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    How much hay do you

    Feed To your stabled horses Mine have some in the field when they go out Come in around 2.30 to hay on the floor Hard feed around 4.30 Then a massive haynet around 8
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    Quantum Bridles

    Anyone got one , they look lovely just v expensive
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    hay - tips on using nets ...

    At the moment mine have hay when they have hard feed and more about 8pm I want to try to avoid my mum going and doing this Any tips do I give them 2 small hole haynets
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    Human hair conditioner or horses mane?

    Was thinking of using coconut conditioner on my boys mane is it okay to do this as I have always bought the dermaline one. thank you
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    Fly Mask that does not rub

    I have tried shires and premier equine full face fly masks and they both rub my boy where the seem is between the eye section and the nose. I have tried doing it up not tight. Any ideas on other make that may not do this please. Thank you.
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    Please please fill out my survey

    I would appreciate you all filling out my survey please Thank you 🙏
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    Insurance question please help

    So my retired boy is 22 and I keep him insured I’m just looking to get cost down Thinking joining Harry Hall or the BHS so he is covered for public liability He isn’t ridden kept on private land and is worth not much Would this be a cheaper way ? Or would vets fees be worth sticking with ...
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    Hourly Rate for a Groom

    Can someone please advise me on this one. I have been offered a couple of hours work and at the current time silly to turn it down, I do have another job but my other job is in catering and weddings that has stopped. I have been offered £10 and hour, I am on the more mature side and v...
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    Yard to Rent East Sussex

    Hello I am looking for a yard to rent near Heathfield, Burwash, Broad Oak, Rushlake Green area please. Sandschool, Turnout and stables ANything considered
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    How is everyone coping with the weather

    Im currently stuck at work and feel bad I put my old boy out today as i am relying on someone to bring him in . Left my other boy in so he will be happy. I probably worry too much as he does have a rug on.
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    Bit fit consultants

    Are they worth having out please
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    How is everyone coping this winter

    How you all coping Are your horses going out all day in this mud and wet, I have very little grass left but still putting out for 7 hours some days. THinking of putting out every other day instead not sure on that though
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    Late night checks

    How many of your horses get late night checks
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    What do you pay for full livery

    How much do you pay for full livery and what does it include
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    Decathlon Sizing

    Hi ya Im looking at the jods and would like to know how their sizing comes up please. Im normally a 28 Thank you
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    Feeding late night hay

    Morning All Those of you who are on yards or unable to give late night hay how do you manage? My routine is going to change at some point and the person will give late hay for me will be unable to. I was thinking of doubling up on hay at 5 and giving a small hole haynet on the days when I...
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    Who is going to do the 6 monthly vaccinations then?

    I have just finished the summer dressage series and if I am to compete in the winter then I need to inject him My main concern is will all equestrian centres end up stating that this should be the norm then?
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    Tips for competing on a hot day please

    Hello My boy lacks energy let alone when it is hot, any ideas how I can keep him energised at I am competing this weekend and it is going to be very hot. Many thanks
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    Towing in the wind

    Would you tow in the wind? I am due to go for a lesson on Saturday and I cannot decide to cancel and see if I can transfer the money to another date? Thank you in advance
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    Stride Free Saddles

    Hi Does anyone own one any feedback please. Many thanks
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    Equilibrium Massage Pads or equivalent

    Hi Are they worth the money please, do they really help a horse relax before you ride? Many thanks
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    Making your own dog food

    Does anyone cook there own dog food ?
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    4cyte Epilatis Gel - joint supplement

    Hi Al Is this really the best joint supplement to use? After something for my boy who gets a bit stiff on one of his hinds. Many thanks
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    Trailer Adivce please

    Ok so my boy loads fine, he is not keen on the ramp going up behind him so I struggle to do the whole put ramp up on my own. He was used to a trailer before Any ideas, a haynet doesn't quite cut it , he will eat it but not enough to distract him
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    Travelling with tack on ?

    Not something I have ever done, my current boy can a bit lively thoughts on travelling with saddle on in trailer please?
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    Dublin warm gel seat breeches

    Anyone go them
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    Leather Headcollar recommendations please

    I have £50.00 from Xmas and would like to buy one for my boy.
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    The osteopathic vet ? Tom beech

    Has anyone used him please ?
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    Long padded coats ?

    Are they worth investing in please, if so which one The mark Todd, hkm or other ?
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    Iberian horses and saddles

    Okay Im at a loss, my current saddle number 3 still not entirely sure right, fed up with fitters not being able to fit one to him Can anyone help please.