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    spud and Carrot

    This is directed at people who have been on the forum for a few years who will remember H & H forum members turning up with the papers. Does anyone remember the charity that rescued the ponies named as spud and carrot a few years ago? Was it WWF? Thank you for any help.
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    Help this is on Facebook please help if you can

    Spot has been missing for a while if anyone can help please read...
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    Love this advert Thats better
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    Update on Who ever you are who used my pics

    Ebay had removed said item off sale:D Yeah
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    Who ever you are who used my pics

    to advertise your trailer on ebay. The girl who now owns it has a right to say that her trailer is not for sale so remove the pictures and show your own trailer if it's as good as you say.:mad:
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    quick help required please

    I am trying to advertise some horse clippers in the local mag and when I put they have 3 sets of blades with them it says I cannot put 'blades' ??:confused: So can anyone come up with another word I could use instead of blades? I await any imput as my brain has ceased on this one:p
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    Whats wrong with HHO forum

    Is it just mine or is most of you having to wait an age just to go to another page?
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    Anyone know How S~pud & Carrot are??

    As title really? Don't know how the~ got in Spud
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    Anyone in North Devon Area??

    Can you tell me of any other Tack shops in North Devon other than Cornwall Farmers at Bideford??
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    Lost JB this morning

    Went to feed this morning and he was wet through but standing still rang emergency vet but had to make that decision as gut twisted and was going purple vet said so was in a bad way. Can't stop crying. Won't be having another. Haven't been on lately but just felt I wanted to let you all know...
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    Everyone should have a dog like this

    I wish:p
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    4 horses dead

    OH just told me he heard this on the news today. I have seached on here for it but no one seems to have mentioned it or have they. Poor horses:(
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    Help needed looking up runners at Redcar

    Hi Do any of you clever people know how to get up runners on Tuesday 31st May at Red Car ?? I've looked up Red Car but can't find list of runners or times of races? A friend has her horse running to and the young lad riding his first race on it so need to look up at what time ametuer race...
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    All aboard the pony express!!!!!

    Just saw this in the paper:eek: Pony looks calm enough:) Surely he didn't really think he could get on:confused:
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    Who's guilty??

    Got sent this the other day :D
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    Hi Everyone been off

    line for a while as decided before xmas to do the big move:eek: Had no Internet for a while and with having to sort out letting our house in Notts out for a year to see how things go and getting JB transported down to Devon I drove myself down yesterday so fingers crossed all will work out:D...
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    He was so tired

    But he just will not lie down in his stable!! Bless him:D
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    She found her football under all that snow

    and decided it was time for football:D Sorry for overload but I don't post them hardly at all:p
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    A question re post from yesterday Keeping horses out in snow??

    Interestingly people were saying I only put a light weight rug on!! The thing is if we put a rug on then their natural fur lies flat and cannot hold the heat so just putting a water proof or light weight on in minus temperatures!! Are we doing more harm than good? I personally put a medium...
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    Dogs dying again

    Anyone else find themselves avoiding the woods around Notts? After eight dogs dying last year at this time and now another 2 will they ever get to know what's causing it...
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    It's all back to War horses

    Don't ever say I don't put educational stuff up;) What would we do without the Romans ….. Railroad tracks Railroad tracks. The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that...
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    Anyone know how this woman is re Accident at Arlington Court?

    Arlington Court Accident I'm sure someone on here works there as a groom so can't remember their user name. Anyone know how the coach woman driving is as she had to be airlifted to hospital after the horses spooked?:(...
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    Bionic Vet BBC1 now

    Poor Lab puppy, horse trod on it's leg on NOW
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    Burghley Horse Trials

    Do you think this is a lot for what you get? Considering that the Dressage day is always cheaper than the others anyway. £135 I think is a lot for a parking space, lunch in a marquee and basically a cup of tea in the afternoon...
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    Not a horse but how much??

    Indespension Emperor Horse Box will take 2 18h.h I have no idea what do you lot think ? It does need a clean before I put advert in but your help on how much would be appreciated Front ramp Veiw through Jockey door Think I will have to take some from the back ramp...
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    Did you get my PM 2 days ago about the trailer??
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    an this post be pinned so we have an access page to the BHS pretty please
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    Just seen this on youtube made me giggle Dressage

    as title
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    Update on Lucy and breathing problems re no Endoscope at the vets

    Yesterday and today despite having her nasal passages flushed out when walking she has had a couple of the not being able to breath attacks again. Rang the vets and spoke to him he thinks it's probably the larynx as they are so complex and that one side may be still sore and maybe there had...
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    Vets - should they have all the equipment?

    Re previous discussion on my dogs nose re sneezing. Over the weekend she started having little spells when her breathing became an issue so Monday took her straight back to the vets (new vets opened in the village recently). The receptionist said oh there's not a vet in at the moment but if...