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  1. mattilda

    Pill crushing advice please!!

    Oliver is currently on 44....yes 44....Metformin a day for his lami. He started out on 12 twice a day which he ate in his feed no problem. Since that has increased to 22 twice a day he has said no big time and spits most of the tablets out. So I have to crush them up. I started using a pestle...
  2. mattilda

    Sage is home.

    She came home around 3.30. Dragged the poor surgeon down the corridor to get to Mum and then hauled me out of the surgery. I got the distinct impression she was ready to come home!! Weight bearing and pushing off bad leg already so have to be very careful she doesn't overdo things. Dexter has...
  3. mattilda

    Sagey update

    Consultant just rang and says everything went well. It was a complete rupture, she must have been so sore bless her. She'll be coming home tomorrow afternoon. Miss her already. :(
  4. mattilda

    No 4 and hopefully the last!

    Well the lovely Sage goes in for her 2nd cruciate op tomorrow. Having had both of Dexters done already I seriously hope this will be the last. I want my bouncy girlie back but she is a dreadful patient so am dreading the recovery period. :(
  5. mattilda

    Comfy Cone

    Anyone ever used one of these? Sage has destroyed her other cruciate and hates, hates, hates the plastic collar they give you. She is also a terrible patient and given half a chance will pull all her staples out so has to wear something. Desperately awaiting a positive answer. Mattilda. :(
  6. mattilda

    Would it be very wrong of me

    to buy some Union Jack overreach boots? Ol needs a new pair and I spotted these and, for some strange reason, really want them!!
  7. mattilda

    Ideas please...pita hoss!!

    So 17hh id/tb x. Lovely lad but likes nothing better than to barge out of his stable on occasion. So mithered hubs to put up a breast bar so I am not continually having to shut stable door when I go in and out. Yesterday hubs spent several hours drilling through very thick wall and putting...
  8. mattilda

    Scary afternoon.

    I brought my boys in at around 12 on Saturday afternoon just before the weather closed in on us. Today I turned them out at 1 for the first time since then. My fields are still frozen but OKish but the gateways are like skating rinks. I spent an hour breaking as much of it as I could with an...
  9. mattilda

    Well I tried polo and the today...

    went out in a horse and carriage. I love where I live, we have some amazing horsey neighbours. No pics from today but have never done it before and had a great trip. Sun was shining and it was warm and dry. Met quite a few riders whose horses eyes were out on stalks. Giggled to myself 'cos...
  10. mattilda

    Trying something very different tomorrow!!

    Going to have a ride on a polo pony!! Given that I am used to a stonking big 17hh wb it should be interesting!! Plus on Friday have been invited to have a go at driving. Ah well you only live once hey? :D
  11. mattilda

    Baaaad Dex again!!

    Got a panicky call from hubby this aft to say Dex had shot off after a fox and he couldn't find him. :eek: Someone in the village called to say they had just seen him in the woods so I took the car and trawled through there. We were worried 'cos we were losing the light. He finally came back to...
  12. mattilda

    Plagued by flies!!

    We still have 100s of flippin' flies. This morning at 7.30 am I had to fly spray Whisk in his stable as they were all over him!! The stable walls are covered in the things, why are they still here!! We had a very hard frost on Monday morning so was hoping it would kill most of them off but...
  13. mattilda

    Tough day for Sage!!

    She had to visit the V E T today. Knew she had to have x-rays so no breakfast, no hoovering up after the horses and no carrots when we went to check the horses water and such. Cue one very sulky girlie. :rolleyes: So we knocked her out and I left her in the very capable hands of my bestest man...
  14. mattilda

    Does your horse turn out alone?

    'cos mine won't!! I lost my old mare last week. Apart from the fact that I miss her sooo much, she was a nanny for the 2 boys. I could turn her out with either/both of them and they were all quite happy. Now we have lost her I'm struggling. If I want to ride one of the boys I have to bring them...
  15. mattilda

    Good night. God Bless Sophie.

    Sophie was pts at 1am. She did seem to improve for a while but then took a turn for the worse. I didn't think I would be as upset as I am as she was dumped on us years ago and was just one of the herd. I will miss the awkward old bugger. She didn't ask for much and was by far the cleanest...
  16. mattilda

    Good night. God Bless Sophie

    We lost her. For a while things were looking hopeful but then she went worse and I just couldn't let her struggle any longer. She was pts at around 1am. Sleep well my darling, you're back with your boys again. J x
  17. mattilda

    Not doggy but...

    I know more of you in here. My old mare Sophie came in with colic tonight. Vet has been and given her Buscopan and a massive pain killer. She brightened up for a while but is now lying down again. She seems bright in herself and gets up when I go to check on her but it's not looking great is...
  18. mattilda

    Fingers crossed for our old girl please.

    :( My old mare Sophie came in with colic tonight. Vet has been and given her Buscopan and a massive pain killer. She brightened up for a while but is now lying down again. She seems bright in herself and gets up when I go to check on her but it's not looking great is it? Vet said she may get...
  19. mattilda

    Goodnight God Bless Milo.

    Mum had to put her little dog down today. He was picked up as a stray and she had him for years although we don't know his exact age. He was an aged little man though. Strange looking dog. Wire coated with JR and maybe Dachsy in him. He had a heart of gold and panicked if Mum left him for too...
  20. mattilda

    Want to see my Husky pics?

    Back from Alaska and, as promised, have loads of husky pics. Jeff King was amazing and his dogs obviously love him. They are so much smaller than I imagined and cannot wait to run. He gave a very interesting and humorous talk on his competitive life and training methods and I got a signed book...
  21. mattilda

    Husky anyone?

    Am going on an amazing trip to Alaska next month and one of the trips is to visit a working husky place. The guy trains and breeds and apparently when you arrive they plonk a pup in your arms. So thought I would take orders for you lot. How many do I need to smuggle home then? :D
  22. mattilda

    Any ideas?

    Horse not quite right and I am a little bit worried. I did speak to the vet this morning and he said it would probably right itself but to keep an eye. He cme in yesterday and seemd fine in himself. Very sloppy poos. not scouring but close. Eating and drinking fine. Turned him out today and he...
  23. mattilda

    Sage loves BBQs!!

    Had a great bbq on Saturday. Whole family round plus friends. Weather superb and good food and wine!! Can't actually remember all of the night but know I enjoyed it!! :D I do remember naughty Sage helping herself to a large piece of rump steak that was waiting to go on the bbq and me running...
  24. mattilda

    Anyone going to Bolesworth?

    I'm not competing but have just been offered a couple of VIP tickets for Friday. Never one to turn down a freebie hubby and I will be going so wondered if any of you lot are going to be there.
  25. mattilda

    Following on from the Ventilate thread..

    I am losing the will to live with my big lad. He has been coughing since late March. Has had 2 courses of Ventipulmin which stopped him coughing but once finished the cough creeps back. He is also on Clenil Modulate inhaler at 12 puffs twice daily. Imo they are doing nowt!! So do you think the...
  26. mattilda

    Dog story on Sky news.

    Just seen the dog who has reappeared after going missing in a tornado. It has broken both its front legs and they were still all floppy. Made me feel quite ill to watch it. Can they not repair them after a certain time? I think it had been missing quite some time but managed to find its way back...
  27. mattilda

    3rd time lucky...I hope!!

    Had the vet out today for the 3rd time. Long story short, horse has been coughing since beginning of April. Had a weeks abs and Ventipulmin..coughing stopped. Finished drugs..coughing restarted. Had him scoped and an allergy suspected. Been on a high dose of Clenil inhaler for 11 days, today...
  28. mattilda

    Great Hi Viz vest.

    Bought a superb hi viz vest today. It has blue and white check along the top, like the police check. POLITE in big blue letters. Looks very similar to police vests. Underneath just says "notice. Please slow down". Quite impressed with it. However, remains to see if it works or not!! Haven't got...
  29. mattilda

    Friday 13thitis!!

    Totally forgot that was the date 'til this morning when the lady at the feed store mentioned it. That was probably the reason Oliver steam rollered me this morning. Have a bruised hand and bum cheek to show for it. I heard a huge crash from his stable, raced round to see what had happened...
  30. mattilda

    Out with the Hunters I'm afraid.

    I have worn Hunter wellies for years. In the good old days they lasted for ever but when they sold out the qality went seriously down hill. The final straw came a couple of weeks ago when the pair I bought at Christmas developed a hole. These haven't even lasted 6 months. I do wear them a lot...