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  1. MiJodsR2BlinkinTite

    Rider/PL insurance: what's everyone doing?

    As title really. Am currently considering options right now........ can't say I'm keen to go with BHS Gold again; wondering what everyone else does. Have looked at Harry Hall and wasn't keen on some of the small print tbh - a lot of wind & p!ss but it looked like they were doing everything to...
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    EQUINE ASTHMA: talk to me about it please

    After scoping, vet thinks my coblet has Equine Asthma. Our normal vet is away till Friday and we will be speaking more then, but this is the initial diagnosis after scoping. Just seeking wisdom please: what works for people's horses, supplements, etc., please chuck it in the mix! Have a...
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    Weigh-taping: didn't realise how inaccurate this was!

    As title really. Have always conscientiously weigh-taped my good doer and always given myself a "hurrah" for doing it. Had a portable weigh-bridge chappie to the yard this week (they're in the area):- Weigh-tape said 420k; weigh-bridge said 464........... Not even remotely near.
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    WARNING DISTRESSING VIDEO: Mare kills stallion

    WARNING: you are about to see a stallion killed by a mare, please do not watch it if you think you cannot deal with it. This is awful......... One of my students shared this with me today. Not comfortable viewing, and so very unnecessary.
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    Electric fencing mains energisers: recommend me please!

    Have had a Hotline Peregrine 230v AC 50HZ 10W (5.6 stored jules whatever that means!) which has now died on me, was hoping a simple fuse would fix it but Nope. I live in Devon and could easily pop it down to Newton Abbot to the Hotline workshop, but....... they charge £66 just to look at sommat...
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    Rider insurance: sorry know its been asked before!

    Sorry, yep know its been done before, but looking for recommendations for rider (PL) insurance. Don't fancy the Harry Hall one tbh; dunno whether WHW still do theirs? Wouldn't want to be with BHS again as TBH got sick of their petty squabbling and don't want to put my money anywhere near them...
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    Trailer insurance: Rescue AND Theft

    Needing to insure trailer. Looking for policy which is a "dual" one, if such a thing exists, as wishing to cover "Rescue" AND "Theft" etc. KBIS quote is £132.08 for breakdown & rescue of equines etc (includes towing vehicle even when not towing); and £67.20 for Accidental Damage, Fire & Theft...
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    Insurance for small DIY yard: any ideas?

    As title really. Insurance policy expires Monday; and am currently with Towergate. Am looking around for comparison - everyone sings the praises of NFU but we were with them a few years back and they put up the premium horrendously so we went elsewhere, but having just rung them for a quote...
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    Rubber matting: installation service

    OK so am thinking of having rubber matting installed professionally.......... Simply don't possess the brute-force needed to do the job. Any recommendations? Or people to avoid? I'm in South West England so anyone local to that region would be good.
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    What's everyone paying for DIY livery

    Just a question really. Putting the feelers out. Wondering what people would pay for DIY livery comprising sole use of 4 acres. Own loose-box (two available). Own tack-room. Owner provides all their own hay and "does" their own horse therefore no other livery services provided. Room for...
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    Headshaking: worse in company!

    (Edited): sorry this is longer than I'd wanted, sorry! OK, so have a mega-quandery here. Bought my cob mare when she was a 7yo, nearly 2 years ago now. She's 9 now. Bought her as a "project"; apparently in a previous (loan) home she'd (their description) "bolted" with the young rider on her...
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    Grazing muzzles/laminitic: recommendations please

    As title really. I have used the Greenguard before; but wonder if people had any other recommendations. Thanks.
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    Toxic algae bloom on rivers

    Just a heads-up. I'm in the SW, East Devon to be specific, and over the last few days it has come to notice that two dogs have died, and one is seriously poorly, after swimming in a local river. My vets have just sent a FB circular out, as have other vets in the area. "Blue green algae bloom"...
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    Had to cull my cockerel!

    Oh dear, oh dear, a bit of a sad one I'm afraid. Last year I hatched out a batch of bantams. Two out of the three eggs that did hatch, were blessed cockerels! They've existed quite happily together and go out with my Guinea Fowl flock, we've plenty of room here so they don't bother anyone, and...
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    The Pilates thread!

    Before the lockdown I'd started a Pilates class, the class was/is taken by an equine physio and I was enjoying it! It was in a little hall in a little village just 5 mins drive away from me, and it was good to have an equine professional taking the class as she was able to see things - and...
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    What would you all be doing now if it wasn't for Coronavirus?

    As title really. With everything put on hold for the foreseeable future; just wondering what everyone would have been doing right now?? I'm not a "competer" as such; just a happy hacker really and wannabee TREC'ie, but one thing I WOULD have wanted to achieve with my youngster would have been...
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    What's happened to Wocket Woy? Anyone know?

    I just LOVE Wocket Woy and the Pwoducer. Not had them come up on my FB feed for a very long time, on their page the last thing they did was December last year! Anyone know why this is?? Don't we all just need their daft antics at the moment!
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    What tried and trusted things do you always go back to?

    Just a musing really, perhaps a pointless post?? But was talking about this with a friend the other day....... the way we all seem to have our "favourite things" which we personally deem absolutely essential. For instance: when I was a kid and in Pony Club (OK so a good while ago...... :) ) I...
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    Riding hat fitting: why does the expensive hat always fit the best?

    Just a musing really: but today I went to buy a new riding hat as the one I've had (for many years!) needed replacing as it wasn't compliant anymore. In the old days of course, you knew what you wanted and for what purpose (i.e. hunting cap, X-Country, show jumping etc) and had a price limit...
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    Seeking to hire a towing vehicle....... any ideas?

    OK so have a trailer (Pegasus Huntsman) and a Nissan X-Trail. Have two horses, and my understanding is that I would only be able to put ONE horse up behind. So what I'm looking to do is to hire a towing vehicle of some sort: have trawled through some "car hire" firms; but don't seem to be able...
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    Pongs that linger.......

    Have just had to clear out bedding and a pen from being soiled by an entire - and totally feral - Tom-cat. I'm a Fosterer for Cats Protection by way of explanation. Have been doing it for less than a year and this is the first whiffy Tom I've had to deal with. Oh and we had one helluva job...
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    Rechargeable head-torch, recommendations anyone?

    As title really. My trusty re-chargeable head-torch is giving all the signs of dying on me, imminently, and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations?? Just my luck the dang thing gives out over the Christmas holiday! Any suggestions and/or recommendations appreciated. Thanks!
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    Westcountry Equine Fair: advance tickets

    Have just sat down tonight and thought about getting an advance ticket for this event which is this coming weekend. OK so if you buy a ticket in advance, the price is £13, too late to post it now so they'll e-mail it to you. OK so far..... but then you notice the little item of a "handling...
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    Standing field hayrack that sheep can't get at!

    OK, so gotta problem. I share my pasture with sheep. This morning I put haynets out for the Neds, sheep obviously thought that god was on their side as they saw the hay and came running over!! They're not my sheep, and I don't see why I should feed a lot of blimmin sheep! There isn't anywhere...
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    Trailer: insurance

    Well....... I'm gonna be appearing a huge numpty here but hope someone can help! Have just bought a rather nice little second-hand trailer - it has always been my dream to have own transport, and now it seems to have happened. Will hope to be picking it up this weekend. re. insurance. What I'd...
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    YO's: who do you insure your yard with?

    As title. Just been quoted seriously stooopid money from my current insurer (Towergate) who've basically upped the premium by over £100 this year, with niceties such as "Underwriting Fee" etc etc. Am not happy! Have been there done it with NFU, I went with Towergate as NFU were costing an...
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    Mare being difficult to get bridle on

    My cob mare is 8; and when I bought her (as a "project") it soon became obvious that she had a headshaking problem, which was made a helluva lot better by using a nosenet, to the extent that this summer it has been hardly noticeable, if at all. She's been ridden in a ported pelham which I've...
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    Signs you were a horsey kid in the 1960's/1970's

    With apologies - and acknowledgements to - another thread on here running right now, but that one is in a different decade! It did however inspire me to think about what "signs" there were to indicate those of us who are, shall we say, a little longer in the tooth now than we'd perhaps care to...
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    Singeing lamps: can you still get them?

    Just wondering really.......... Anyone know?? Reason I want to know is coz I'm looking at my two and seeing a LOT of bot-fly eggs on them, and something in my dim and distant past-life remembered the old fashioned way of sorting them was to get the singeing lamp going.
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    Pony Club camp experiences from bygone years!

    Friend and I were talking about things the other day, we were reminiscing about our experiences when - in a galaxy far far away in a prehistoric age, we were shafted off to Pony Club camp!! Those were the days before mobile phones, Elf & Safety, the horrors of synthetic tack! etc etc. I...