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    Help with BD eligibility please!

    Hi all, I'm trying to work out what I am eligible for with BD, if I re-register with my young horse (who hasn't done any affiliated). In total, I have 29 Novice points, 10 Elementary points and 20 Medium points- I last competed affiliated in 2018. I also scored 65.59% and placed 3rd at an Area...
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    How far to travel in one day?

    I have a dressage competition this weekend, just over 150 miles away and expected travel time is 4 hours. I had booked an overnight stable for Friday, however I’ve just had my time through for Saturday and it is nearly 4pm… Horse is a good traveller and majority of travel is on motorway or...
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    Bit recommendations- need lifting action

    Hi all, Currently ride my boy in a turtle top with full cheeks; usually he is incredibly polite and light and we have no issues. However we have started going hunting more frequently and I am finding him bearing down a bit on longer canters and I am having to be stronger than I would like to...
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    Anyone in Lincolnshire?

    I currently live in Worcestershire, however (fingers crossed) I am in the process of buying a house in Lincolnshire, close to Conningsby. Does anyone on here live close by? The horses will be at home so no need for livery, however would be great to get some recommendations on Riding Clubs...
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    Equimins Vitamin E Oil help please!

    I've just bought this and have a small issue I need help with please. How on earth do you measure it out of the bottle and feed it?? I need 8ml a day, had a bright idea to use a syringe to draw it out. However the oil is soooo thick and gloopy, it plugs the syringe rather than drawing...
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    Best dry food for a puppy?

    We've just taken possession of a lovely 10 week old whippet puppy and as it has been about 11 years since a puppy was in thr household we're a bit behind on best foods! He came with a bit of dry food but content didn't look great so we are weaning him onto Clinivet puppy food as that seemed...
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    Dealer recommendations please

    Due to very unexpected and sudden retirement of my lovely Vinnie, I am having to look for a new horse. I don't really want to trawl around the country too much looking at lots of horses separately so looking for dealer recommendations please. We're in the West Midlands and willing to...
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    Vinnie's ALW report- 2 events in 7 days, call the RSPCA!

    So, after Solihull last week we went off the ALW on Sunday for our second event of the season. Warmed up a bit ‘hot’ for the dressage but thankfully I had planned 45 minute warm up, so lots of transitions later, I had a soft horse who was just on the edge of buzzy. Asked the steward if...
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    Vinnie's 2014 debut... nearly a good one!

    So we have had a bit of a quiet winter; possibly as I just wanted to hibernate with all of the rain and also because Vinnie decided that 1/2 a slice of hay a day was sufficient for an 18hh horse and refused to eat a stalk more than that so spent most of winter looking like a racing greyhound :(...
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    Some bitting help required please

    Vinnie has been going great guns (yey! :) ) but I am finding him increasing difficult to control between fences when jumping and the time has come for a bit change. He is normally in a Micklem bridle and Hippus snaffle as he is sensitive and quirky in his contact. However, Hippus don't have...
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    BE costs (and prize money) going up for 2014

    So BE prize money is going up by 3% next year... I'm not sure how prizes in kind can be increased by 3% but maybe this will affect the higher levels more? But entry fees are also going up 3% and membership is going up too...
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    Just 6 years in the making... mine and Vinnie's 1st event

    I can't believe it is 6 years ago that I brought this ugly little person home Over the last 2 years Vinnie has been to a few professional riders and admittedly he is not the easiest person to ride (one yard he lasted 4 days before I was summoned to collect him!). He has made little...
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    Vinnie's 1st SJ report and some bitting help required please

    So Vinnie and I headed off to Allens Hill today for their progressive clear round as our first SJ outing. I was a little bit dubious as last time he was here was with a pro rider and he spent more time reversing and rearing than jumping and everyone was very stressed and upset :o However, he...
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    Vinnie's 1st xc report with me and a new arrival in the family

    So Vinnie has been home for 3 weeks now, been to a little dressage show and jumped him twice at home so decided to go to a xc clinic with a trainer I have never been taught by before and a place we have never been before. Got lost so arrived with approximately 3 minutes to spare but the...
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    New baby alert, maiden Millie has had a boy! Lots of pics

    So... seems a long time ago that Millie went off to stud and for the last 10 months or so she has been living with Maesfen from here who has looked after her beautifully :) So yesterday I had a message from Maesfen... A little boy born in the field, a few days early and naughty Millie...
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    Vinnie's homecoming report with pic and vids

    So... went to pick up Vinnie last weekend and brought his Italian adventure to an end; excited and was looking forwards to him coming home but also dubious about whether I could do him justice. I had a jumping lesson with Vittoria the day we picked him up and it was great- I need to work on...
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    Recommendations for quality numnahs for jumping?

    Hi all, Please can I have some recommendations for good quality numnahs that will fit a forward cut jumping saddle? Vinnie has been in half sheepskin pads for a while but I think the sheepskin is not helping with the saddle slipping back slightly from his sharkfin withers. Saddle is...
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    Vinnie's second BE report- what an improvement!

    So Vinnie's first event was Howick where he did a 31 dressage, 3 poles showjumping and 2 hesitations at the ditch xc; he was quite overwhelmed in the show-jumping and needed me to run in front of him for a bit on the cross country but we were thrilled that he completed! Since then Vittoria...
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    Vinnie's much anticipated (by me!) BE debut report

    So, Vinnie went to Howick yesterday for his first ever event- he saw dressage boards about a year ago, went clear round jumping 2 weeks ago and went xc schooling on Saturday... so was very well prepared ;) I'll try and be brief! He was very professional in the dressage warm up and looked...
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    Vinnie's Italian/Cotswold adventure so far!

    So... with all of the horrendous weather in January, an arena that wasn't at all rideable and an 18hh athletic horse getting above his station :rolleyes:, Vinnie went off to school at Vittoria Panizzon's to do a few weeks of work and get him fit and prepped for the upcoming eventing season...
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    Sponsorship; riders or sponsors please help

    Hi all, Would anyone who is sponsored or who has connections with a business who sponsors a rider be able to help me with a few questions. Or if you're just brainy and know about the below that would be great too! :) Business is currently under the VAT threshold; looking into sponsoring...
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    Wesuvio- anyone know where he is standing?

    As title, does anyone know if/where Wesuvio is standing this season? I'm trying to track him down but he is proving a little illusive! Thanks for any help or pointers :)
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    Clipper servicing recommendations?

    My Liveryman Harmony clippers aren't charging properly so I think they need to go off for a check over/servicing- can anyone recommend someone reliable, good at their job and not hugely extortionate? I am in the West Midlands if that makes a difference but happy to send them off. Thanks
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    Clipper servicing recommendations please?

    My Liveryman Harmony clippers aren't charging properly so I think they need to go off for a check over/servicing- can anyone recommend someone reliable, good at their job and not hugely extortionate? I'm in the West Midlands but happy to send them off. Thanks
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    Vinnie's first jumping outing... loads of pics and vids

    Vinnie has been improving in leaps and bounds at home with his flatwork and jumping so I decided to take him on a little outing to try some jumping in a different place. We are just starting to introduce fillers and also take the placing pole away on some fences so I was expecting quite a bit...
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    Vinnie update with pics and video- CC welcome

    Have been plugging away with Vinnie, working on the adjustability in his canter and doing lots of polework to get him more relaxed and easier to ride when jumping. Sessions with new trainer are going well, we are on the same wavelength about how to progress with Vinnie and he doesn't put any...
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    A Vinnie jumPing report with sunny photos

    Had a jumping lesson with Vinnie today with a new instructor... in the new arena Vinnie hasn't been in, with a row of 30 flags along one fenceline blowing in the wind and a PC camp jumping lesson of Thelwell furries going on right next door with a very vocal instructor! :o So... Vinnie warmed...
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    Little (big) Vinnie outing report with the worse clashyclashy ever seen!

    Took Vinnie today for arena hire at Kings EC in Bromyard today; a nice way to ease him into the competition world gently. He loaded and travelled really well and stood like a gem when we got there- so nice to have a horse that can be left on the trailer while you go to the loo, go and pay etc...
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    Vinnie's first jumping report with some photos and vids

    First time Vinnie has left the ground at home with me and second time he has left the ground with me ever (yes, I did things backwards and first jumped him away from home at a lesson ;)) I have been working on keeping him softer with leg rather than hand, trying to resist my huge urge to...
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    Magnetic Rug Recommendations Please

    Hi all, Was looking to get Vinnie a Bioflow rug but seems they aren't made anymore due to cost of production so recommendations please. He is in a 7-7'3ft rug so need a company that caters for that size! Thank you