Guildford, Security talk and tack marking.

    9th March confirmed.
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    Surrey Area Land?

    There was a small yard for rent in Puttenham a while ago. It saw it on rightmove. The ad was a 5 acre plot for sale at about £250k but at the bottom it said or rent. Looked nice. P & R, barn etc. Might be worth a look. Or, try or visit Rokers and have a look at the...
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    Guildford, tack marking and security advice.

    Date, 9th March is now confirmed with Surrey Police. Please message with your interest as I need to make sure the venue is big enough for everyone.
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    Crime prevention meeting in Guildford, 9th March 2013 Advice Inc, tack marking Surrey police SAFE Buildings and belongings security Microchipping Immobilise etc, See my other post in The South East Forum.
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    A very long shot - Malone's livery yard - Teddy

    A friend seems to remember him , she's making enquiries to aee if we can find him. If you had him dec'94 he'll be 22/23 now
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    A very long shot - Malone's livery yard - Teddy

    I found a Teddy that was at Mill Stream in Ripley but he would be about 21 now and was 15.2 ish
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    A very long shot - Malone's livery yard - Teddy

    Which yard was Malones, is that on the green?
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    Guildford, Security talk and tack marking.

    Ella, Yes, It's open to everyone. Best for everyone, or a representative of your yard to get in touch to clarify the details. We'd like to keep an eye on who's coming..if you get my gist. Look forward to seeing you there.
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    Guildford, Security talk and tack marking.

    Due to recent thefts from local yards, The Worplesdon and District Bridleway Association (WDBA) are hosting a session with Surrey Police, SAFE and Immobilise to help everyone with security issues. If you would like to find out about; Tack marking, Buildings security Fencing...
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    Assisted DIY yards Guildford

    Bonnishot Farm, Bailes Farm, Clasford. Ask on Facebook, go to Surrey horse and Pony site.
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    Guildford, tack marking and security advice.

    Due to recent breakins around the area, Worplesdon and District Bridleway Association (WDBA) are organising a session with the help of Surrey Police, SAFE, Immobilise and Southern Hills Vets to help the community with horse crime. If you need help with ; Buildings Security...
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    Help! Choosing an arena surface?

    We have sand with wire casing rubber on top. It works fab, quite soft but not deep. Spend your money on drainage, the less water in the surface the less it will freeze.
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    need help with some course work!! - RE stabling and turnout!

    There's quite alot of horse stuff already. So, human benefits.... Horse in ..dont have to change boots before riding. Part time t/o. You only have to walk in the mud twice a day. Full t/ get to shop endlessly in tack shops for various jackets, boots, brushes, gloves, rugs, hats :p
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    Beginner Riding Lesson Dilemma

    Pony looks happy too. Loving the filthy lower leg, shows its turned out. And diggin the burberry saddlecloth!
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    Managing winter grazing - what would you do?

    Yep, we're waterlogged too! Im having to keep one in overnight so his feet dont disintigrate. If you have enough fencing, I'd break it into quaters and let them trash in rotation. This summer we shall be putting better drainage in the paddocks so fingers x for next year.
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    Beginner Riding Lesson Dilemma

    Are you able to watch a lesson before commiting? I hope you understand this. I'd be inclined to go for the lesson that DOESNT use the works kick or pull. Later on in life she'll thank you for being taught how to ride quietly with the horse as her buddy and not a 'toy' item. See if they'll...
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    Feedback on these feet

    Im waiting to see what vet says too!
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    Sorry i know its been done to death! barefoot

    I too, feed the dengie hi fi unmollased. I try and keep alfa to a minimum. I feed the simple systems balancer, total eclipse with mine. Although SS did recommend i feed him a few lucie nuts (alfa nuts) with it. He has the odd scoop of magnesium. I dont feed any 'slop' , I mix with water...
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    Organising a charity fun ride - how to go about it?

    Thats a good start! There's always the issue of insurance to look at. Start with the route. Find your start point and have a rough idea on where you'd like to go. Aim for around 10 miles and as few road crossings as possible. Then, I'd suggest you get your team of helpers together as...