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  1. Ashgrove

    Bates saddles

    New(ish) horse has come with an adjustable Wintec saddle, which I believe fits well, he seems happy in it. It squeaks like buggery though! And I much prefer leather saddles anyway, have a fetish for cleaning leather, lol. Does a Bates adjustable saddle have the same tree as an adjustable...
  2. Ashgrove

    Sleep disorder

    Speaking to a friend today and she mentioned she knew 2 horses with a sleep disorder. They can't lock their knees, so if they doze off while standing up they fall over :confused: Anyone know the name of it so I can look it up, or anyone got a horse with it, how do you manage it and is...
  3. Ashgrove

    Height for a 16.3 horse

    What is the minimum internal height of lorry or trailer you'd put a 16.3 horse in please. Thanks in advance :)
  4. Ashgrove

    People in the back of a horsebox

    Probably one for ROG, or anyone else that knows :) What is the law regarding driving a horse lorry with people in the living area? My lorry only has one seat in the cab area, with the 'passengers' door being a full height door with a walk through to the living.
  5. Ashgrove

    Second hand saddle

    My new (second hand) saddle arrived today:) I haven't tried it on my horse yet. But on examination one of the stirrup bar safety catches is missing, I don't know if that is its name, but, it's the piece of metal at the end of the stirrup bar that can point up, but is used when it is in line...
  6. Ashgrove

    Bare foot diet

    Is there a best diet for a barefoot horse? Which supplements are worth using? Our soil is low in selinium and iodine if that helps?
  7. Ashgrove

    Wide feet, stumpy legs.........

    and stupidly high arches. I want some long leather boots, I've just sold my Ariat Bromonts because it didn't matter what I did they attacked me at the back of my knees, but for my flipper feet they were PERFECT, the right width, and the laces made them just right on my arches. What other...
  8. Ashgrove

    Wide feet, stumpy legs...........

    and stupidly high arches. I want some long leather boots, I've just sold my Ariat Bromonts because it didn't matter what I did they attacked me at the back of my knees, but for my flipper feet they were PERFECT, the right width, and the laces made them just right on my arches. What other...
  9. Ashgrove

    Trotters and Pacers

    Please can someone tell me about Trotters and Pacers, and do they make good riding horses? Thank you
  10. Ashgrove

    Vets around Ulverstone, Cumbria and Shrewsbury, shropshire

    I'm going to see some horses in the above areas this week :) Can anyone recommend a vet to do the vetting please.
  11. Ashgrove

    Man Lorries

    I'm currently lorry shopping / dreaming and have seen a 1996 7.5t Man and a 1988 Man, apart from the 1988 lorry being quite old, can anyone offer any tips or advise on Man lorries please.
  12. Ashgrove

    Make of saddlery

    I've just bought a bridle via ebay for my daughters new (on loan) pony. It has this symbol stamped into it in a couple of places I've seen it before, but can't remember what make it is. Anyone know please :)
  13. Ashgrove

    'Thruster of the week'

    I've seen it in H&H, can someone please tell me what a 'thruster' is? Thank you :)
  14. Ashgrove

    Premier Equine or Fal rugs?

    I need a new medium weight rug, my horse is a medium width / weight boy and only has no fill rugs at the moment, with the weather expected to get colder I feel I should get him something extra. What are peoples opinions of these rugs, quality and fit wise please?
  15. Ashgrove

    New hat wanted

    I'm after a new hat, I'll probably get it at YHL. But I wonder anyone had any recommendations? I've got a large :o head, so I'd like something quite thin so it doesn't make my head look any bigger:o! lol. I'm thinking about a skull cap as I can then change its style with different...
  16. Ashgrove

    Is this bit dressage legal?

    I know the mouth piece is, but are the cheeks, not a D and not an eggbutt either?
  17. Ashgrove

    Does anyone have any experience of the above web site? I want to buy a Greenguard grazing and this web site has the cheapest I can find. But if they aren't any good.................
  18. Ashgrove

    Lorry colours

    I want a green lorry :). My current lorry is green on its log book, but someone has painted him red :eek:. i've just bought a new (to me) lorry that is green on the log book, but someone has painted it blue :eek::eek:. Is green an unpopular colour?
  19. Ashgrove

    Weatherbeeta Genero rugs

    What shape horse do they fit? As they don't have shoulder darts/gussets do they fit narrower chested horses or is the material shaped for the shoulders? Thank you.
  20. Ashgrove

    Iveco 6 1/2 ton lorry.

    In here because hopefully I'll get more responses :) At the moment I have a 7 1/2 ton DAF, I think he's great :). But he's a bit big and bulky for what I need, I only transport 1 horse, occasionally a Shetland sized pony also. So I'm thinking of getting a 6 1/2 ton Iveco. It will...
  21. Ashgrove

    Musings on making a lorry

    I'm thinking about changing my 7 1/2 ton lorry at the end of this year / begining of next year for a 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 ton lorry. I want something smaller and nicer that we can also use (very infrequently) as a camper van. I'm considering converting a lorry myself / get someone else to convert...
  22. Ashgrove

    Painting my lorry.

    I've got a very tatty DAF 7.5 ton lorry. The log book says it's green :), in fact it's red :(. I'd really like a green lorry :). I'm thinking of upgrading in about 12 months time, but thought we'd have a quick tidy in the mean time. So I'm thinking of a home paint job, the current paint is...
  23. Ashgrove

    Showing classes

    I'm entering quite a big (for me) show this year with my new(ish) boy :) But I haven't got a clue what is expected in each of the classes :confused: I will get in contact with the organisers to aak them, but thought I'd get some ideas from here first. So what should we (horse and me) do...
  24. Ashgrove


    Sorry for the silly question, but............ What is the difference between hot, cold and dry poulticing? Please.
  25. Ashgrove

    Fal rugs

    Anyone use them? I had one many years ago and thought it was great. I think the shape will suit my new(ish) horse, but are the rugs the same as they were?
  26. Ashgrove

    Eglinton BE What's it like, from a trade stand point of view? Are there many and are they in a good position please?
  27. Ashgrove

    Western gear

    I'm considering selling western gear. I've recently imported a saddle and a bit, seperately, but both from America and the import tax was a joke :eek: So, I'm not thinking of saddles, but is there anything you struggle to get hold of in this country? Obviously postage would be a lot...
  28. Ashgrove

    Swollen sheath

    My new horse (2 months) has a swollen sheath. I had him 2 stage vetted and the previous owner told the vet that it is normal for him to have a swollen sheath. My vet suggested I clean it out with hibiscrub, which I've done, but the swelling is still there. It's all lovely and clean there now...
  29. Ashgrove

    Rider fall in show jumping at Aske

    I think it was a male rider in the morning on Sunday at Aske. He was taken away with a leg strapped up. Does anyone know how he is?
  30. Ashgrove

    Outlet shop in Flint.

    I beleieve Zebra Products have an outlet/clearance shop in Flint, Wales. But I can't find out where it is. Does anyone know? Has anyone been there? Is it any good?