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  1. Elle123

    Meet our new puppy :)

    Oh dear I'm getting spaniel broody :D Look at his ickle face! aww! Re the neutering. All of ours we have waited until after a year. Wasn't a problem with our retriever with the humping. But he started to become dominant with other dogs at about 1 1/2 and he was sent off to the vets. Within a...
  2. Elle123

    hho vibes please.

    Get well soon Quila. Sending lots of love little girl xxx
  3. Elle123

    Last puppy pic thread

    I love Miss Purple & Miss Red. Though they are all absolutely gorgeous! You must be so proud :)
  4. Elle123

    Breeders/buyers? questions lol

    For Pixel at 8 weeks and we got all the vaccinations done ourselves. Just about the only thing the breeder does do right it would seem! :(
  5. Elle123

    Ticks - half thing to do?

    As above advocate doesn't cover ticks. With mine I advocate them and then she gets regularly washed with animology flea & tick shampoo. Really seems to work. Ticks are awful round here though and there aren't any products that could stop them completely :(
  6. Elle123

    Poor Whippet has a sunburnt nose....

    Maybe you could do as above and then distract her with a frozen long or something as it absorbs then go straight out the door so she doesn't have time to think about it. I would be putting some aloe gel on the actually sore bit as well. Bless her if looks really painful :(
  7. Elle123

    How to keep cool........

    oh and look at st sweep cooling off! awww! :D They all look like they're having fun :)
  8. Elle123

    How to keep cool........

    Well Pixel bless her does not like water, not really surprising considering that she can't see. She has been placed in the water though on hot days. None of her in the water but this is her on a day she has been :) This is how she is normally cooled off though ;) :D Ronnie on the...
  9. Elle123

    Hairy puppy struggling in heat

    This time of year the clippers come out for my sisters mini schnauz. He has a 'puppy cut' Just finished clipping my little cocker today too. So warm. As for the bathing...schanuzers can be quite melodramatic about it! Ollie the schnauz doesn't like water at all, but if he smells or is hot...
  10. Elle123

    Double merle

    Makes me so angry!
  11. Elle123

    Breed recommendations

    I would steer clear of a toller to be honest. My brother has one and he is difficult. They are not a small ginger golden retriever as someone once tried to tell me. More like a collie in behaviour. They need to be stimulated and I don't think would gel well with your cavie. This particular dog...
  12. Elle123

    Anya & Co. - Four Generations of Labradors *PICS*

    Aww hehe! So cute! Lovely having all the generations together! Are they similar in character as well and appearance? I don't think she looks fat at all! Just a lovely chunky lab pup :)
  13. Elle123

    family dog

    A spaniel, golden retriever or lab. Though saying that, although our goldie isnt very big as far as the standard goes, he's a bit on the clumsy side with us, but extremely gentle and careful with my 1 1/2yr old nephew. If I had a big enough house in the future I would pronably get another...
  14. Elle123

    Got a new dog from the pound

    Wow that made me a little teary. The look on her gorgeous little face, so grateful & loving. Glad she gets on with your boxer :) well done you and I hope you have many happy years together :)
  15. Elle123

    What dog?? Decisions!

    Cocker spaniel...but then I'm biased ;) as far as the rage thread goes, it certain colours that are affected and as far as I'm aware the parti colours aren't. My little Pixel is a blue roan. Whatever pup you go for please go for a pup from responsible breeders who have health tested the parents...
  16. Elle123

    Cocker Rage Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

    ) and it's becoming more apparently the affect that colour in cockers differs the temperament. Though in some ways that is seen across many breeds who's standard allows varying colours. Chocolate labs spring to mind in the amount of time they take to mature in my experience, often longer than...
  17. Elle123

    Cocker Rage Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

    Understand Alec :) hence why I said all the ones that I know. Everyone's views are shaped by the dogs they come across. Strangely enough I have found the workers to be more reactive in an aggressive sense than show cockers. However, as I think about it, all of the show strains that I know...
  18. Elle123

    Cocker Rage Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

    Have to say I strongly disagree with this. Obviously peoples exposure to certain breeds shapes the way people view them, but all the (show) cockers I know personally (as in see regularly) are the most loving, happy, loyal little dogs. My little Pixel is show strain, and yes she is not the...
  19. Elle123

    How is everyone coping with the weather?

    Aww Mlini! His little face! What an expression! :)
  20. Elle123

    How is everyone coping with the weather?

    Oh BC he looks so ashamed!!! Equafleece are brilliant aren't they, trying to convince OH that Pix could do with another reflective bandana soon ;) hehe!
  21. Elle123

    How is everyone coping with the weather?

    *rain...silly fingers!
  22. Elle123

    How is everyone coping with the weather?

    Can't wait for the really heavy raj to stop! Pix bless her with the way her eyes are just can't cope with it without her eyes getting really red. Also in the strong wind she has to stay on a lead because she loses me :( Last of all she is a bit of a princess and has been known this week to have...
  23. Elle123

    Scraggy doodle (some rescue piccies) and some of my lots (im bored)

    Here here Galaxy! Some of those posts were making my blood boil!
  24. Elle123

    Yet more puppy pics :)

    Awww they are just adorable. :D am making sure OH doesn't see pictures of them ;) hehe!
  25. Elle123

    Grrr - giving dogs wormers and Toby update.

    Mould a piece of cheese around the tablet. Worked everytime for ours :D Marmite sandwiches have also been used in our house along with dipping in honey! All done the trick! :)
  26. Elle123

    training collars?

    Don't use citronella ones please :( it turns from quick shock tactics into continued punishment, its just too strong. My sister used a plain spray one years ago on her schnauzer, they quickly work out when they have it on not to bark but the poor little schnauz was a nervous wreck! Plus my...
  27. Elle123

    Should we see a difference yet?

    Some very sound advice from Viz. Tried to give the benefit of the doubt but i'm sorry but the cramped conditions got to me the most, the risks a huge to the pups. Yes she can potentially get out to stretch her legs, but even her getting up out of that bed could injure a pup. I'm am not judging...
  28. Elle123

    Floras babies are here!

    They are so gorgeous, look at Flora bless her, beautiful (tired!) proud mum. Congratulations :D
  29. Elle123

    Question for all those with Spaniels

    Yes :D Pixel is. Which is even more bizarre considering how little sight she has, it met be partly the spaniel mannerisms then :) Oh and with my mums black lab, he ignores all other bitches, apart from yellow lab bitches, like a moth to a flame! ;)
  30. Elle123

    Dog's whole body wags

    Yes :D Miss Pixel the Cocker Spaniel is nick named 'Wiggle Bum' by my mum! :D hehe!