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    masking the taste of bute - ideas?

    Long and short of the story one of my horses has to be on bute for 2 weeks am and pm, however little problem he doesnt like the taste - cue feed bucket going flying across the stable :mad: :rolleyes: So any suggestions how to mask the taste? i did think apple juice but not sure he is big fan...
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    BRC and vaccinations rule

    ok so i am a little confused for the vaccination section of the BRC rules. so if anyone could explain it to me in simple terms i would be very grateful! my horse should have his vaccs at the start of october but i missed it so restarted: vacc1: end of October vacc2: month later Vacc3: is...
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    Does anyone have a horse/pony that has been diagnosed with Equine Metabolic Syndrome?

    Hi everyone, I am a final year degree student at Warwickshire College (and long-time lurker on the forum, I prefer to read than post :)). As part of my degree I have to complete an undergraduate dissertation on: 'A survey of body condition scores within the UK horse population and its...
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    Towing a bateson trailer - what vehicle?

    At the moment i am towing with a Landrover Discovery however i have to share this with the parents, so wanting to get my own vehicle. I am looking at 4x4 preferably something economical (yes a economical 4x4 :rolleyes:) capable of towing two 15hh horses in a bateson trailer not overly...
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    Horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

    Has anyone have/had horses with EMS? how long did it take to diagnose and what routine do you undertake to manage the condition? i am currently in my final year of uni and doing my dissertation. I am looking at EMS and whether the use of Body condition scoring would provide an indication of...
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    stupid question but....

    I am doing a paper review at the moment and am i right in thinking it is mandatory for all foals born in the EU have to be microchipped? If so when did this come into force? Please feel free to tell me this is some crazy twaddle i have dreamt up:D
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    question for those who use myler combination bits

    do you put anything over the piece that sits over the nose to provide extra cushioning/ padding? The material that sits over the nose just seems a little servere and wondered if any of you think the same and have used sheepskin padding or something else, if so what? Or please tell me if i am...
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    survey ~ please fill out if you have a spare 2mins :)

    Hi i am in my 2nd year of completing a BSc in human & Equine Sports Science as part of one of my modules i have to gather data on a chosen topic.......Does gender influence a horse's performance. if you have a spare 2minutes i would be grateful if you could fill out my survey Thank u :)...
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    jonty evans~ what is he like to work for?

    just wondering if anyone has worked for him or heard along the grapevine what he is like to work for? please feel free to pm me. thank you in advance for any replys.
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    costs of microchipping?

    how much does it cost to have a horse microchipped? got the vet coming out on monday so call out not a problem thanx for answers in advance Pancakes x
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    buying neckcovers seperate ~ sizing

    was looking at buying a neckcover online but a little confused with the sizing. They come in XS to L, but what sizing would fit a 14.2HH that wears a 5'9" rug? Also do sizes vary between makes greatly? sorry for the random questions but have no idea with the sizing Pancakes x
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    recommendations of equine dentists ~warwickshire area

    as title really.... just bought a new neddy n want to make sure everything is ok in the mouth area before continuing with his education but unsure of who to use. ETS: i prefer to use dentists who have been previously recommended as have had some clowns in the past hence why im asking on here
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    how many times do you view a horse before buying?

    as title above really..... just curious how times you like to visit a horse before parting with your cash.
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    what would you do with this horse if you were in my position? Long!

    ok so come june i start my work placement i am hoping to do two 6month placements and for once would like to put myself first rather my horse (without comprimising his welfare) this may sound selfish but i feel this will be my only chance to take opportunities that i wouldnt be able to! so i...
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    farriers>>>>vale of belvoir area

    can any one reccommend a PATIENT farrier who is very good with nervous horses in this area? suggestions will greatly recieved as really desperate!
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    equine dentist recommendations ~ warwickshire area

    hi could anyone recommend an equine dentist in the warwickshire area. im located between leamington spa and stratford-upon-avon. also they dont mind coming out to do only 1 or 2 horses thanx for any replies in advance
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    riding clubs

    how do i find my most local RC to me? and will they let me join with my stupid/useless pony who can only go backwards
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    numpty question, butadvice needed

    ok so, noticed my horse had quite a large spint on the lateral aspect of his right forelimb 2day and a lot of heat as well as showing slight lameness in trot. so far i have just cold hosed it but..... ok so here comes the numpty questions.......... 1. whats the best way of dealing with this...
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    pessoa sweet itch rugs.....any good?

    same as above really just trying to find a suitable sweet itch rug for my lil mare and want to know if this one is any good or others that you would recommend? N.B. cant have bouet blankets as she is a very nervous little mare especially with rugs and no way would she let me put the boet over...
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    jodphur boots ~ recommendations

    ok so can anyone reccomend any good joddy boots, must be durable as my footwear do tend to get a hammering oh and trying to watch the pennies at the mo....... so no super expensive reccomendations that are going make me turn green with envy plz thanx in advance
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    realistic time scales for training plans

    having to write a training plan for a horse to achieve over 65% in an elementary dressage test but have no idea how long the time scale would be? i would say the horse is already working at a good novice level just lacks impusion at times to achieve some movements such as the collection and...
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    how do i introduce my horse to bounces?

    horse is quite competent jumping individual fences but can be quite quirky when it comes to jumping doubles and grids, i.e. have to build up slowly until he is confident. so just wonering how to introduce him to a bounce fence, as just worried how he will react and dont want to knock his confidence
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    ive got to write a short report on vaulting and stuck on current issues affecting the sport? the only thing that i was pondering was if it will be included in the up and coming 2012 olympics? thanx in advance!
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    ggrrrrrrr stupid weather!!!!!

    stupid weather was horrrid today but i sware soon as i entered the dressage arena it got like a million times worse, wind rain, (hail? WTF ) horse obviously was not impressed n refused to co-operate........result crap test, me annoyed and feel really disappointed and in some way robbed as horse...
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    gaiter recommendations???

    need a pair of nice leather gaiters but dont want to pay an arm and leg for them (obviously will pay a reasonable amount because its leather). also there so many different brands on the market at the mo and i would struggle to choose?
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    im meant to be going to the sales this month (only to be nosey ) and just wondering what signs would be seen in the horse if they have been doped?
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    calmers.........for humans

    just wondering really if anyone has had experience using calmers for their nerves and if they have been successful and if so too how much affect did these have on you? Also if so any recommendations of makes? sorry for all the questions just curious if they would help me?!
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    the nervous system

    im meant to be writing a report on the nervous system and have to identify any differences between the horse and human but all i can think of is the size (have trawled thru loads of books but they wernt very helpful) ...........can any smart ppl out there think of any others? my friend did say...
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    hints/ tips jumping???

    i have recently started having jumping lessons again as i know this isn't my strong point in my riding and because it is at college i regularly have different instructors and they all say the same thing of i have no lower leg when jumping but they never say how i can improve this or keep it more...
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    dubarrys are they worth it?!

    im finding every1 is making a big fuss about wearing dubarrys and i was wondering if they were worth the money and whether they last? what does every1 think?