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  1. Spellbound13

    Patterned/Interesting saddle cloths and numnahs?

    is there a website for HMK?
  2. Spellbound13

    Recommend a Vet in Preston (Aldington) these guys are absolutly amazing.
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    Baby coblet would like to say...

    Cutest little cobletever
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    Martin Clunes: Heavy Horse Power

    Made me giggle :D totally agree. These horses are beautiful, the program is about what the working horse is used for, and what it could be doing over here if we used them more. yes its 'wrong' they are broke at 2, but these are just being started in their education is all. Anyway...
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    So... Where is everyone from?

    Im in bamber bridge, keep my horse in brindle/chorley, so im too in the triangle xx
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    So... Where is everyone from?

    Lovely rainy Preston
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    Horsey Tattoos, anyone!?

    cant get the thing to work :(
  8. Spellbound13

    Horsey Tattoos, anyone!?

    picture taken a few days after it was done .. but went and got this done a week after my oliver was P2S
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    Too big for pony? (or paranoid)

    I too think you look absolutly fine:)
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    I just had to share...

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    Don't know what to do - would you move yards?

    i would move simply because of the arena, thats the most important thing to me. if your not happy then youll end up being misserable and then not wanting to even go. deffo move asap
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    Why do people want to own cobs?

    I couldnt agree more
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    Why do people want to own cobs?

    My question is, why do people not like cobs? and why do people like other dainty breeds? My arab was p2s in the summer and I loved him to bits, but now ive just broken my gypsy cob, im a complete cob convert
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    So cruel...

    In this months issue of YH .. I kid you not
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    UNBELIEVABLE!!! RE- people who don't wrap their horses up 'cosy warm'

    Sorry you've had a bad day. Thanks for improving mine.:) That made me lol
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    UNBELIEVABLE!!! RE- people who don't wrap their horses up 'cosy warm'

    My gypsy cob is 5 years old now and she has NEVER been rugged in her life, I have clipped her this winter as ive now broken her, only a neck and chest clip, not even on to her belly, and she isnt rugged still, I do now put a turnout rug on her when she goes in the paddock and its raining, but...
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    Has she foaled?
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    Euthanasia, be there while it happens?

    I wish i had looked into the truck, but the collection people came very highly recomended to me by my vet and my farrier, he was my farriers best friend and part of his family as he described him, also I spoke to him quite a lot first and got to ask him many questions which made it all better...
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    Euthanasia, be there while it happens?

    i completely agree, my friends horse died from colic a few weeks before, it was rather horrific and very traumatising for all involved, he fought for hours and just gave up and died in the stable. im so glad i got to choose the sircumstance and the day and time, and it was such a beautiful...
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    Euthanasia, be there while it happens?

    So it finally felt right to scatter Olivers ashes on saturday. the weather was really frosty cold, but really sunny, Just how Oliver used to love it. I chose a spot on beacon fell, with a beautiful view, there was a small reef and holly bush by the wall where somone else has spread ashes, i...
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    Dressage attire

    aww sounds lovely. Personaly i dont like blue hats (i have no idea why) I cant wait till i get my tweed next year :) oh thanks I will have lots of fun, not sure what shes going to be like as shes had a sheltered life and never been anywhere off the yard (appart from moving yards and...
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    how will i get through the next four weeks

    I know what your going through, suppose i was lucky as I only had to wait 4 days. Enjoy every single minuet with her, and just think of it as each day is a day closer to ending her pain and suffering, and soon shell be free to run around again in the great big field in the sky. your doing...
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    Dressage attire

    Thanks everyone Im going to stick with the cream Stock and White shirt. My cream stock has embroided horses on and sparkly bits already. I guess i was trying to be too over the top hehe. I also prefare black jackets to navy thank you
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    Dressage attire

    I do Have a tweed, but its grey, and a very boring grey! unfortunatly I cant afford a new tweed untill next year as im saving for a trailer and its our first ever time anywhere away from the yard, so didnt want to spend lots. If I get a red wastecoat to match it might not look so random to...
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    Dressage attire

    Hi everyone this year im going to do beginners dressage on my very young cob, i only started breaking her last october, and our trot and walk work is really coming along, we havnt tried the dreaded canter just yet hehe, but we are going to tackle the Intro walk and trot tests just as practice...
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    Give and retake the reins - Dressage report!!

    Well done you. I love how after a dressage test you always come away feeling pleased with yourself and your horse, its such a rewarding dicipline/competiton. very well done, but next time take pics and videos :p hehe
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    Those with laminitics

    To be honest with you, I wouldnt be too concerned about him being a little ribby, you would want this really as he will put weight on in summer when he gets on the grass. There is so much infomation out there about lammy. My horse got it almost 5 years ago from toxic shock poisoning...
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    Euthanasia, be there while it happens?

    lovely hearing everyones stories, as much of a sad tme it is, its great to hear we are all there for our best friends when they need us most xx
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    Gutted... Finally in H&H mag....but...................

    Thats a bit unfair when theyve made a mistake, and it might effect your buisness
  30. Spellbound13

    Hickstead dies in the ring......

    Poor Hickstead. At least he died doing what he loved. The angels saw how beautiful he flew and took him with them. Poor Eric must be so traumatising for him xx