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    Yearlings and teeth

    You should get the dentist to have a look now. But obviously not put on a speculum to check, because the pre maxilla bone is not fused at a year old. But definitely start having treatment by 2.5. Most changes take place between 2.5 to 5 years old. As they shed 24 teeth. So you will be in the...
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    So bl00dy mad

    I contacted the stud, and had "maybe the foal has built up a resistance to wormers" (she is 4 months old) and "she didn't look wormy" They are obviously not going to take any responsibility for this. I sent them the following pic. Sorry for it being so gross. But its a pretty large worm which...
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    So bl00dy mad

    My horses were in NSW Australia at a reputable stud. I left them there in capable hands (or so I thought) until the foal was big enough to make the 5 day journey by road to Perth. Well they arrived today, looking worse for wear. But what horrorfied me was the adult round worm hanging from my...
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    My 2yo at Richmond Futurity

    Ooh purdy
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    Microchipping foals

    I had one done at 3 weeks and another at 4 months. No problems on either.
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    Lovely to see

    Lovely horses SN. Is that B's son H? Who is the coloured by, she is lovely.
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    Losing Mare and fostered foal

    I am so sorry for the loss of your mare. Same thing happened to my mare albeit the foal at foot was 4 months. It is totally devestating (((hugs)))
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    My 3 month old filly. Luidam x Ramiro

    Awwww thanks SN. I will tell her x
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    My 3 month old filly. Luidam x Ramiro

    Thanks JH58, I hope she 'sleeks' up abit lol
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    My 3 month old filly. Luidam x Ramiro

    Lol. Thanks LHS
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    My 3 month old filly. Luidam x Ramiro

    Lol. Yep, thats one way of putting it. She is Tiff's mini me.
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    My 3 month old filly. Luidam x Ramiro

    Thanks ER. Mum is 16.3hh... Looks like Sookie (from today known as Wookie) will follow in her footsteps.
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    My O My filly 3 months

    She is beautiful JH58. Long and sleek..... Have you seen my beast. Blimey, I am going to have to do pilates just to get on her.
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    My 3 month old filly. Luidam x Ramiro

    My girl is going to be a right bruiser eek. This is her at 3 months old. I think my mare has been giving her anabolics We are in the middle of wnter here, hence the wooly mammoth.
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    R.I.P. "Advise"

    I am so sorry
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    Thank you Douglas.

    [ QUOTE ] Ever since I was a child I have dreamt of coming off that bank and popping those white rails. Thank you Douglas, I dont think any of us can express quite how much respect and affection you are held in. RIP and all condolences to the family for a great man who will be genuinely...
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    Update on my very ill laminitic mare due to foal july 26th

    Fingers crossed from over here too. Hope your mare recovers quickly.
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    My first horse foal

    She is beautiful. I like Lola.
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    Temperament, how much is inherited from the sire?

    In my experience, the mares have had the greatest influence. So I have only bred from the nicest/ most atheletic mares.
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    your cob x warmblood pics!

    My boy is 1/4 welsh and 3/4 warmblood. He is the Bay in my signature pic.
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    BWBS v. AES

    [ QUOTE ] Mine was registered with AES because that's who the stallion was registered/licenced with. [/ QUOTE ] Same here.
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    Painted Throughbred

    Woo hoo. Congrats
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    Mo Timmis of Badgers Wood Stud (Mars) - contact details?

    Nope, but I have a friend who has the last colt, and will point you in her direction. Will PM you.
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    Mare foaled a beautiful filly this morning

    Awww loving her ears, they are like my filly's. Beautiful.
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    i just lost a foal and gave my mare away to fostering

    I am so sorry, but you did a wonderful thing.
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    Thoughts on this coloured stallion

    I agree his conformation is awful. The one colt I saw of his, has equally bad conformation. Have to agree with the others on gelding him.
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    week old colt nibbling grass?!

    They have premolars in place at birth anyway, so he'll manage to chew it fine
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    New filly foal by Damsey

    Aw she is gorgeous.... How about..... Volatis de Rorschach (Rorschach being an inkblot test, just incase you didn't know which I am sure you did lol)
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    New Filly foal last night

    My look at the size of her. She is lovely. Excuse my ignorance, but will she grey out?
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    My alleged warmblood filly....

    Aw thank you, she is by Luidam out of a Ramiro mare.