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    Anyone else snowed in again today? *pic*

    *looks outside at sunshine smugly* Nope But we had our fair share in dec and jan, so I feel your pain.
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    Anyone else struggling to get back into it after the snow break?

    Yeah, me too. I've still not ridden, the snow was a handy excuse for 6 weeks but finally melted and just can't be bothered doing anything.
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    Toggi Calgary Boots

    I found them tight around the calf ( I have average calves I would say), and also a bit long. Which is a shame cos they're nice boots.
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    Anyone else get snow last night?

    Yeah, here too. It was quite depressing really, finally some grass was starting to peek through but now it's all covered again
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    yard rules

    None, unfortunately. There were some, but were completely ignored so now there doesn't appear to be any.
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    Whats the best joint supplement to use?

    I use cosequin, however if my horse was just clicking occasionally then I wouldn't use it. I'm sure that's not the correct answer though!
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    A poll:Bute and Riding

    I believe my oldie is happier and healthier if he's hacked regularly. If he needs the odd bute on days his arthritis is bad then so be it. But on the whole he's sound on just his joint supplement.
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    Anyone still got snow?

    Yes . In the more exposed areas it's gone, but still a good few inches in a lot of places, 6 weeks after it first fell! It's been mild too, blooming persistant snow
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    How long to muck out a bed?

    Depends on how clean the horse is. My bed takes about 3 or 4 minutes, but my horse doesn't pee in his bed and there's only ever 2 or 3 piles of poo. Which is nice
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    Do older horses sleep more?

    My oldie certainly sleeps more than he used to. Not so much lying down, but if you leave him standing for more than 20 seconds he falls fast asleep! Quite worrying really but doesn't seem to bother him
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    Is anyone elses horse crazy at the moment?

    Mine too, which is weird cos he's in exactly the same routine as usual. I think its just the constant snow has sent him round the bend (ditto for me!). He keeps doing things out of character for him like escaping and breaking gates and being a general menace to other horses. Or he's just finally...
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    Do you ride with whip and/or spurs?

    [ QUOTE ] Don't ride with either a whip or spurs. [/ QUOTE ] Ditto this. But I only ride my own horse and going forward is not a problem! When I used to use a stick it just made him worse, he went instantly from being slightly reluctant to go forwards to point blank refusing to go anywhere...
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    Xray photos of my fractured ankle if anyone is interested

    Bones seem to do that, around my broken bit its hugely lumpy . Mine isn't near a joint though so apart from being slighly odd looking and really sensitive its not caused a problem.
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    How quickly will a horse lose muscle definition without exercise?

    I'm quite shocked how much muscle mine has lost from doing nothing for the past month, esp as he wasn't doing that much work before. I think the snow means he's not moving much in the field so making it disappear faster . He's also dropping weight which isn't helping *crosses fingers for snow...
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    Well i have given in!

    Not wanting to be the one to disagree but I always imagine they're warmer with their own fluffed up coat than with a lw squashing the fur down. Now whether thats true or not I have no idea
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    A Question for those used to deep snow (and horses!) please

    I think some of the field is only about 6 inches deep cos he was standing in quite a shallow bit when I arrived. I guess the wind last night has made it drift quite a bit, so some bits are fine while others are super deep . Unfortunately in the dark its impossible to tell which bit is which till...
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    A Question for those used to deep snow (and horses!) please

    First of all, apologies for yet another snow post I'm just looking for a bit of reassurance from those hardy peeps that are used to all this deep snow malarky . So horse was coping fine with the snow, but its just getting scary deep now. Luckily its frozen enough that if I move quick I can...
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    Official snow post....for the 2nd time!!

    Yes, lots of snow, not been clear for almost 3 weeks now In town there's about a foot, at the farm there's a lot more than that SEish Scotland This pic is in the middle of town and had been cleared a few days ago
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    What have your horses done this week?

    He's spent everyday up to his knees in snow looking miserable, and every night in his stable looking bored! Innterspersed with a scary slither up and down to field from stable. That has been the pattern for last fortnight, not likely to change anytime soon . Not a particularly exciting time of year
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    if there was ONE thing you could change about your horse....

    [ QUOTE ] That he was five again. I don't ever want to lose him. [/ QUOTE ] This for me too And if I'm being greedy I'd wish he was a bit bigger so I didn't squish him so much . But I wouldn't change anything else, even though he drives me barmy at times!
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    Those of you who still have their 1st horse and is now an OAP ....

    I'd like to think I wouldn't have done anything differently, but I do slightly regret not doing more with him when he was young and able. But on the other hand he was happy and so was I at the time so I guess thats all that matters
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    Its snowing here too, has been all morning. Thats been pretty much everyday for over 2 weeks now . There is a feeling of when will it end, especially as the forecast showed snow for most of next week. Its supposed to be -8 tonight, that'll make driving fun...
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    Deep snow

    [ QUOTE ] I am thinking of starting a club for the chronically depressed due to 12inches of snow and drifts so high you spend most of the day getting to your nags to feed them and the rest of the day getting back home only to go through the same thing an hour later. Pass me the whisky bottle...
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    Another Joint Supplement Question!

    [ QUOTE ] i have been to a equine talk and they talked about cosequin, it is the way to go! [/ QUOTE ] Oh good, that makes me feel better about the amount of money I've been spending on it!
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    Readi grass

    I use grass pellets, bags are cheaper and last longer. I prefer the smell of readigrass but horsey prefers the pellets...think other is too spiky for his mouth.
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    Do barefoot horses suffer from snow balling up?

    Mine is unshod on his hinds, and they do ball up just as much but it falls out more often. His fronts are awful, just builds up and up till he can barely walk
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    Dubarry boots?

    I have pretty much trashed mine in the year I've had them and they do now leak, but hoping I can rewaterproof them as the leather hasn't actually cracked. I got them dirt cheap so not too bothered but if I'd paid full price then I'd be raging!
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    How easy is your yard to reach in the snow?

    I could walk to mine if I had to, about 3 miles each way, but I'd be seriously worried about getting taken out by passing cars (narrow windy roads not the best!). The roads are usually clear-ish, but have to go down and then up a very steep, windy hill . Only once not been able to get up, but...
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    Livery Yards Around Edinburgh

    There is a serious lack of nice yards in Edinburgh . I can't even think of one that doesn't either have a rubbish reputation or is just always full. I'm pretty sure you won't get full livery at Braidwood, worth asking though.
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    shires stormcheeta combo 400g

    I have one. I like it - its really warm and tough, and not too pricey. The fit isn't the best, but that has more to do with my funny shaped pony than the rug!