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    Fuchsia Help! Anyone got green fingers?

    I bought a fuchsia last spring and potted it. It ended up being two plants intertwined together and it bloomed all summer and autumn and looked magnificent. I spent many hours caring for it and now I think I've murdered it :( Being a very inexperienced gardener, I took advice from my neighbour...
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    Puppy farm rescue, so frustrating!

    My friend owns a non profit rescue charity and actively rescues dogs from awful puppy farms. She recently rescued a gorgeous sweet Cavalier King Charles bitch who has spent her 5 years of her little life on a puppy farm knowing nothing but cruelty. My friend spent months showing her that not...
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    Muck boot sale but be very quick!

    Horse people: If anyone is interested the muck boot company have a 50 percent off sale and if you enter code Feast17 at the end you get a further 40 percent off. Just ordered a pair that were 80.00 got them for 24.00 And free shipping! :D
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    Bells on cats

    We have two cats; one male cat who catches mice mainly and the odd rat, and we have a tiny female cat who is so quiet and timid but catches the most beautiful tiny hedge birds :( We can't keep her inside because she gets very distressed and messes in the house despite having a litter tray...
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    He has gone

    Today my goregous boy Geezer closed his eyes for the last time. Having battled a degenerative condition for the last 18 months, it was time to call it a day while he still has a sparkle in his eye and a spring in his step. It has been the hardest decision I've ever had to make... today I...
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    Time to say goodbye, making the right decision

    Posted about my horse before, it's a long story. Please bear with me as I really need help and a friendly word. So here it is in a nutshell: My lovely 8 year old Welsh D got a cough in May 2015 along with other horses on the yard. Cough stayed and vet called. 3 scopes, a tonne of steroids, a...
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    Anyone had a horse bite their tongue?

    As the title really... anyone had a horse bite their tongue? My boy was sticking his tongue out for a photo tonight when turning him back out (his party trick after a mint) and I noticed two grazes on it, consistent with front teeth maybe? Ridden him tonight and he rode as normal and ate...
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    Welsh D weight

    I'very decided Welshies are so hard to keep a decent weight! Been super careful with mine this year and I think he's looking slimmer than last year. It's hard work though, we are on a yard with great grazing so I'm riding him 6 days a week to keep his weight down. Plus he's in a smallish paddock...
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    How much for full saddle re-flock?

    As in the title really. How much do you pay for your leather saddle to be fully reflocked and checked inside?
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    Horse going down in trailer, scariest moment of my life

    Towing two horses today, mine and my friend's horse. Both good travellers and get on well with each other, never a problem in the past. About 3 miles from home the loudest sickening noise came from the trailer and the whole thing shook. I stopped but it was on a huge sweeping bend on a country...
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    Trailer Cameras - baby video monitor alternative?

    Does anyone have a recommendation of a cheapish trailer cam, round abut the £60 mark? Has anyone successfully used a video baby monitor as one? Just thinking that the range on them is quite impressive and might be a cheap alternative. Won't be used a lot - maybe a few times a month. Would have a...
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    Winter riding weekday nights

    Apologies if this has been done to death - I've tried searching the threads with no avail. Anyway, I've recently moved to a Mon-Fri job from working shifts. Shifts were awful for my body but great for riding in winter, hardly ever had to ride in the dark. Now I'm working days, I'm finding it...
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    Went to cross country today on my boy and having a great time. He was a star and the weather held out for us, which made it even better. Then went back to the car park and whilst waiting to move to an area where I could dismount, I wasn't paying that much attention (checking my phone) and two...
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    Horsey achievement of the week?

    Just for fun - any achievement from this past week with our four legged friend, however big or small. Mine was popping a couple of cross poles in the school today, and my boy (who was literally on death's door a few weeks ago) being perfect, very happy, healthy and loving life. It's honestly...
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    When and how do you decide enough is enough?

    The mightmare of having my boy PTS is now a sad and devastating reality. You may or may not have seen my other thread about being disheartened; he basically got a cough in April and after tests, operations, biopsies and a long stay at Leahurst, he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis (PF). PF...
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    Disheartened - feeling very down :(

    I wouldn't have thought I'd have posted something like this on here but here I am. Suppose I don't really know what else to do, my brain is mashed. In a nutshell: my 8 year old Welsh D gelding who has always been fit and healthy developed severe COPD this year. Started as a spring cold like...
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    COPD newbie :( Tell me your success stories please!

    In a nutshell, my 8 year old Welsh D has been diagnosed with fibrosis of the lung, an incurable disease. I'm heartbroken. Luckily I noticed something was very very wrong so it's been caught early and he's been in horsepital for 5 days and had lung biopsies, ultra sounds, chest X-rays and lots of...
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    Lung Biopsy

    Has anyone's horse ever had a lung biopsy? How were they and were they ok afterwards? Worried sick here and need to know people have had success at these. The vet explained they are a last resort and don't like to do them as they carry a variety of complications. :(
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    Horse asthma - Nebuliser

    Does anyone have a horse who has asthma? My Welsh D got diagnosed with allergy induced asthma this year having never had it before. After several lung washes and tests, he got given a nebuliser where he had 25ml of ventolin and 25ml of Dexoject steroids twice a day. It's worked well and he's...
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    At what price do you claim?

    At what price of your vets bill do you then claim on your insurance? I've never claimed on mine but my boy has had a horrid cough for a few weeks that hasn't gone and the vet came yesterday. He said that it could either be that he has a deep lung infection or it could be allergy related, but...
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    How well does your horse eat through their muzzle?

    Muzzled my greedy chubby Welsh D this week and I felt so mean - he gave me such an upset look. It's for the greater good, I'd feel much worse if he ended up with lami or colic. Anyway, he's usually really clever when it comes to food related matters (very good at treat balls, finding things...
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    Buy my monster

    Up for grabs: 7 year old Welsh D. As of last Thursday appears to have developed servere memory loss and has forgotten everything he's been taught over the last two years. Brain not working but front legs still capable of impressive handstands. Also is having an identity crisis and has...
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    Fat Welshy!! Anyone else??

    Spring in a nightmare - I just can't get it right! Welsh D has had two days on 24/7 turnout and he's ballooned. It's not just his stomach; it's his neck, his back fat and bum too. All in a few days. Checked for pulses, all fine but I'm well on my toes with it now. He wasn't like this last...
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    Horse have thinner skin than humans... Thoughts?

    Apologies if this has been posted a while ago as it was from a few weeks ago (couldn't find it in a quick search), but I find this article really interesting. This a link to the facebook summery but there's further links to an article and a documentary...
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    Flexible stirrups and joint pain - reviews?

    Anyone seen a difference after changing from 'normal' stirrups irons to more flexible ones in regards to joint pain, particularly in knees and ankles? Looking at some costing about £45. They have good reviews so far but not many people have reviewed them. The FreeJump ones are out the...
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    How do you wash your sheepskin?

    I got a gorgeous fully lined sheepskin/lambs wool numnah as a birthday present to myself and I've just washed it for the first time and I'm sweating! It says strictly hand wash only, I wouldn't be able to machine wash it even if it was allowed... We have a new washer and I think the OH would...
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    What was your first dressage test like?

    What was your first dressage test like on your current horse(s)? I mean at a competition. Got my first ever test (in over 20 years riding!) on my boy on Saturday and I'm both excited and nervous :)
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    We saw a monster on our hack today *WARNING - graphic photo*

    It was awful - snorting, shaking, running backwards into some bloke building a wall and spinning round. Daft lad got himself into such a state that we had to go in the school for 30 mins when we returned just to calm down. Be careful out there - they eat horses you know!
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    Bad loader success stories please!

    Took my boy out in my new trailer today. First ever time he's travelled alone so just went up the road for a hack through the forest and he was excellent on the hack, really chilled and great. The loading however was terrible... Nothing scary, just 30mins at home of being silly; backing up...
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    How much roadwork to warrant back shoes?

    Sorry for yet another thread by me today but... ... How much roadwork do you think personally to warrant putting back shoes on a horse that's never had them on and has so far coped fine? He has fronts already due to hacking him more from last spring but now upping his roadwork with all the...