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  1. Durhamchance

    WOW Saddles for Natives?

    My loan pony is in a wow, and its brilliantly adjustable. Our fitter comes out every few months and adjusts it as required. I find it very comfortable and secure. We are looking to get another soon for our short backed barrel of a cob.
  2. Durhamchance

    Sparsholt College riding assessment

    I had this at equine college 20 years ago- honestly don't worry. We were just asked to walk, trot and canter in the indoor school and they assigned our groups based on ability. It was under instruction too- I remember being put on a particularly fresh horse and being encouraged to slow my rise...
  3. Durhamchance

    What's your nervous riding song?

    Old McDonald had a farm- great when hacking as I can get inspiration from my surroundings and I have to make up animal noises "and on that farm he had a pidgeon, ey ei ey ei oh, with a coo coo here and a coo coo there...."
  4. Durhamchance

    Sophie Seymour

    I think Sophie works well with the horses sent to her and can't say anything negative. But my loan boy went to Will Hunt who is fairly local to you I believe and his owner cant praise Will enough.
  5. Durhamchance

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    I saw the connie, I thought it was a fat cob until I read the description
  6. Durhamchance

    Riding tights recommendations but not silicone!

    Flexars definitely
  7. Durhamchance

    Riding tights/beige jodhs for skinny children

    I just bought my 6 year old a pair of beige flexars and she loves them. She's always struggled to unfasten normal jods, so these being a pull up design is a game changer.
  8. Durhamchance

    Calming cookies

    I truly believe in them. My share horse can be exactly as the OP describes. Jumps at squirrels, pigeons, blue bins- you name it. We decided to try a cookie one day, but didn't give it to him until I was tacking up. They take time to start working. He set of down our drive at a jog, snorting at...
  9. Durhamchance

    What's Your 'I'm Being An Idiot' Moment?

    We have a new Houdini at the moment, so we've been leaving the electric fence on while doing yard jobs. I refuse to duck under the fence while pushing the wheel barrow (I've been zapped on the backside previously pulling that sort of manoeuvre). So I open the fence, push the barrow through and...
  10. Durhamchance

    Need a show name !!!

    The Mystery Machine
  11. Durhamchance

    Once a fidget..

    Yep, we have a fidget. We've come to the conclusion he has ADHD. There's no cure, we just have to learn to live with it.
  12. Durhamchance

    Feed prices

    yes, 'other mum' bought a bag of stud balancer for our weanling yesterday. £30! His bucket went in a tyre last night as we can't afford for him to chuck it around the stable anymore.
  13. Durhamchance

    Anyone going to Your Horse Live?

    I went on Saturday for the first time and really enjoyed it. It was very busy and was the first time I've really exposed myself to Covid, hopefully I kept myself safe enough. I didn't buy a lot, most of my spending budget went on a crafty pony for my youngest with a full set of leather tack, a...
  14. Durhamchance

    What size horse do you ride?

    I'm 5ft 2/3". My current share horse is 16hh, the pony in my avatar is 14hh. I wouldn't want to go any bigger than my current boy, I've only come off him once and I broke a rib- its a long way down!
  15. Durhamchance

    Short leg long riding boots!

    I'm 5ft 2/3" and found Toggi Cartwrights absolutely perfect. They were a good price too.
  16. Durhamchance

    Lights on or off?

    Definitely off! Ours are powered by a car battery. We turn them off as soon as we leave the stable regardless of the time/light level
  17. Durhamchance

    Youngster temperaments and how they translate to adulthood

    This is good to hear! We're collecting my first weanling next weekend all being well and he seems to be such a friendly laid back chap. I could do with something a bit calmer now I'm at the age where I'm breaking instead of bouncing
  18. Durhamchance

    First Proper Horsey Injury, AKA Mrs C Breaks a Rib (Probably)

    I'm currently four weeks into a cracked/broken rib recovery. My loan pony blew a brain cell in a busy warm up arena at a new venue. I've not been able to ride, cant lift anything heavy, pain trying to sleep etc. My lovely dad has been coming to the yard to help me. I'm taking paracetamol...
  19. Durhamchance

    You've bought the horse, but somehow "forgotten" to mention it to your significant other ...

    I came home at the weekend and slipped in "I've told X that I will contribute towards the next horse... Is that ok" He knew I wasn't asking, although we did sit down a couple of days later and I asked him to confirm it was ok- pointing out that I'd agreed to him taking out a loan to buy a...
  20. Durhamchance

    How do you choose companies to spend your money with?

    It's twice the price too! My little girl has her heart set on a Crafty Pony, so I know which one will be getting my hard earned.
  21. Durhamchance

    Pictures The autumn years

    What lovely pictures! She has such a kind eye x
  22. Durhamchance

    Charles Owen junior jockey skull - sizing different?

    I've got a small head, so I've always used a CO Junior. They're cheaper here in the UK as they're VAT exempt (I believe!)
  23. Durhamchance

    Teaching children to ride in other countries

    My six year old is currently learning to ride. She started on a Shetland in a riding school and very quickly progressed to having private lessons on a friends very opinionated 13.1 mini cob and my 16hh loan hunter. She's fallen off my boy twice now and after a few tears bounces straight back up...
  24. Durhamchance

    Ponying two horses at the same time

    When I was at equestrian college we were taught to hack out riding and leading another. So long as the horses get on it was fine, but coming through single width gates involved a degree of flexibility that I no longer possess!
  25. Durhamchance

    The new autumn 2021🍂 lemieux collection

    I was really disappointed. It feels like they have just re-released Mustard, Burgundy and Olive? I was hoping for a nice light blue/baby blue, an apple green and a new purple.
  26. Durhamchance

    Getting a horse to take Bute🤕

    Our old boy has bute in his feed, we mix it with neat apple cordial (sugar free) and he wolfs it down.
  27. Durhamchance

    Tricky Breaker - Recommendations For Help Needed

    I'm going to give a positive review for Will Hunt. My loan pony went to him a few months before I started riding him. His owner was running out of people willing to exercise him, he was spooky, grumpy and would blow his mind at the smallest thing. All checks had been done and it was very much a...
  28. Durhamchance

    Horse flies out

    I didn't see them but I got thoroughly chewed at a show on Sunday. I was in a white shirt and beige breeches- so can't even blame dark colours. They even got me through my breeches above the knee. The swellings have finally gone down, but the bite marks and bruises are still very visible. Bloody...
  29. Durhamchance

    Sharers what do you do/enjoy?

    I'm a sharer I don't do set days in the conventional way a sharer would. Instead I'm one of a team of 5 that look after 4 horses. We're on a DIY private yard so we do everything from mucking out to paddock maintenance so I'm at the yard at least 5 days out of 7. I pay a set amount each month...
  30. Durhamchance

    Older horse and looking for the gem to let me continue.

    MTF Cobs are supposed to be very good