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  1. FinnishLapphund

    Bit of a random question but ... (water buckets)

    My main guess is that it has to do with the colours on the buckets. However, if I imagine myself trying to lean over and try to drink out of those two buckets, then the edge on the yellow bucket looks more comfortable to lean my neck against, than compared to the edge on the white bucket. But...
  2. FinnishLapphund

    Hazel branches

    There are some horse owners in Sweden who likes to feed their horses branches with leaves as a supplement, because some leaves can have a very good nutritional value. But sadly I found conflicting info about hazel. Some info said hazel is safe as a hedge plant for horses, because they can...
  3. FinnishLapphund

    Pit Bulls

    I'm sorry for the trouble this causes in your family. Hopefully your niece will eventually realise that sadly some dog's have problems which you can't solve simply with love.
  4. FinnishLapphund

    Should I get the cat?

    I'm the other way around, I would guess that around 98% of my cat owning years have been with multiple cats. The majority of our cats have enjoyed living together, and the few that didn't care that much about the others quickly learned to ignore the others. So in your shoes, if I liked the cat...
  5. FinnishLapphund

    And then there were two...

    I'm very happy with the photo, but first and last I'm just happy to hear that they're doing well. (I actually briefly thought about posting asking for an update this morning, but decided not to, since the kittens might be busy trying to assimilate you, to which resistance is futile...)
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    Pit Bulls

    I hadn't read that one. Uhm, I wonder if whoever wrote that info is taking some type of happy la-la land drug? 1 years old, haven't been taught basic manners, can be a little wild, selective with doggy mates but tolerates male dogs, find food very valuable, and can be quite obsessive about it...
  7. FinnishLapphund

    Yard dilemma: not again!

    The facilities might be a bit rundown, but sound fully functionable, and the YO who recently took over keeps it nice and clean, and wasn't pushy about wanting you or anyone else interested to move in tomorrow just to fill up the spaces. They have a separate block with extra ventilation for...
  8. FinnishLapphund


    I'm so sorry for the loss of your pretty girl. It's difficult enough when their time ends some years before you thought it would happen, but even worse when you lose two only months apart. Judging by the photos Clover had a lovely life, and have given your mom and you love, and memories neither...
  9. FinnishLapphund

    Pit Bulls

    Haven't looked at the info on all the dogs, but the dogs I did read the description on seems to have one thing in common = energetic. Even poor Oswald, 8 years, blind, liked to run around in the foster home's backyard. But even though it sounds as if he finds living in the shelter's kennel...
  10. FinnishLapphund

    Offensive plants!

    Aww, Blue sounds like such a sweetie!
  11. FinnishLapphund

    Pit Bulls

    Yikes! I hope you heal and recover as swiftly as possible {{{{{{Vibes}}}}}} I'm sorry for your niece that loves her dog, but the control such a dog needs to be under, is for me just not compatible with a good quality of life, and a happy dog.
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    Oh no, I'm so sorry. {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}} to both you and your mom.
  13. FinnishLapphund

    Older dog and accidents

    {{{Hugs}}}, and thanks for the update. If it is the slippery slope, then my Beata is also living on borrowed time. But she galloped out in the garden this morning as usual, and is happy and perky, so I try to just be happy over that she is here today, and deal with whatever happens tomorrow...
  14. FinnishLapphund


    Whatever you try feeding her, have you tried serving it warm, e.g. by adding warm water just before feeding? Warm food often both smell and taste more than food that is cold or have room temperature. I sadly only have a negative experience of pneumonia and dogs. Years ago, it sadly turned out...
  15. FinnishLapphund

    Pretending I belong in this section of the site...

    Aww, how lovely 💓 Hope the rest of your dog sitting continues in the same delightful way.
  16. FinnishLapphund

    Pretending I belong in this section of the site...

    I can't decide if that look means she wishes the photographer left you two to your cuddling, or if it means she wishes the photographer stopped taking unnecessary photos and came over to add two more hands to cuddle her.
  17. FinnishLapphund

    Horses that like to lick metal

    Curiosity made me do some searches, and I found these potential answers: *Lack of minerals. *Like the taste/feel of metal. *Licking metal may help the horse salivate. *Boredom. *Some horses seems to have a "fetish" about licking things/metal. *Some horses like the taste of rust. *Horses are...
  18. FinnishLapphund

    He must love me!

    Both handsome, and helpful.
  19. FinnishLapphund

    Steroids and hunger

    {{{{{{Vibes}}}}}} to your puppy, hope all goes well. At 7 months of age, you've maybe started to feed him 3 or 2 times per day, but if possible try feeding him 4 times per day. With less time between the meals, it might be less time for him to get too hungry before it's time to eat again. Also...
  20. FinnishLapphund

    Introducing Phineas

    Aww, so cute! 💓 Hope all continues to go well with Phineas and Murray. (By the way, he's also cute! 💓)
  21. FinnishLapphund

    I need healing vibes for Beans please

    **PHEW** What a relief for you.
  22. FinnishLapphund

    Older dog and accidents

    By the way, I just realised I forgot to mention that if you serve dry food, it could be worth soaking it in water first, before serving it. Or as Tda mentioned, maybe try swapping the dry food (or raw if that's what you feed) to wet food. If you serve several meals, maybe swap to wet food in...
  23. FinnishLapphund

    Older dog and accidents

    If nothing of what has already been suggested helps, and if they have nappies in his weight range, that could also had been an option if he had been a bitch. But with nappies and the location of male dog's genitalia, it usually isn't as easy as just cut a hole for the tail, and put it on over...
  24. FinnishLapphund

    Pony share at stables

    At the moment he still likes it when he's actually there, but between that, he says this experience have ruined his love for horses. Don't wait with putting a stop to this until when he no longer likes it also on the days when he is there. To only take one example, you've said he's been...
  25. FinnishLapphund

    And then there were two...

    Aww, look at that cute little face! 💓 {{{{{{Vibes}}}}}} to Baloo's innards to hurry up and settle, so the two of them can start to have fun together.
  26. FinnishLapphund

    The way dogs react to you hurting them?

    Beata is more stoic than Blomma, but after a loud I Could Die scream they both act the same, the next moment it's like water off a goose back, they act as if it probably never happened.
  27. FinnishLapphund

    Horse going down in the school

    It's something about the part at first not being able/wanting to lower the head afterwards, only doing it again after some time have passed, which makes me think that if it had been one of my dogs, I'd suspect a trapped nerve. As in A nerve got trapped, could be just by pure bad luck, causing...
  28. FinnishLapphund

    Taming a 10 Week Old Kitten

    He looks gorgeously adorable! 💓 Can't wait for his next big milestones, whack his first dog, sleep in their beds...
  29. FinnishLapphund

    Scruffies had a big day out

    I would've loved to see photos of cute horses/ponies, but you painted very good pictures with just your words. Sounds like everyone had a fabulous time.