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    Alternatives to Flexible Filly muzzle ::sigh::

    Thanks very much, I'll look into these.
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    Alternatives to Flexible Filly muzzle ::sigh::

    Arrghh I was wondering about the Dinky muzzles! Sounds like they may not work either :rolleyes:
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    Alternatives to Flexible Filly muzzle ::sigh::

    hi, last year after much tinkering I managed to keep my youngster in a Flexible Filly muzzle. Sadly near the end of the summer he worked out he could shuffle his nose, stand on it, fling his head up and break it. I tried it again this morning with slightly different ties and he went straight...
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    WOW Saddles for Natives?

    I had a fitting for a Wow saddle yesterday. I've never ridden in one before. It was for my youngster so can't really compare how he went in it to other saddles. He is very wide and flat backed so I thought I would struggle with most saddles (and the saddler said I was probably right about this)...
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    I had the saddle fitter out today. Duncan was excellent. We tried 3 different saddles and I hopped on and she led me around his field. This was only my second proper ride (well, ok, maybe 3rd as I popped on by myself on Saturday evening and we had a bit of a shuffle around for a few minutes ...
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    Where to find a nice coloured foal? Recommendations please!

    Not sure if she will have anything but Rosita Hamar at Hamar horses breeds Morgan/TB crosses, some of which are coloured. I know some of hers have gone on to do eventing and showing.
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    Bridle issues

    hmm, I can't offer much advice except maybe trying an osteopath who specialises in cranial work. I had problems bridling my youngster because he didn't like his left ear touched. I got an osteopath out a couple of times who treated him by standing by his wither with her hand on his back for...
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    What's your nervous riding song?

    I'm another one who has been known to sing Nellie the Elephant when nervous but I always forget the words when really worried so just make them up. I find I can sing (I'm in a choir and had lessons for a few years so I'm not too bad) or ride but not really do the two together.
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    :D:D:D Super excited today. First proper ride!!! Duncan was so good, I'm really proud of him. Before tonight he has been sat on 4 times, all bareback (3 time last summer then again once last week) and we just did a few steps backwards and yielding with him each time. I have never even leant over...
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    Aaaagh, the midges have arrived!!!

    We've had midges for a couple of weeks and I don't really understand why. The field is not near water and we are in East Anglia and it hasn't rained for weeks and weeks. My horse hasn't been in this field at this time of year before so I wonder if it something growing nearby or something. I am...
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    We've been making a bit more progress. My instructor came tonight for the first time since the end of last summer. She watched me long rein in the field and gave some tips but said that I had done a good job with him and should be proud. We then went on a short walk on the long reins with her...
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    Flexible filly muzzle fitting?

    I ended up doing something similar (I think after reading the above on this forum). I used a leather shoelace to sort of lace up the side. It did stop him eating out of the sides and he wore the muzzle all summer until he learnt to step on it and break all the cable ties at once by flinging his...
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    ground work

    I would recommend YourHorsemanship (Jason Webb). Lots of great videos and a very logical system. There are various bundles/subscription levels and I think it is very good value for money.
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Had another play with long-reining my rising 4 year old today and he was super. We're bumbling along very slowly as I have never had a youngster before or even been around them much. (Plus he lives out 24/7 and it's been winter and I don't really have any help on-site.) I did a little bit of...
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    Find me some long reins

    I bought some from here. Two different colours to help me keep track (I can get in a bit of a muddle!). I have reverted to lunge lines though as I found the rope I had selected was a bit too heavy over a long length and that also the part where the clip attaches to the rope is too big to go...
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    Super duper share pony!!

    It is great when they are like that isn't it? I started sharing a connie in October and he is fab too. He is so good hacking it is like I have turned into a whizzy teenager (I would tend to call myself a cautious hacker generally.) Last night I went out by myself for an hour after work, up and...
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    Economical feeds

    Does he have any specific issues? If not then I think most can live on hay plus maybe a vit andmin supplement or balancer. Think about *why* are you feeding what you are at the moment.
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    Weaving 2 year old - will it stop?

    I loaned an old TB (he was 19 when I started) and didn't realised he weaved until we moved yards after about 6 months. The weaving did stop at the new yard fairly quickly. The new yard was a nightmare so after about a year we moved back to the original yard and he settled straight in, no...
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    Where to start with liberty work?

    I would definitely look at Ben Atkinson's stuff if I were you. He has some videos on his facebook page and some stuff on Recently he has been doing Facebook live events on Wednesdays at 7pm where you can ask him anything. They are really interesting. The previous ones...
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    USA Ranch Holidays

    I also went to Rockin Z about 5 years ago now I think. It was great! I went with my mum and dad. My dad had never ridden before but they got him riding and it was nice to go on some trail rides with him. My mum watched and pottered around the farm a bit then left a few days early as she didn't...
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    anybody else actually given up riding this week wheather wise

    I managed to ride my share horse Tuesday morning before the wind and rain. I have him Friday which I expect will be a day with no turnout so I'll have to go twice to sort his hay/stable etc. I also have him Sat and Sun but not sure if I'll manage to ride him. Might go in the school if it isn't...
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    Talented but challenging or less talented and easy?

    My old horse was an ex-eventer I took on when he was 19 yo. He had been very talented as a youngster and even in his old age was probably a bit too much horse for me. I am currently sharing one who is safe as houses out hacking and very unspooky and uncomplicated in the school. I am amazed at...
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    What month was your horse born in?

    8th of June for mine, the day after my own birthday. His dam has had quite a few on that date or one or two days either side. My old TB had his birthday on the 15th May.
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    How do you plan what you do?

    I have very loose plans in my head. I have recently started keeping a diary in my car. When I have finished a session with my horse I write what I have done that day and a very brief comment on what I want to do in the next session. So far this has been working well for me. I used to do it years...
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    This poor old chap

    Oh he looks lovely. I hope he finds a good home.
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    Weekend Plans - Week 2 of Feb

    My exciting horsey plan for this weekend was to attend a "learn to massage your horse" day today. I must remember to check out people running a course more carefully and be really sure that the course will suit me. I walked out just after lunch. On the plus side that does mean I have more time...
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    EPQ help/ topics?

    hi, I teach the EPQ. Remember that your essay needs to show "synergy" (a really weird way of saying you need to bring ideas from different sources together) and should be analytical rather than descriptive. You need something with a pretty balanced for and against argument. You also need to make...
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    Feeling like I'm on a capitalist treadmill

    I think you need to see what the current cost is around you. I am currently sharing because my youngster is still growing up. To be honest I get a little annoyed when someone advertises for an experienced, reliable and knowledgable person to help them with their horse and then charges a lot. Yes...
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    Riding at walk in a school

    I like to ride up a long side, half 10m circle then head back to the track near E/Bish then repeat so it is sort of a figure of 8. Then work in slow/fast walk, walk-halt transitions, leg yields, inside outside bend, shoulder-in, extra circle in the middle at E or B. Keeps the brain busy (yours...
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    Shortage of grooms?

    It is like that where I keep my youngster. Most of the horses there are retired but there are some ridden straight from the fields. There is one groom for all the horses (about 20). I think about 3 of the land owners horses spend days stabled so there is that but otherwise it is just driving...