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  1. my bfg

    Augh, manure forks!

    Fynalite multi-muckas are brilliant on straw
  2. my bfg

    France to impose certificate of knowledge

    IF worded correctly it could be a massive positive to preventing and resolving horse welfare issues It could also offer a legal standard of horse care that if failed could be classed as breaking the law, so it would make it easier to be able to remove the horse and prosecute the owner
  3. my bfg

    What’s the cheekiest thing your horse does?

    My girl def believes she should always have my sole attention, if I'm nattering to a fellow human she starts waving a front leg at me, if I don't stop chatting she starts tapping me with her toe. She also tries to load herself into any open trailer/box, if she ever got loose at a show I'd have...
  4. my bfg

    Whitening shampoo to keep tail white

    Heck yeah! :D if it had the word Horse on the label it would be x10 the price :rolleyes:
  5. my bfg

    Whitening shampoo to keep tail white

    Was going to say the same thing! :D have tried all sorts of products, but now stick to this as it has the best results
  6. my bfg

    Nags Essentials

    Lovely company, one of their shops isn't far from our yard. Everyone I've spoke to have been very helpful and they do some unusual products too that I've not seen elsewhere Discount code; TT10
  7. my bfg

    No Fence - thoughts

    Not something I would consider, can't see what's stopping the horse getting a shock, bolting the wrong direction, then being constantly shocked and panicked until it's found?
  8. my bfg

    Feasibility of being a freelance groom

    Reckon if you can quickly build up a regular client list then it can work well. However know a few people who have done this and found themselves dealing with stables that haven't been mucked out properly for months/fields full of poo/unkept horses etc, all of which was expected to be at a good...
  9. my bfg

    Neatsfoot oil - can I use it on all my tack?

    I used to use Neatsfoot on all my tack, espically new tack to soften it, but found as soon as there was damp weather the oiled tack became mouldy very quickly compared to the unoiled, so have stopped using it and use a balm instead
  10. my bfg

    Matchy sets

    stockinjur do a good range
  11. my bfg

    Would you cover their vet bill?

    Absolutely neither your or your horses fault, also if you were to pay anything towards the vet bill it could be seen as you accepting liability If an owner brings a dog to the yard it's at their own risk and is their responsibility at all times
  12. my bfg

    Fly traps for stables

    Cut a plastic bottle in half, turn the top part over to make a funnel, part fill base with a sweet smelling liquid, fruit juice/cider/lager etc works well and string it up somewhere out of reach, amazing how many flies it catches
  13. my bfg

    Would you stay at a yard if

    Agree with the comments above and would say if you're not happy then 100% move Sometimes as liveries, it takes moving to a good yard, to actually realise how many issues we've put up with at a bad one
  14. my bfg

    Field weedkiller

    Headland Polo is my go to, pretty much kills off everything except grass
  15. my bfg

    Riding or horses?

    If I bought a horse that was then deemed unrideable then they're with me for life whatever, however I wouldn't knowingly take on an unrideable horse to be kept at livery, I would consider it if I had my own land and was looking for a compainion
  16. my bfg

    Le Chameau Shortage

    Think you're on to something there, was looking online today to replace mine, many sites out of stock and independant traders have whacked prices up
  17. my bfg

    Advise appreciated

    Think this is totally normal, I used to be someone who would get on any horse with any issue, but have had a confidence dip and want a quieter life For building confidence, I would 100% recommend getting a good instructor and having regular lessons no matter what riding level you are at it...
  18. my bfg

    Grey horse cleaning

    I use the supermarket version of Head & Shoulders for day to day, Shapleys colour revieve is great for heavy stains
  19. my bfg

    Shavings - a small whinge and recommendations wanted

    Not used Woodpecker but I stopped using Hunters as kept finding rubbish in them, crisp packets/choc wrappers/plastic/metal staples etc. I went onto straw Our yard uses Eventus, both grade A and grade B, they both look really good and make a great bed As they sponser quite a few riders there's a...
  20. my bfg

    Children on yards

    I have no issue with kids on a yard, but it's obviously not safe place for them to run riot, I've had good and bad experiences with different yards; Bad Waving a fellow livery off on a hack and saying You ok if I lock up? reply was Yes I've got my keys, when I went round locking up I found her...
  21. my bfg

    Advantages/Disadvantages of a ride and drive horse?

    It wouldn't put me off but have found the following; Positive Fantastic responding to voice, really love praise Great with traffic Negative Put themselves in a false outline while pulling themselves along from the front end Canter needs work When working on training trot to canter, the trot...
  22. my bfg

    I know it’s early days but having no horse is killing me!

    I'm very sorry to hear of your loss When I lost my girl Emily (my profile pic) it was planned, due to arthritis I decided to have a 6 month break from horses, I lasted days, I couldn't cope without a horse or the routine, Emily was a massive part of my life, she was my priority, at least twice a...
  23. my bfg

    Wrights engineering horseboxes

    Not dealt with them directly, but when I was looking, several friends warned me of people locally that have had issues with them Can't confirm anything as I wasn't involved, but possibly a heads up to be careful
  24. my bfg

    Whispering Willows Sentence

    absolutely disgusting sentance, IMO animal abuse should carry the same sentance as child abuse, as both are entirely dependant on their caregiver
  25. my bfg

    Searching for XL jump boots

    GFS do some great open fronted leather boots, fit my IDx really well, have used them for SJ and XC and they've never slipped x
  26. my bfg

    What extra features would you pay for on a horse?

    Very lucky as my girl is a superstar, but if I could choose to add any "apps": Ability to speak English Has her own thermostat, so is never too hot/cold After a bath she can have a quick shake and become totally dry Most importantly freeze her health and age x
  27. my bfg

    Slang words/phrases

    I grew up in Yorkshire, aye up buggerlugs is still how i greet my mare :) also aye up ya daft bugger is the go to if she's excited about something when ridden or in hand
  28. my bfg

    Solarium or hot wash

    Very lucky to have both at our yard, but if I had to choose it would be the hot wash. It makes a huge difference using warm water to wash my girl when she's sweaty/mucky/just has a dirty tail, if we didn't have the solarium I could scrape/towel off and pop her thermatex on to dry her. Yep I...
  29. my bfg

    Another loose dog incident at an event. Time to ban dogs?

    Think at some point it will have to come to a complete ban. A loose dog on the track is a danger to the horse, rider and to the dog itself. It's unfair to the horse and unfair to the rider, both of whom have put in a lot of hard work to get to the point of competing in such high profile events...