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  1. bexcy-bee

    Team Reggie: Smokes is no longer pointless!

    Only just seen this update... Sooooo happy for Al (and smokes of course :) ) such fab fab news!! He's looking so good, and better every time I see a video!! They really look like a great partnership, and I hope smokes will continue to work hard for her :) As for the quarter markings, my...
  2. bexcy-bee

    Where do you look for share horses?

    Where abouts are you? I know 2 local to me... I found my old share horse on preloved Bexcy-bee x
  3. bexcy-bee

    Rosette making business- advice please!

    My mum used to be a riding instructor, and had a few horses who she used to teach on from home. Every year, for the handful of people she used to teach, we held a 'Halloween' show for. This involved dressing up the fences with pumpkins etc. We struggles for ages and ages to find Halloween...
  4. bexcy-bee

    Woukd you tow in this?

    How far are you going? If it's not too far and you can stick to a slow speed i would go... However you also have to think about the winds whilst your riding, will your horse be ok to compete if it's really windy and the school rattles a lot? As others have said, wait and see nearer the...
  5. bexcy-bee

    how much?

    Aren't they normally around £50? I would ask your friend what make hers is and then search it online to see how much it is new Bexcy-bee x
  6. bexcy-bee

    International velvet and horsey films

    Second chances! That's the one, thanks :) Bexcy-bee x
  7. bexcy-bee

    International velvet and horsey films

    Chatter happy ponies ;) loves those series lol National velvet and international velvet where my favorite films as a kid! Also, there was one about an American barn, 2 girls, one had badly broken her leg from falling off, and was just getting back into barrel racing, the other was a spoilt...
  8. bexcy-bee

    Shwmae horse products

    The pic of the grey horse in red good is my friend; I thought it looked far too close to his eyes... She ordered that in the discount sale in December and it arrived beginning of jan, so very quick turn around! Bexcy-bee x
  9. bexcy-bee

    Can I take my food and leave?

    If it's cheaper to move with food, why not buy some bags and then you can move straight away? That won't be much over £20 for food, and a couple of hay bales you could get for £10 to get you going, which would stop hassle from current YO and stop new yard charging too much? Bexcy-bee x
  10. bexcy-bee

    zipless long boots?

    I LOVE my ariat bromonts, zip up the back that broke from my fat calves, wrote an email complaining and hey presto, brand new boots back with super super strong zips included. Fantastic customer services, and my boots were 2 years old and used daily! It happened to 2 pairs of them, and they...
  11. bexcy-bee

    Opinions on a horse??

    I like her, a lot! If I was on the look out to buy one, she would probably be in my yard. If I'm right in thinking, correct shoeing can help with dishing, and as others have said, more developed muscle and I don't think it would be that obvious. If you have the time and money to put in to...
  12. bexcy-bee

    How many horses have you owned?

    I've (between me my mum and my sister) owned about 12, and loaned 5. My mums first horse was a gorgeous coloured 7/8 Arab, very well bred, but was back in the day when coloureds weren't allowed to be Arabs, but he was gorgeous! Real rich chestnut colour and white Then there was Cass 12.2hh...
  13. bexcy-bee

    Stiffness when schooling

    No one else rides her but me, excluding the odd hack once every 6 weeks or so, so it's definitely not that! Lol Thanks for this, I will continue with what I'm doing. Her lateral work leaves a lot to be desired, so don't think that would help too much at the moment, though I will give it a...
  14. bexcy-bee

    Stiffness when schooling

    The mare I share is really stiff on her left rein. I haven't schooled her for a little while and she's definitely deteriorated since I last did. Before I try to go down the route of saddle checks and/or physio/backman, is there any schooling exercising that would be able to help? I've been...
  15. bexcy-bee

    Tail swishing in the transitions - would it put you off?

    I had a horse that used to swish it's tail, bad enough to look like a propellor, got him fully vetted etc and it turned out he needed a bit of physio, and a new saddle. He came right with one physio session and never had any problems again, he was 8 when we bought him, and 10 years on he's still...
  16. bexcy-bee

    Weird and Wacky Passport Names?

    White smoke is much more acceptable now he's greying out! When I first got him, he was sooo dark, and I had a few (horsey and non horsey) people comment on the 'white' bit lol, but it does suit him and is pretty :) I bought a youngster called Domino in his passport, and wanted a 'posh' name...
  17. bexcy-bee

    Shwmae horse products

    I'm inclined to think it's still civil, though the threats would be getting it into criminal... Bexcy-bee x
  18. bexcy-bee

    DIY Yards Near Spencers Wood, Reading - Any Ideas?!

    It may be worth speaking to lotti Crocker, though not sure if she does DIY, then there's wheats farm Mortimer, Cullinghood in pangebourne and hall place in Tilehurst that are fairly close Bexcy-bee x
  19. bexcy-bee

    Long Riding Boots

    Another vote for ariat bromonts , LOVE mine, and I have chunky legs! And ariat are unbeatable for customer services Bexcy-bee x
  20. bexcy-bee

    Tack Room Clear out

    I can't seem to PM from my phone, but I would be interested in a list you have. My sister is at Cardiff uni, and she doesn't have transport other than a bike, so could only be possible if your close Bexcy-bee x
  21. bexcy-bee

    Signalling left...

    The way to do it when driving is to hold your arm out like your signalling right, but then move it in a circular motion from your shoulder if that makes sense, so I would imagine it's the same for leading Bexcy-bee x
  22. bexcy-bee

    iPhone Bluetooth headset for riding?

    You could always try 'sports' headphones, that connect to the phone wirelessly Bexcy-bee x
  23. bexcy-bee

    Horse tunout at Olympia - no one likes an armchair critic.....

    I was commenting on this tonight with my mum; most of the GBR riders are unplaited, whilst most non GBR are plaited! But agree about the tails, don't understand it personally! I understand that the grooms work tirelessly, it's not easy and paid peanuts, but even so, if anyone knows which...
  24. bexcy-bee

    Derby House complaints

    Personally, I've never had a problem with anything ordered from Derby House. One item arrived broken (the lid of a cream) and DH refunded delivery and sent out a new item straight away. However, I'm feeling a bit, shall we say suspicious, about this post, shwmae comes to mind, especially as...
  25. bexcy-bee

    If You Could Have Any HHO Horse for Xmas Who Would It Be?

    Smokey without a doubt, I miss him :( Bexcy-bee x
  26. bexcy-bee

    Passport proof of ownership

    Thanks so much elbie, have passed the details on, up to them now! Bexcy-bee x
  27. bexcy-bee

    Passport proof of ownership

    Please can someone point me in the direction of where to find an official site saying that passports aren't proof of ownership please. Friend has a horse on loan and the owner won't give it to them as they want to keep it as proof of ownership Thanks Bexcy-bee x
  28. bexcy-bee

    Shwmae horse products

    They have the time to respond on a FB comment about being in a meeting all day, so maybe they are waiting to come out of that, and will respond to this thread then. Hmmm, flying pigs was that? ;) Bexcy-bee x
  29. bexcy-bee

    Shwmae horse products

    They've been in a meeting all day, no wonder they haven't responded to anything on here today! Though they have managed to post several FB statuses... Ah well, maybe that's just my suspicious mind ;) Bexcy-bee x
  30. bexcy-bee

    Team Reggie: the adventures of a Small Fat Pony

    Obviously haven't been stalking you well enough as it's taken me this long to see this thread... Lol Tango is looking so good! Love his bab jump though, it's so cute! Lol Glad Al is doing so well there, and I'm sure it will continue for her! Smoke looks lovely in those videos, he really...