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    Holy cow ! is the system fxxxxd up or what!I have not been able to log on under this user name for months. The problem was that I did not have my password and the system logged me off.As my old email address no longer existed when Orange tuned off their servers I could not get my password from...
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    Which pro riders have the best seat/position?

    Yes , thinking about it,she does ride more of a steeplechase length xc .but she does also have a very distinctive position , slightly behind the action and able to brace against any unforeseen eventuality. In my opinion this is backed up with extreme fitness and agility . She is awesome .
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    Which pro riders have the best seat/position?

    Got to go with Mark Todd. Doesn't just look great on his own horses ,looks great on anyone's.
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    Chaff to feed for weight gain - Dengie Vs Spillers?

    Lincolnshire is never sunny , I did my RAF training there , Its flat all the way to SIBERIA , Its cold ,its wet , its muddy (except whgn its frozen) .Windand Rain your mere name gives the lie to your statement about "sunny Lincolnshire",Its hell on earth but I had the best time of my life there.
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    Dumb question: Ponies preferring straw to hay!

    This proves what I have long suspected .Horses know far more about what is good hay than their owners. If your horse prefers straw to the hay you are offering : A. Your hay is rubbish ...
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    Chaff to feed for weight gain - Dengie Vs Spillers?

    Dengie crop dryers as they used to be known as ,have a long track record of producing quality dried grass and Lucerne. They know their business. Back in the 1970 s (when I used to buy from them )the price of oil went through the roof and most crop dryers went bust. Dengie however realised the...
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    Equine questionnaire for higher ed. student project

    An Irish sports horse IS a warmblood.
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    College project - what clothes do you wear to the yard?

    Nah , Everything but the jeans . Tracky bottoms are much better,plus thermal underwear!
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    Leyland Daff 45 130 starting problem

    Its a cummins engine,they dont have them.(mores the pity)
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    Bog pony to Competition pony update

    I am so glad that I bought a "project", even though I have enlisted the help of a rider .................What on earth do you mean! Seems more like ,"even though I had the good common sense to realise that I cant do everything and know when to use help".Dont sell yourself short, you have done a...
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    No Barbary Castle this year?

    The forum wouldnt be the same without daft posts.
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    Could this be thrush?

    Stockholm tar is the best and cheapest remedy . Soak cotton wool in it (a bit messy) then push into the frog cleft with a hoofpick. leave it there and change daily. Also great as a preventative is a mix of 5 to 1 linseed oil and stockholm tar . makes a great hoof oil .
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    Leyland Daff 45 130 starting problem

    if you have a good flow of fuel to the injector pump ( it sprays out of the lower bleed nut on the pump if you crack it open a fraction and turn the engine over)and the solenoid on the pump is good (if you are not sure , remove the needle from the solenoid)and you get fuel out from a cracked...
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    Best internal boarding for wooden stable

    Marine ply is a total waste of money.Far eastern ply will be just as good but a third of the price. Oak boards are my preference and cheaper than marine ply.
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    Question on horse box electrical systems.

    As above. It never ceases to amaze me how bad most horse box electrical systems are .Even those from supposed profesional horsebox builders.
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    Dissertation Questionnaire - Equine Colic

    Done ,but the question about how much the peron feels they know about colic is a bit misleading I think. I have been around horses for over 50 years and the more I learn about colic ,the more I realise how little we know.
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    Aaargh greedy monsters!

    I must say that I have never seen a round bale of hay that weighed 500kg. The 4 ft ones generaly turn out at about 200 /240 kg . Even the antiquated 5 ft balers only produced 320 kg bales.
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    If you could have anything for your yard...

    Can I ask for a new YO ?
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    POLITE Hi-Vis - Your Opinions?

    A plain Hi viz jacket is far more effective. The sight of any hi viz jacket triggers an almost pavlovian reaction in many people , officialdom! As soon as they read "polite " they realise that they have been ,at some subconscious level, tricked . The result is anger. on the other hand ,an...
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    What, no snow dilemma posts?

    The wrong type of snow only applies to railway locomotives , With horses we just grease the soles of the hooves.
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    Would you buy an older horse

    Older horses that haven't broken show a certain survivability .
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    A Work Day In The Life Of A Racehorse

    Far too few real racing posts on here . Righteous stuff EKW. Makes me feal young again.
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    Would you buy an older horse

    A lovely horse who should take legal action against the photographer, lol.
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    What, no snow dilemma posts?

    Once snow is at minus 6 degrees ,it is as good as driving on sand.
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    When none of your friends will play in the snow with you...

    Cant help thinking he would also have liked you to take some of his bully horse friends hay away from him too.
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    What, no snow dilemma posts?

    Thats because we only ever seem to get the wet ,very slippery snow .I went to Luton airport( for a now cancelled holiday) today ,and I have driven tens of thousand s of miles in all sorts of snow. It was bloody awful. It wasnt just the snow ,it was also the fallen trees . Got there on time (by...
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    Haylage questions

    DONT FEED IT.return it. Soil inclusion in haylage is terribly dangerous as the soil will have introduced botulism bacteria. Farmers making haylage go to great lengths to avoid soil inclusion because of the danger.
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    British Eventing ‘jump training’

    If you have a good trainer ,stick with them.It also pays to remember that some of the "lesser" names have achieved the almost impossible with complete dobbins . They may not have won but simply to get round can be an achievement.
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    Draghounds and foot followers?

    Foot followers are either friends of riders ,riders with crocked horses or riders who are crocked , or ex riders who are simply too old and wise. They are always a great bunch to be with , be it draghunting ,Bloodhounds or trail riding.