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  1. FanyDuChamp

    Woodlander Stud specifically Del Amitri and Rockstar

    Anyone know anything about the Woodlander Stud,someone I know is looking at some of their stallions specifically Del Amitri and Rockstar. Anyone got any info please let me know. His mares are RIDs Both proven and both well bred. Looking to breed a couple of sporthorses, all rounders but with a...
  2. FanyDuChamp

    Facebook, Shetland Welfare and leather trousers!

    Come and have a look at this Shetland Welfare Auction, loads of lots horsey stuff, brand new stuff and some interesting other items. Come and bid, it is all for charity and helps the Trust cover their cost. Who hasn't known and loved a...
  3. FanyDuChamp

    Garlic-please read if you feed it.

    If you feed garlic please read this article it is excellent and very informative. FDC
  4. FanyDuChamp

    A Rant !!!

    Right I am not really a ranter but am fed up with the "What rug" threads! (not aimed at anyone in particular) Why? How the hell does anyone know what rug to put on your horse? I have 2 horses they live side by side and are they rugged the same, of course not! They are individuals! They need...
  5. FanyDuChamp

    Hobbles- would you? Do you?

    I was just reading a thread that some suggested hobbles on, now when I was younger you saw it fairly frequently, now not so much. So my questions are do you hobble? If so why? And does it cure or mask the problem? FDC
  6. FanyDuChamp

    What are your attitudes and opinions ?

    What do we think of Market Harboroughs and what do you use it for? I had a strange conversation and want to know people's attitudes and opinions of them. Thanks, FDC
  7. FanyDuChamp

    Would you? Have you? Opinions please.

    Having just sold a couple of Captain's rugs I am in the middle of an argument with Elizabeth, my daughter. Would you buy these or not? Have you got them? If so are they as good as they say? Just wanting to know as my lad has had a hard working life and seem to undergoing some joint changes. So...
  8. FanyDuChamp

    Too fit?

    Following on from another thread, has anyone else experienced a horse being too fit? Captain is an ex-pro comp horse and also a carriage horse, he was incredibly fit when we got him, poor condition but physically extremely fit. Thing was he had so much energy he did not know what to do with...
  9. FanyDuChamp

    Welsh section Ds- novice or not?

    Welsh D- would you recommend for a novice rider/owner? What do you think of them? Any pictures welcome too. FDC
  10. FanyDuChamp

    Horse went bonkers yesterday, anyone else's horse playing up?

    Captain, my 17-3hh nearly 18yo gelding was a total b*gger yesterday! He walked okay around to the indoor school, slipped on a bit of mud, righted his self , reared up on me then proceeded to throw himself round the school like a complete idiot! He did lunge properly in the end. He is usually...
  11. FanyDuChamp

    Fany clipped and Captain p*ssed off!

    Mixed day today. Firstly the dentist to both of mine. Now Captain has to be sedated for the dentist, not nasty but can be head shy and he is 7ft when he waves his head in the air. So vet arrives, he'd been out to Fany a couple of weeks ago and she had been perfect, as always. No issues at...
  12. FanyDuChamp

    Was I being conned?

    Right today took Captain my 17 and half yo KWPN Gelderlander into the indoor school for some exercise and free schooling. He was reluctant to say the least, he is getting used to this retirement thing! Anyway checked he was okay, stretched him and off we went. Not usually a clumsy horse but he...
  13. FanyDuChamp

    Any news on Tim Stockdale?

    Just read on FB Tim Stockdale has had a bad fall, does anyone know how he is? I hope he is okay, he maybe a grumpy old git but to me he is the best SJ we have! FDC
  14. FanyDuChamp

    No wonder Fany did not like the farrier! Vid.

    This is just unbelievable! She is great now, but if this was her previous experience no wonder she hated the farrier! And does that horse look lame on its hind when he gets out of the Transit van?! FDC
  15. FanyDuChamp

    Help! Anyone know the when/where HOYS is on TV?

    I hope peeps can help I can't find a schedule for HOYS on tv. Anyone know when/ which channel it is being shown? FDC
  16. FanyDuChamp

    Goresbridge- if someone could pick up Cavalier Dandy for me!

    Loving the looks of some of these, but Cavalier Dandy is gorgeous and the spit of his sire, Cavalier Royale! So if someone could pop over and get him for me I'd be very grateful! Disclaimer, unfortunately I am nothing to do with any of the horses being sold or any thing else there, so not...
  17. FanyDuChamp

    I know it is sooo wrong, but I want one!

    I wish I was a little girl again so I could have had one of these for my old pony when he was alive! Do you think a 17-3hh WB would look good in it and would pink clash with his gingerness? Would you have had one as a kid? FDC
  18. FanyDuChamp

    Gelderlanders (Gelders Paard) a rare but versatile breed.

    I have a gelderlander and rarely see any others, so in an attempt to get the breed more recognition here are a couple of vids of them: Hope you enjoy and maybe even think of a Gelderlander for your next...
  19. FanyDuChamp

    Following turnout thread, has anyone ever seen this?

    Right Fany, a 14-2hh mare, is turned out this summer with Cappy, a 17-3hh gelding. Strangely they are getting on really well, Cappy doesn't always like other horses, I think due to being Dutch and being kept in individual turnout, so horsey manners not very well developed and he is 17 now so not...
  20. FanyDuChamp

    What have you given up on with horses?

    I was reading some other threads about hacking out and problems people have. It got me thinking, I have 2 horses. Captain (17yrs old) was bought to school and do dressage with, he is an ex-CDE comp. horse. He refuses to hack out alone and gets extremely stressed hacking out in company, so...
  21. FanyDuChamp

    Calming your horse. What do you do.

    I was reading the "what do you sing when hacking" thread and it made me think about how we calm down our stressy WB. We sing to him, he has his own song "I feel pretty, oh so pretty I feel pretty and witty and gay etc" When Elizabeth and I first got him he was extremely stressed, bolshy...
  22. FanyDuChamp

    Right, am I imagining it or are there more cleggies/ horse flies around this year?

    As title really. My lad hates them and is stomping and swishing his tail. We keep him fly sprayed but have just ordered a fly rug for him, never used one on him before! So are you seeing more cleggies/ horse flies where you are? And what do you use to clear them? FDC
  23. FanyDuChamp

    Where is the thread about the poor pony being dragged behind a van?

    Where has the pony being dragged gone? I was following it and get up and it has disappeared? FDC
  24. FanyDuChamp

    The Warrington Show

    Who is going to the Warrington Show on bank holiday Monday? Is it worth going? FDC
  25. FanyDuChamp

    Bagging up but not pregnant.

    Hi, hoping that some of you breeding peeps can help me. Fany is an ex-broodmare; she had 4 live foals. She has been with us for 2 years. We bought her just after she had lost a foal. Just after we got her a mare on our yard had a foal and Fany got very broody and seem to bag up, ending up with...
  26. FanyDuChamp


    Has Tim Stockdale's Fresh Direct Corlato had her foal yet? Anyone got any links etc. She is my favourite famous horse and would love to see what she produced. FDC
  27. FanyDuChamp

    What would you have done?

    Fany, for those who don't know, is an Ardennes ( Trait Ardennais) draft horse. She has been itchy and has rubbed herself, so not being ridden at present. I decided to take her for a walk, usually she walks out beautifully in hand and is an angel. Today we were fine until we turned down the dirt...
  28. FanyDuChamp

    Dog and horse all loved up

    This is not my horse. I found this on You Tube. So sweet. Sorry if it has already been posted. FDC
  29. FanyDuChamp

    RID Brood mares so cheap!

    These RID brood mares look gorgeous and are so cheap. Ireland seems to be having terrible problems with its economy but these are at a give away price, £1290. All are pregnant due this month or next! I don't know too much about RID lines but they look like they are good mares. Hope they find...
  30. FanyDuChamp

    RID Brood mares so cheap!

    These RID brood mares look gorgeous and are so cheap. Ireland seems to be having terrible problems with its economy but these are at a give away price, £1290. Hope they find nice homes. All are pregnant due this month or next! FDC