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  1. fburton

    Nick Skelton autobiography 99p on Kindle

    In Kindle "daily deals" today... Gold: My Autobiography With a show-jumping career spanning over forty years, Nick Skelton is a legend in the equestrian world. No other rider has won so many major competitions on so many different horses and he...
  2. fburton

    Clare Balding on Radio 4, and a quiz

    There's a series of 5 short episodes on BBC Radio 4 at 9.30am on Wednesdays called Horse Stories in which "Clare Balding meets five types of horse to reveal the changing bond between human and animal". The first episode was aired this morning, but because it's a repeat all the episodes are...
  3. fburton

    Sarcoid treatment (videos)

    A couple of videos of Derek Knottenbelt talking about sarcoids and their treatment have just been posted on the eponaTV Youtube channel. I thought people might be interested. Part 1. Part 2.
  4. fburton

    Do horses have a sense of humour?

    Well, can they? What do people think?? Evidence in support of either point of view is welcomed! Evidence in support of either point of view is welcomed!
  5. fburton

    Horse blood farms?

    Wondered if anyone had heard about this... It sounds ghastly! :( Info copied from an Avaaz petition someone just sent me ( The cruel trade with pregnant mare blood (Animals' Angels USA)...
  6. fburton

    Shock Horror Probe: Racehorses are getting faster!

    Racehorses continuing to get quicker, study indicates Well, in shorter distance flat races anyway.
  7. fburton

    Driving YouTube channel

    I have just discovered a YouTube channel about driving and breaking horses to harness with some interesting case studies... Some rather unusual examples amongst them, including "1 mare and 2 stallions together for first time as a trandem"...
  8. fburton

    Animal Saints and Sinners

    Anyone been watching this BBC documentary series? The episode with the ex-racehorse (2 days left to watch on iPlayer) was particularly good, I thought - and some interesting episode to come by the looks of it.
  9. fburton

    Horse tug of war

    "Horse tug of war called off after welfare concerns raised" Not having seen what actually happened, I'm not sure how I feel about this. If the horse was succeeding in pulling against the rugby team, then how is this any different from...
  10. fburton

    Budweiser Clydesdale incident (happy outcome)

    Apologies if this has been posted already, but I was impressed the way the snarl-up 4 minutes or so into the video was handled by the horses themselves, the handlers and by the commentator. The outcome could have been really bad...
  11. fburton

    Interesting horse behaviour

    Apologies if this has been posted already but I just came across a pointer to this video clip in another forum and thought it was rather curious behaviour for a horse!
  12. fburton

    Flying horse

    Just saw this... Horse airlifted to safety from US ravine Hope the horse isn't badly injured - it's hard to tell from the video.
  13. fburton

    Afghan Taliban 'capture US military dog' This made me sad for reasons hard for me to articulate. While watching the video, I kept hoping that the man doing the talking would stroke the dog's head - just once would have been enough - but he didn't. Poor Colonel. :frown3:
  14. fburton

    Exmoor pony documentary

    Watched a nice film about Exmoors last night, HD on YouTube - great photography, nothing too flashy.
  15. fburton

    Amazing markings

    Just saw this... :)
  16. fburton

    Helmets do save lives

    Shamelessly pinched from another forum...
  17. fburton

    Menage or manege

    What do you call that rectangular riding arena thingy? And does it matter?
  18. fburton

    Mirror, mirror

    Just found this interesting blog entry from Epona TV... My guess is people will either fundamentally agree or disagree with its central message - that we should be thinking in terms of dealing with a horse's behaviour and not perceived state of...
  19. fburton

    Fossils reveal racehorse weakness

    Just seen this on the BBC News website. Thought it was quite interesting! "Scientists at the University of Liverpool are comparing ancient 15-million-year-old horse fossils with the bones of modern racehorses to find out why horses'...
  20. fburton

    Personal space - Epona TV blog

    Excellent (in my opinion) blog article on personal space and horses. It's refreshing to read something other than the typical guff about how invasions of space are disrespectful and therefore mustn't be allowed.
  21. fburton

    Banning whip use in racing (except for safety)

    How would you feel about banning use of whips to make racehorses run faster (but use for steering and/or safety still allowed)? In case people did see the other thread, "shown not to make any difference" refers to a recent study claiming to demonstrate statistically that whipping horses...
  22. fburton

    Neutral reinforcement thread

    Just wondering why it was deleted. I thought it contained some reasonable points. I would be grateful if someone could PM me with the reason. Thanks!