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    Premier Equine Rugs and Neck Covers

    I've been a customer of Premier Equine for 15 odd years now. One of the reasons I liked their rugs is that they would let me swap the standard size neck cover that comes with all the 6"6/6"3 rugs for a large one when I ordered. No matter what size of horse I had, the standard neck was too...
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    How to build a secure tack room, help!

    We have just bought a place that has a small steel framed barn. I would like somewhere secure to leave my tack, I am thinking of having a breeze block tack room with a flat roof built in the interior of it. Has anyone done something like this or have a better suggestion? I just want somewhere...
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    Tendring Beach riding Ban - Petition for signing

    Here's a link to to support the riders who are trying to overturn the ban on riders using the beach. Please help your equestrian friends:
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    Best turn out pen

    I'm looking at getting a turn out pen for a recovering horse. Looking online at the different manufacurers they all seem much of a muchness. Would appreciate any feedback about best type and any issues you have had with them.
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    West Wilts Ballot process??

    Wondering what's going on with the ballot process at West Wilts horse trials? The ballot date was last Friday but only half the classes were closed and a waitlist set up for the closed classes. The rest of the classes were left open, they have then been closed today and are showing as waitlist...
  6. P are in administration

    Just phoned again to chase my refund, spoke to a nice lady from KPMG who confirmed they are in administration and has taken my name and details to see if I can get any money back......
  7. P have they gone out of business?

    I have used them for years with no problems..... Earlier this month I bought a pair of Ariat boots in the sale that arrived in good time, they didn't fit so sent them back. I was waiting to see if they had a return in my size but that wasn't to be. I phoned them a few weeks ago and asked for a...
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    RER/ERS - have you had a horse diagnosed with this?

    Was wondering if anyone has had a solid diagnosis from a vet for ERS/RER? If so what tests did the vet do to reach this conclusion?
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    ERS/RER diagnosis - have you had one?

    Was wondering if anyone has had a solid diagnosis from a vet for ERS/RER? If so what tests did the vet do to reach this conclusion? Many thanks
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    Hacking around Bampton - bridlepaths

    I don't know the area at all! Will there be much off road riding in the area or is it mostly roadwork?
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    Full livery Stroud/Cirencester

    Can anyone recommend a full livery with excellent facilities, individual turnout with good grazing and a decent school. An indoor would be awesome but I know they are a rare luxury! I have searched past posts but tge majority ask for DIY or grass livery.
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    Bentonite Montmorillonite 1m558 for hind gut ulcers?

    Chatting with a lady I have just met who has stomach issues with her horse. Horse has had problems for a while, been scoped and has had various treatments, there is a possibility that hind gut ulcers are the cause. Her last resort is having his stomach repopulated with good bacteria from...
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    Gatcombe CIC 3* withdrawals

    I was looking at the results list and saw a lot of very good horses in competitive positions being withdrawn before the XC today, do we know why?
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    How do you know if land is agricultural or for equestrian use?

    Long story but we are thinking about selling some family held land which has stables and grazing. We are unsure whether it is classed as agricultural or has permission for equestrian use. How do you go about finding this out, is there something on the deeds that identifies this or is there...
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    Clip on skull cap hat cam?

    I remember reading about a hat cam that clipped on to a jockey skull cap. It was kind of like a plastic alice band that had a camera on it. It clipped to the front of the skull cap just beneath the hat cover. It was unobtrusive and I think it would not cause a problem in the event of a rider...
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    HHO VIP Morally Bankrupt?

    I have seen a few health related articles that are part of the VIP section eg 'Vets Urge Owners to be Aware of Atypical Myopathy Signs'. There have been other articles that have been 'VIP'd' that I can't remember to give examples of but are about serious health issues that owners should be...
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    Renting stables in exchange for maintenance rather than money

    I am responsible for a small yard (8 acres, 3 stables and a small woodchip outdoor school) not far from Hartpury, the ownership situation is complex and it isn't located in the most ideal area. It is currently empty and is getting shabby where it is not being used. I am contemplating seeing if...
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    Borde Hill Monday competition results

    I just had a look at the results for Borde Hill today, wow, looks like carnage.... lots of eliminations and withdrawals. Was the weather particularly bad today, I know the course can be up to size but it seems like there were a lot of problems today. Can anyone give some feedback?
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    Swedish Event Report

    This is my first competition report, I thought I would do it as it is somewhere a bit different. I live just outside Copenhagen in Denmark but tend to compete in events in Sweden. This weekend we competed at a 90 event held over two days. The competition was held at Flyinge, this was once a...
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    Hannah Bate

    I would like to contact her to get some feedback on a horse she used to ride, if you have it, please could you pm me an email address or contact number. Couldn't see contact details for looking on her website!
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    Repairing the end of a schooling whip

    There must be about 400 dressage schooling whips at my yard, unloved, unused in a corner but no-one can quite bear to throw them out - without the end flicky bit, nobody uses these..... So some kind person tootles off and buys a new whip then everyone uses it until the flicky bit drops off, it...
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    Would anyone want this horse?

    I have a well bred 16 year old warmblood, he has a loss of use stamp due to a sacroiliac disorder that was diagnosed 9 years ago. He was retired to a field but I had to move him for personal reasons so we thought we would try and bring him back in to work. He was back in full work for 3...
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    Watching XC with no entry ticket

    I didn't get tickets for the XC test event but managed to watch a large part of the course from outside the perimeter fences looking in. Some friends didn't manage to get XC tickets but are there for the dressage, I was asked if they would be able to see any fences on XC day. The...
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    Equitrek Sonic Horsebox - feedback

    I am looking for feedback on the Equitrek sonic 3.5 t horsebox on a Peugeot chassis. I know some people have had problems with their trailers but am keen to hear from Equitrek Horsebox owners! From what I can see the feedback is generally good. Please pm if you prefer.
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    New Eventing Partnerships

    This is probably old news but I notice at Chatsworth that Sam Albert has the ride on Kristina Cook’s Carraig Dubh (I assume bought as I think Kristina owned him) and Carlos Paro has Piggy French/Matthew Wrights Alvescot Prada.
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    Redesigned - P Funnell

    Just had a nosey on BDWP to see who is running at Chatsworth (with Olympic selection in mind) I see Pippa has Redesigned entered for the CIC3*. I thought he was out of contention for the Olympics for lameness issues.... or has he had a fast recovery? (We can only hope!)
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    Hartpury College Help!

    I would like to advertise stables and land for rent on a noticeboard in the college. Can anyone tell me how I can arrange to do this. Thank you!
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    Fair price for stables & land to rent near Gloucester

    How much do you think 6 - 8 acres, 4 stables, hay barn, tack room and a small, not particularly great outdoor school 10 minutes from Harpury college should cost in total to rent? The land has been sectioned into 4 turnout areas. It is currently being rented out for 2,500 pounds a year which...
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    Land for rent in Gloucester - how much?

    How much do you think 6 - 8 acres, 4 stables, hay barn, tack room and a small, not particularly great outdoor school 10 minutes from Harpury college should cost in total to rent? The land has been sectioned into 4 turnout areas.
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    Have PhotoSynergy event photogs gone out of business?

    I ordered some photos weeks ago, the money has been deducted from my account. I have sent numerous emails and tried phoning them but have had no response. Does anyone know if they are still trading?