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  1. Ashgrove

    Could someone please confirm a bitting query ?

    What mouthpiece? Myler dressage legal mouthpieces are....MB02 MB04 MB06 MB09 MB10 MB32 MB33 MB36
  2. Ashgrove

    Solution saddles- new or secondhand , advice please

    I'll second this, so much information and knowledge on this page, plus saddles to buy.
  3. Ashgrove

    Have Myler bits had their day?

    My horse and previous horses all used Myler bits. I used to sell Myler bits when I had a bit bank, when I sold them the importer/wholesaler was Belstane, they did quite a bit of marketing, having whole page adverts in H&H, they would do clinics around the country with Dale Myler, campaigned to...
  4. Ashgrove

    stirrup iron pads; rubber or metal?

    I have offset Sprengers with flexible sides and cheese grater treads. I think the treads really help to keep a hold of my foot and the offset eye means the stirrup is always there waiting for me, they are expensive, but you only need to buy them once, I've had mine about 10 years.
  5. Ashgrove

    Transitioning to a myler bit

    I would go back to the bit bank, tell them what is happening and see what they suggest. Or what about a Myler 04, low port comfort snaffle hanging cheek? this mouthpiece is supposed to be comfortable but a bit more flexible than the 36 forward tilt ported barrel. I ran a Myler bit bank about 10...
  6. Ashgrove

    Itchy dog

    We have a 'something' terrier who is very itchy, we've tried coconut oil with some success, but struggle to get him to eat anything with it in, we're now trying cider vinegar, only been on it for 3 days.
  7. Ashgrove

    What's your favourite tack cleaner?

    If I'm not using the tack for a while I like to smother it in Ko Cho Line and leave it to soak in.
  8. Ashgrove

    Le Chameau

    I have the Vibram neoprene lined boots, I wear them all year round, I don't find them to hot in summer and they keep my feet perfectly warm in the winter. They will be about 10 years old. I wouldn't have anything else.
  9. Ashgrove

    Best products to treat a new bridle?

    If I have new tack, (new) second hand tack that's a bit dry or I'm storing tack I give it a good covering of Co Cho Line, comes up beautifully every time.
  10. Ashgrove

    What bridle(s) do you use and why?

    We have a plain Jaguar bridle with no nose band and loose ring Myler for everything.
  11. Ashgrove

    Storing tack

    Was about to say this ^ and then I put it in a plastic bag so it can sink in.
  12. Ashgrove

    Limpet pads

    I tried a Limpet pad about 10 years ago with a past very calm and placid horse, who said a most definite no to it. I tried a Flexi Girth next and have used them ever since, dressage, gp and western, they're great.
  13. Ashgrove

    Tell me about lorries

    I have a 6 ton Iveco, which is for sale. I've had it weighed and the same as Goldenstar, full tank of fuel there's still 1.8 ton to play with. I've never taken the trouble to work out how economical it is, but I know it uses about half the fuel my 7.5 ton Leyland DAF did.
  14. Ashgrove

    Stock for dressage

    I've got 4 Topstocks stocks and they are beautiful, I would highly recommend them :)
  15. Ashgrove

    Ever lost weight for a horse??

    I've just lost 1 stone, 1 more to go. I've got a 15.3 Standardbred, so he's quite light weight, as opposed to me :( Doing it through sensible eating and exercise.
  16. Ashgrove

    Equi N icE cooling after competition

    I have the rug and the bandages, I think they're great. I've also used the bandages on me (sprains etc)
  17. Ashgrove

    Maisemore Equestrian Centre - anyone remember it?

    I went there about 35 years ago, I rode a chestnut pony called Sovereign We had a great time, got a Pony Club test certificate :)
  18. Ashgrove


    I've got the dressage, GP and western version of the Flexi Girth. They do exactly what the web site says. Non slip, comfortable for the horse and very hard to over tighten. I really recommend them :)
  19. Ashgrove

    anyone have a 6ton box with side ramp / forward facing travellin

    I've got a 6 ton Iveco with a side ramp, at trhe moment the horses are rear facing, but I'm going to change them to forward facing. I don't have a passenger seat, that space and passenger door is my door into the living, I have a drop down bed in the luton, a table two bench seats, fridge...
  20. Ashgrove

    Land/livery north Cumbria

    There's a livery yard at Castleton Estate, west of Longtown. Blackdyke, north of Carlisle. Anne Rutherford, east of Longtown. Also a livery yard in Canonbie. It would be worth asking and looking at the boards in Lloyds., Kingstown, Eskdale saddlery, Longtown and Blendbetter, just south of...
  21. Ashgrove

    Balance strap or neck strap?

    I use half of an old set of rubber reins as a neck strap, much more comfortable than a stirrup leather.
  22. Ashgrove

    Lets talk stirrups ... I`m poorly, humour me lol

    I used to suffer with my knees and hips until I started using Sprenger offset eye flexi stirrups. Well worth the money IMO.
  23. Ashgrove

    Dried up hard bridle needs TLC!

    I use Ko-Cho-Line or One step, both work a treat. Ko-Cho-Line I use more for long term soaking because of the stickiness, but when the leather is put back together and used it is beautiful.
  24. Ashgrove

    Burgham Photographer?

    Grossick were there.
  25. Ashgrove

    treeless saddle

    I think they're very good, mine has never caused problems of any sort :)
  26. Ashgrove

    Bates saddles

    That's decided then, Bates saddle here we come :D
  27. Ashgrove

    Bates saddles

    Thank you for that, worth bearing in mind.
  28. Ashgrove

    Bates saddles

    Interesting, but why? What's wrong with the saddles?
  29. Ashgrove

    Bates saddles

    Thanks for your reply lucindakay, why did your saddle fitter think you'd want a new saddle in a year or two? Are Bates saddles poor quality?