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  1. pipsqueek

    Planning permission - hardcore track from field gate to stables

    As the above... we are moving to a property which has stables but which are accessible from the field gate (which is on a quiet lane) and want to put down a track to access them/park the horsebox on. Not sure if we need pp, nobody else overlooks the field but would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  2. pipsqueek

    Probems getting a mortgage on property with land

    We are looking to buy a small cottage which has land & stables. The asking price would not increase our current mortgage re-payments substantially but our lenders have refused to give us a mortgage on it as the cottage itself is worth less than the land. Any ideas?? It is perfect but i'm...
  3. pipsqueek

    dangers of five-bar gates

    When I went up to the field the other night to get my two in, I noticed my mare was stood rubbing her tail on the five-bar metal gate to their field, she could have so easily put one of her hinds through one of the lower rungs and dread to think of the consequences. I tie a strand of electric...
  4. pipsqueek

    horses over 20 and still hunting!

    So as the many of you have oldies still out hunting? I am still hunting my nearly 21 y.o home-bred mare and looking around it is maybe not so old these days. She is really quite stiff on her near hind walking out of the stable in the morning but this soon wears off and out hunting...
  5. pipsqueek

    very moody mare!

    I bought a 5yo 16hh ISH last nov, she had done virtually nothing before I got her. I didn't have any problems with her over the winter but for the past couple of months she has been very erratic in her behaviour. She is literally an angel one minute and a witch the next! I have taken her to...
  6. pipsqueek


    I am going to look at a horse which has had a sarcoid removed (it was on her girth line). Does anyone know if these are likely to come back? The horse is 5 and seems right in every other way. Any advice please!
  7. pipsqueek

    how do you create a signature?

    have uploaded an album from which to create a signature from..but when I try to do this the pictures appear full size, how can I shrink them? I'm hopeless at this sort of thing!!! Help!!