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  1. kirstyfk

    Who was presenting the Show Jummping on the BBC

    I've never seen her before and just wondering who she was.
  2. kirstyfk

    Show jumping rules

    I remember at the last Olympics that only 3 or 4 memebers of the nation's competitors can go through to the individual final. Is this still correct?
  3. kirstyfk

    Riding Club Dressage Test HN3

    I am trying to convience myself I am looking at the wrong test but I don't think I am. Can some confirm that it is in a long arena? My first dressage test in 2 and half years and I choose an ODE that has a long arena dressage test!
  4. kirstyfk

    Junior Eventing Euros - Live

    Not sure if it has been posted on here yet, but here is the link for some live xc today Running order can be found here Have just seen 2 identical falls at the...
  5. kirstyfk

    HOw long do you leave a horse to settle into a field

    I have just moved my horse from my parents to where I am working. 3 hours in the lorry. He is on grass livery and there is no where else to put him apart from the field he is in. I took him down on Sunday and he seemed to be ok but there was one pony who was being quite balshy and was chasing...
  6. kirstyfk

    2 Jockeys die in fire

    Thought to all friends and families
  7. kirstyfk

    The stirlingshire saddlery points trophy

    Can some one tell me how the points are worked out? These are after the results after Blair and I am really confused.
  8. kirstyfk

    My (non riding) Burgie Report

    As everyone is writing up their reports I thought I would do one too. My Burgie started on Wednesday evening with the briefing and supper for all the helpers. I have never seen it rain so much as it did on Wednesday but to be honest the ground really needed it, as before that we have had about...
  9. kirstyfk

    Katie Jarram's Comment re hats

    I wonder if anyone will take any notice of it. (personally I don't think they will) I really don't see why wearing a hat is such a big deal to some people. I know a couple of people who would not be here today had they not a proper hat on. I was watching some showing class today and to be...
  10. kirstyfk

    Emily Llewellyn is new U25 Eventing Champ

    Moves up from 3rd to take the title
  11. kirstyfk


    In the CCI**** it seems the XC is causing carnage. At present less than half the starters have finished. Results
  12. kirstyfk

    U18 Eventing Champs

    Why do they not have their own section? I can't tell who is a junior and who isn't. Also is it just me or is the JRN champs more competitive than the U18?
  13. kirstyfk

    This month's tesco magazine

    Not sure if this has been posted but Eventer Olivia Haddow's sister is on the cover on the Tesco Magazine. Just like her sister Mailin is lovely and has done really well setting up as a freelance make up artist. (Although my sister saw her at a marketing event a while back and she had chipped...
  14. kirstyfk

    Small Rider, Big Horse?

    Is it just me that thinks that this rider must be about 4'2 if that is a small hunter?
  15. kirstyfk

    Rolex Showjumping

    Can be watched here.
  16. kirstyfk

    Sending a horse to the Vet School

    My horse is going to the Dick Vet in Edinburgh tomorrow and just wondering what to send him off with. As we don't know whats wrong with him we don't know how long he will be there for. We have been told they are given basic rations which is fine as he only gets a scoop of pony nuts anyway. He...
  17. kirstyfk

    My horse has to go the hospital

    I posted a while back about my horse struggling to get canter left but is sound it walk and trot. Had the vet out today and he too has no idea what is wrong with the horse. He doesn't think its his front end, the back or his feet but is packing him off to the Dick Vet in Edinburgh for further...
  18. kirstyfk

    Problems wth canter

    My horse is struggling with canter left. The back lady came last week and said his hip had dropped, put it back in place and said it should be fine. Although slightly better we are still struggling. He can do walk to canter and halt to canter fine but just cant do trot to canter. He seems sound...
  19. kirstyfk

    I cannot believe what I heard today.

    I really hope its not true. A couple of years ago the male owner of a riding school was jailed for having sex with a 12 year old girl. The story is horrific. Anyway I just heard that the person who bought the riding school is going to let him work there! I would not be allowing any child to go...
  20. kirstyfk

    Impulse spurs: BRC

    Does any one know if Impulse spurs can be use at Riding Club. Only used them a couple of times but my horses marks really easily so want to use them.
  21. kirstyfk

    Lazy horse+ sensitive skin

    I think my horse (which I share with my dad) is the laziest horse in the world. My dad manages ok, but then he is a foot taller than me with much stronger legs! I have to wear spurs for everything, I can get away with not wearing them for hacking, but after yesterday I was thinking I might need...
  22. kirstyfk

    K2 and flatwork

    The other day someone posted about doing flatwork in the Albion K2 Jumping saddle. On that post I said I managed ok with it. I would like to change that statement to I cannot do flatwork in that saddle. For ages people have been telling me I have been riding too short so I lengthen my stirrups...
  23. kirstyfk

    SJ Report

    Took Tufty to do some Unaff showjumping today. For one reason or another we haven't been out since July! So I went with the aim to just pop round the 70cm and 80cm to see if he could remember what it was all about. Luckily it wasn't an early start as they do 90cm, 1m and 1.10 first and then...
  24. kirstyfk

    Scottish people: Landward

    Landward a doing a report on ex-racehorses in a few minutes. BBC2
  25. kirstyfk

    Classics said by the XC commentator

    You can always tell when Hamish Lochore is getting a bit bored towards the end of the days XC as he comes out with some classic lines. His voices graced the air at his own event, Burgie, yesterday 1. Thank you all for coming up to Burgie today, where the ground is fantastic. So much better than...
  26. kirstyfk

    YR Champs

    GB keep the gold! With Emily getting the individual and Ben the Bronze. Sadly georgie has 3 down and finished 13th.
  27. kirstyfk

    How stupid can someone be?
  28. kirstyfk

    Maybe I should get the neighbours dog to runaway more often

    Tufty is the laziest thing on four legs. A common comment on the bottom of our dressage sheets is 'it appears that you are working harder than the horse!.' I decided to take him for a school in the field tonight and he was working fine when all of a sudden he spotted my neighbours black lab in...
  29. kirstyfk

    Horse's killing a 'horrific act

    Poor horse. This is just a few miles from my house. Its very scary!
  30. kirstyfk

    Getting a Hacking Jacket made?

    This is a really random question which I don't think anyone will be able to answer! I work in a woolen mill and could get my hands on some lovely tweed at a reasonable price. Would it then be possible to get it made into a hacking jacket? Would this be any cheaper than getting a nice - off the...