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    Clipper recommendations for feathers

    Looking for recommendations of clippers for fairly heavy cob feathers, as cheap as possible that will do a good job :) Literally only needed for summer to take feathers off so need best value. Thanks :)
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    Another yard boot thread but need recent opinions!

    Hi guys, I'm really struggling to find some yard/work boots for the Winter that will manage what I need them to! Our fields get very muddy and I'm on my feet all day, so they need to withstand deep mud throughout the day, be fully waterproof for regular hosing off, warm, and not split!! I...
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    Hello to Goodbye! :)

    Yesterday was my last day working at the rescue centre before I move to do my Masters so I took a photo with my little terror. First time I met her at a couple of weeks old and then just over 2 years later saying goodbye! Her expression is the same haha :D Will miss all the animals a lot :(...
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    PLEASE check your fencing and drive carefully in this weather.

    A facebook friend lost her beloved horse Sam today after a fallen tree broke his fencing and he was hit by a car. :( She would like this shared as if it makes just one person check their fences again, or drive more carefully, it is worth it. "I can't keep this post on my timeline as I can't...
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    Yoga with Treena

    Treena was doing her yoga poses the other day and would like to pass on some "moves" :p :D First, stretch upwards so you are as tall as you can be Touch your face with your leg like so Lie flat and stretch your legs out Have a rest against the nearest human Do some "air running"...
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    Smidge that Midge

    Just wanted to pass on a recommendation for Smidge that Midge repellent! We got it to try on our sweet itch horse and it has helped him, rode out today and sprayed all horses and people with it and it was a much more enjoyable hack than we had on Tuesday with no fly spray of any kind on! It...
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    Short yard boots for summer - recommendations?

    I need a pair of boots for summer as my feet/legs are sweating in this heat in my muck boots that go quite far up my legs! I need to use the internet to order and I have quite narrow feet so any that are (or any to avoid) good for narrow feet would be helpful! And I would prefer ones with...
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    Ollie fans - showing off in the arena :)

    He went in the arena after 5 days box rest, supposed to be walking and trotting but he needed to let off some steam first!
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    White show halters - best/where to get?

    I thought this would be simple, but there are lots of different ones! Can anyone recommend the best kind to get and where is a good place to buy from online, that isn't too expensive! He has a tiny head (section a) :p I take it the ones with the butterfly type lead are better, they look...
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    Operation "Get Ollie to a Show" :D

    Right, I have never shown anything in my life and I've only been to a couple of shows ever as a spectator :p Ollie is 7 and currently being backed and hasn't done much either so it will be his first show too. So we're both total novices :D We don't usually show our ponies and it is just for a...
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    A bit of Saturday cuteness - mini foalie

    Went on a nature trail walk today and they had an adorable miniature foal with mum, and a lovely Beltie calf :D Foalie was too hot and sleepy but she is so cute :D
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    Ollie's thread :)

    Since we are breaking in/backing Ollie (and it is my first time helping out with this too) and he is so beautiful I'm going to update this thread every week with how he's doing :) Really there will just be lots of pretty pictures :p He is a 7 year old welsh pony and he is an absolute star :D...
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    Sleep tight Blackie xx

    I've avoided this for a couple of weeks but I think a fair few of you followed my posts when I was younger about Blackie (when my username was Back_2_Black!) so I wanted to post about it. It might not make a lot of sense I apologise :o Three days after we lost our old girl Flicka, which we had...
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    Meet Ollie!

    :D :D
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    Said goodbye to the old girl today :(

    Mossburn said goodbye to our oldest resident today, our 41 year old mare Flicka. She was struggling yesterday, wasn't eating/drinking and had a temperature but was bright in herself so the vet gave antibiotics and took bloods. The bloods were clear but she still hadn't eaten today and seemed...
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    Happy Birthday Treena!

    I am 2 days late but little miss Treena turned 1 on Sunday! :eek: :D It's been a quick year and she is currently being a bit testing but mostly she is lovely :D She is very intelligent so keeping us on our toes and has perfected the "it wasn't me" look :p I've put the photos in PG so the...
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    It was a little bit windy today...

    Flair is back from her loan home sadly but I have missed her cuddles :D Up to 9 now and almost daily calls to take more :( But anyway, I love this photo from today, I think she was going for a L'Oreal moment but it was a bit TOO windy! :p :)
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    Box rest baby went out!!

    After 3 weeks Treena and Daisy both finally got out into the small round pen, sedated yesterday (great, want to sedate her all the time ;) ) and normally today! She went crazy obviously for about 10 mins but settled so she was allowed to stay out, and hopefully only one week left before she can...
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    Don't normally post these - Preloved ad

    I wouldn't normally post this, I know she is one of many dogs in this kind of situation, but this lovely girl's face just makes me so sad :( Anyone on here want her? She is free :( Sounds like she needs a bit...
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    More EHV-1 (Aberdeen/Myerscough)

    BD have this afternoon been notified of a further case of EHV-1 in a dressage yard in Aberdeen. There appears to be no clear link with the cases in Gloucestershire. The infected horse did compete at Myerscough Premier League, leaving there on 10th March. Veterinary advice has been sought by BD...
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    JT Mcnamara is out of his coma! Brilliant news :D
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    Foal taking box rest very badly!

    As you can see, she is so stressed out by it, any ideas on how to help her?! :D
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    Treena's Op/Tough Stable Toys

    Treena's hernia op went very well and she should be back at Mossburn tomorrow :) She has a minimum of 2 weeks box rest so any ideas to keep her occupied? :D She is intelligent, and loves to lick things but the likit holders are a bit expensive for 2 weeks worth of use. I will try turnip...
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    Our baby is going for her op tomorrow!

    Treena has her hernia operation tomorrow and I know she will be fine but she only little (sort of!) :( Not looking forward to the box rest, and our 40 year old Flicka will go crazy at being separated from Treena, so sedative is on standby for her :( Although hopefully she'll be back in a...
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    Poor horse, anyone? :( Poor thing, he's only three :( I know what I would do with him :(
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    Please like the Mossburn facebook page!

    Mossburn is a rescue centre based in SW Scotland, just outside of Lockerbie. I'm going to be taking over the running of the new facebook page, will be posting photos, updates and information about upcoming events on there. I'd be very grateful for some more likes, and shares if you can to...
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    Very lucky mare rescued from muddy ditch. :eek: It says on one photo that she was totally still when they pulled her out, not surprised the poor mare, must have been so scary for the owners :( Great job from the rescue team :)
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    Just a bit of cute :)

    I think snow makes him even cuter :D (Sorry about size, photobucket is not playing nice tonight!)
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    Gentle Carousel in Newtown

    So Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses managed to get transport and funding for a trip to Newtown :) I'm so glad they did, and I think this photo says it all really :) "Magic comforts a young girl who was crying and dropping off a teddy bear at a memorial in Newtown, CT. Gentle...
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    I'm so angry! :(

    Most of you know I work at a rescue centre, has just been on ITV news tonight. Mossburn had £600 worth of fuel stolen over Christmas leaving the big house and staff caravan, and the feed rooms etc, with no heating or hot water for 3 days. Stealing from a charity is just really low :( :(...