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    To those who have had horses with mud fever....

    I battle every year with it, and a friend had some of the new NAF mud barrier cream, im so impressed, its amazing, i put put it on and the next day all scabs were gone and skin was clear and calm.I have used it on a girth gall too and that vanished, use it for any skin related issue now. I am...
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    What boots does your horse wear for hunting?

    Woof Wear and they did the job the other day! Rather the boots than his legs!
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    I'm really sorry - Heavy Weight turnouts?

    I used to look after a Andalusian stallion and found Bucas rugs fitten him beautifully.
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    Cheap jodhpurs / breeches

    I got some full seat breeches off amazon and I love them! They are on sale I will buy more when I have some spare money. The prices change to size so can't give you a price. :)
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    Big storm to hit cornwall!!! A little scared!

    So far Tuesday night was a lot worse! The wind isn't screaming through the doors yet! Glad house is full granite! :D
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    Cornwall hay

    Friend has plenty if you need more:) have pmd you too :)
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    Cornwall hay

    Will txt him tomorrow, I'm in porkellis lol, hay if he has any is carnkie lol. Close enough! :D
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    Cornwall hay

    I can ask a friend tomorrow if he has any left in between Helston/Fal and he's just up road :)
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    Saddle fitter in cornwall???

    She will check any saddle, it just she happens to stock bates, wintec etc in the shop. So that's what she fits the most if sold in the shop lol :)
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    Saddle fitter in cornwall???

    Vicky at Cornish saddlery again. Ring the shop and they will pass your details on and she will give you a ring :) she's not in the shop today so your welcome to pm me and I will pass details on as live 2 mins away lol.
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    Only fools ON horses?

    I remember it! Was talking about it the other day with a friend. If I remember Sara cox from radio one was in it :)
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    It's been one of those weeks! Feel like giving up!

    Oh I'm soooo pleased with him! He was such a good boy and him and zo really got on. She loves him! So I think I might end up losing my special blue boy lol. Haha piebald, blue roan and mix it together add red and you get a breeze lol!!! Karin also said I can borrow her trailer too :). Yes we...
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    It's been one of those weeks! Feel like giving up!

    :( Lu give me a shout if you need anything. Hopefully that will be it for the year. It's only jan got 11 more months to be awsome!!!! Think of shows and we will go up and play on the xc course! It will be good in the end! Xxx
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    Reflective brushing boots for hacking?

    I'm another one for the woof wear ones, I actually need to buy some more as I lost one the other day. They were 6 years old roughly and knackered. I have used wraps over boots but didn't fine them as effective. :)
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    Is there any hope for our boy??

    I'm so sorry to hear that. :(. Big hugs. RIP Mr Fudge. :(
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    Riding hat not fitted right..?

    Really rusty with hat fitting.... Firstly they should of measured your head first even if you know what size you have been wearing (that's what we always used to do). Got the fit you should check you have contact all around you head with out any pressure points. When hat is on you head if you...
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    The film 'The Horse Whisperer'

    I can't watch the beginning :(
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    Woof Wear long yard boots

    I love mine and after 4 years they are breaking :( but am going to get another pair! :) The fact they have lasted this long has amazed me as I wear through shoes stupidly fast....trainers are good if they havnt got holes in 6 months lol. I wore them when I worked as a groom everyday. They coped...
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    Idiot goes for a hack......

    Was in a rush tacked horse up, went to get on from my rock/mounting block pulled stirrup down noticed I hadn't attached the girth straps on my 5 pound breastplate, told myself off, went to thread it through and realised I hadn't even put his girth on :D :D.......finially got on and was thinking...
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    Which riding hat do you have?

    Sounds like it wasn't fitted correctly, would expect it to feel like it's crushing your temples!
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    Which riding hat do you have?

    Yes! It was blooming annoying the little rubber band is meant to prevent it slipping along with the chin pad thingy. it's still not great but it's a lot better just put some plaiting bands on (electrical tape works too lol). Now it doesn't budge :D. Iv heard of a few people having the same...
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    Which riding hat do you have?

    I have 2 silver hs1's. The chin strap on the first one kept slipping so it was sent off to be adjusted. They have me another.... Then sent my original back lol :D
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    Gotta be impressed with this!

    Lol!!! Wish I had fields like that!!! Doesn't make me giggle as much as this one lol. My friend bought a lovely tb off her he's actually in the video too lol. :D
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    anyone elses seasonal headshaker...

    Lol yep I have :) was just thinking about Boxing Day. He only shook a couple of times even when we were in degibna, I swear it's 'selective' when He notices or when he's not focused lol
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    anyone elses seasonal headshaker...

    Mine has usually stopped by now. He is still twitching, not badly so am able to ride without a net. For him he has visual triggers as well, he has shaked at snow flakes :O. I think as it has been milder there are still files around which are his main trigger. He's a lot better in cold weather...
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    Recomend some reins

    I love my sabre eventa reins, they have been water mud and sweat soaked and iv never lost grip, and they are not too fat for my ridiculous child size hands lol :)
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    Bridle shopping

    Agreed, also amerigo do some very nice bridles :)
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    Stubben Bridles or Sabre Bridles

    Personally I would go for sabre, I have a Dortmund and one iv had 8 years and it's still going strong. Iv had stubben before and I found they just didn't last well. Also for me you can't beat English leather :)
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    Boots for a hairy legged cob

    Could remember so checked, they do the mxw in the club and double locking style :) hope that's some help :)
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    Boots for a hairy legged cob

    Woof wear do a medium extra wide brushing boot :)