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  1. Lintel

    Decisions.. opinions? Ideas for a lame shetland.

    I realise that no one can tell me what to do but I would just like to be able to write this all down and perhaps get opinions, stories or options from others as it has helped before! I have a little WHW rescue shetland who is awfully lame again. He has Cushings, is ridiculously sensitive to...
  2. Lintel

    GSD anxiety about the garden! - ptsd?

    Long story short. Our four year old GSD got a shock from the electric fence in the horses paddock 3-4 months ago. He has free access to all areas and touched the fence once as a pup, got over it quickly but didn’t touch the fence again needless to say! It didn’t cause any issues though and he...
  3. Lintel

    Curiousity- How long do you walk your dog for without offering water?

    Just out of curiousity as the above title says ... Obviously factors such as heat etc would make a difference.
  4. Lintel

    Pricing query?

    I bought a cart a few years ago and a Plas faux leather harness with it. Cannot remember what I paid but now I'm going to be selling. I have NO idea what to price at? Cart and harness both fit a 14hh Hipo and are both in reasonable condition all be it needing a good clean up as they have been...
  5. Lintel

    Making decisions..... WWYD?

    Just here to write everything down really and maybe grab some advice and opinions whilst here. Little Shetland is nearing 20, was living wild until rescued 6 years ago by WHW. He is vetphobic and generally life phobic but is very happy here and a chilled dude, minimal disruption, lazy Hipo for...
  6. Lintel

    Blooming motivation......

    I'm lucky enough to keep the boys at home, they both are very content but since we moved nearly 4 years ago I have lost pretty much all motivation to ride, every now and then it reappears and then disappears again. When we were at livery I would ride nearly every day, I was much fitter and so...
  7. Lintel

    Farrier woes..wwyd?

    I have had my current farrier for yearssssss. He does my horses feet well, is patient and I'm happy with the work he does. Normally fairly on time and if he gives you at date at the last shoeing he sticks to it. However... The last twice I've been unable to be there myself so haven't got a...
  8. Lintel

    Vet appointments and covid?

    Anyone else or their beloved four legged friends struggling with having to let their dog go into the vet consulting room by themselves? I have always been proud that we have made the vets a great experience for our GSD, in fact I would say he actually enjoyed it, adored getting a wee biscuit...
  9. Lintel

    Cushing's and medications?

    Little shetland has been on prascend now for roughly 6-7 months after a queried diagnosis of Cushings+arthritis. I always thought he had Cushing's from the day and hour we got him from WHW- coat like a mammoth etc. Getting bloods is a genuine nightmare.. as is sedating.. and any vet "stuff"...
  10. Lintel

    Birthday greys!

    Cannot believe he is three today.... And has grey hairs already 😭😭 Any tips or hair dye for doggos 😂A busy birthday has burst him for the night!
  11. Lintel

    How long does straw take to decompose in muck heap?

    As question says really. Anyone got any the answer?
  12. Lintel

    Rugging early to prevent a yak?

    I have a hairy Hipo. Who has began moulting like nobodies business. Last week we had 7 degrees... Today we have 27 degrees. Its Scotland, don't know if we are coming or going! I "intend" to begin fittening up properly the next few months and he has never been the sweaty type so previously I...
  13. Lintel

    Heads up for decathlon Kipwarms!

    They are discontinuing the line so are half the price in store and they only have a couple of sizes left online.
  14. Lintel

    Boot make?

    Any ideas anyone?
  15. Lintel

    Posting again... sorry. Can anyone find me this jacket in small? As title says. Can't find it in a small!
  16. Lintel

    Ariats on sale, house of fraser.

    Further to my previous thread on here regarding boots. - I have been doing my research and house of fraser have ariat boots on sale at a fairly decent price! Not in my size and width sadly but perhaps of benefit to others...
  17. Lintel

    Close contact long boots?

    Looking for a pair of nice long boots, after todays lesson I have now decided that riding in my dubarry boots(as comfy as they are) aren't really helping me. They are big and bulky and I can barely feel the aids I am giving so I'm on the hunt for a nice pair of long boots that aren't too bulky...
  18. Lintel

    I'm going for a lesson..

    and I'm actually a bit scared. I haven't ridden anything other than my backward Hipo in roughly a year! I was getting really itchy for another GG with the weather being nice and all, finishing University and from being 'bored' dare I say it, I was on the lookout for another due to a poorly...
  19. Lintel


    Long story cut as short as possible. Hipo and WHW Shetland, together at home for 3+ years, sole companions to each other, but not "clingy". WHW Shetland nearing the end of his time due to arthritis, will have to be PTS sooner than I had hoped unless there is a miracle. :( This will leave...
  20. Lintel

    I think I want him.. Somebody begin with the negatives that I cannot see at the moment and talk me out of even contacting the seller..
  21. Lintel


    GSD is prone to yeast infections in his ears however we tend to keep his ears very clean and he has only required canaural once. The cause of the infection I'm quite sure is him putting his head under water in the river so we do try and limit this activity! Last week I noticed his classic...
  22. Lintel

    Anyone fancy a challange.. Looking for a saddle pad.

    I'm looking for a beige Le Meiux Heritage saddle pad.. I can't find one in stock anywhere, full size. Anyone fancy a look around 🤞🤞?
  23. Lintel

    Magnetic thearpy for arthritic back legs?

    Does anyone use any form of magnetic thearpy or find it useful for arthritis??
  24. Lintel

    I find this advert pretty sad.. Only a year old and already a 'project' WTF. I suppose its good of them being honest but really.... getting another youngster?!
  25. Lintel

    Terrible clip and regrowth tips?

    I bit the bullet this year and clipped the Hipo myself. It worked out terrible... I will never do it again as its clearly an art from 🤣🤣 He was done Mid Feb and still has the gastly lines.... He has shed most of his winter coat and there is a good noticeable difference thankfully but how long...
  26. Lintel

    Someone tell me not to flap..

    Our farrier in unwell and is isolating, possibly for two weeks. My boys are always done every 7 weeks. They will be at 9 weeks probably longer... by the time they are done and the wee man's feet(barefoot) are looking hella long, he hasn't been out walking/wearing them down on tarmac due to...
  27. Lintel

    When you have four beds to choose from...

    But the window pane seems a better option.🤔
  28. Lintel

    Danilon not working?

    Little newly diagnosed possibly probably arthritic shetland has now been on danilon for 4 days. 1/2 sachet morning and night. Still lame when he gets up in the hind. Still lame in trot. Seems comfortable in walk and is much more cheeky again. I'm so worried, it's not helping I'm just off...
  29. Lintel

    Realistic expectations/lameness.

    Posted the other day about little older WHW companion being lame in the hinds when he gets up. I didn't feel it was an 'emergency' to have the vet out at that point given the current climate. At one point today he got up, walked a few steps very stiffly then lay back down before getting up a...