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  1. fankino04

    Dogs and the heat

    21 degrees here at the moment and I've just seen a guy set off on his lunch time walk with his 2 long coated alaskan malamute, poor thing ๐Ÿ˜ข
  2. fankino04

    Frankie dettori

    So Facebook is full of keyboard warriors saying that frankie needs to retire after some bad rides at ascot this year, and some before ascot too. What do you guys think? Is he past it now? Or are his "bad days at the office" just noticed more because of who he is? He certainly seems to be making...
  3. fankino04

    Dog ate half big bag of kibble

    Went to walk one of my regular dogs (gsd) today and owners had left a full 15kg bag of James wellbeloved on the kitchen bench, she's had half of it. Is a bit quiet but still enthusiastic about her walk but owner has decided that she shouldn't go on a walk with such a big belly. What would you...
  4. fankino04

    Debate for the rights and wrongs of racing

    As all the Aintree / Cheltenham threads go off on a tangent about whether racing (and equestrian sport in general)is cruel I thought I'd open up a new thread where people can air their views. I genuinely love watching the racing but often feel guilty / conflicted over it. In flat racing I think...
  5. fankino04

    Many tears rescue

    Anyone have any experiences with many tears rescue, a client is applying to adopt from them ( lots of hoops to jump through), I know I've heard of them but not sure if it was for a good or bad reason...
  6. fankino04

    Dog scared of anything over her back.

    Any suggestions oh wise ones on this... I walk a jrt x toy poodle who is lovely but acts terrified of anything over her head or back. She has always been like this but is actually getting worse (she's 2), her owners say nothing has caused it that they can think of. She will run away from you...
  7. fankino04


    Quick question, friend is looking at getting a dachshund puppy, what health checks should the parents of had? I don't know much about this breed thanks x
  8. fankino04

    Post vet smell

    Why do dogs have an odd smell when they've been in the vets? I recall if mine were in for a few hours or more they had a "vet" smell when I picked them up which went away quite quickly, but I'm house sitting for a Newfoundland this weekend who was in the vets last week and he still has "vet...
  9. fankino04

    Who does everyone fancy for the arc?

    The more I see on the racing channel the less of a clue I have lol, heart is with snowfall though as my OH took me to York to watch her win the oaks there. Who do you guys reckon will win?
  10. fankino04

    Riddle me this...

    This afternoon I'm doing a dog assessment for a rehoming charity. The dog is apparently being rehomed as she is aggressive towards other dogs and they live in an area that they meet lots of dogs on their walk, yet they send said dog to a big doggy day care each day??!! Poor girl isn't even 12...
  11. fankino04

    Queues at Blenheim

    Quick question for you Blenheim regulars, how long are the queues normally on xc day?
  12. fankino04

    I have a friend for the day ๐Ÿ˜

    A client is having a day out in London with her partner today so I'm doing a spot of dog sitting.
  13. fankino04

    What do you class as too hot

    So start of mini heatwave here and it got me wondering what do you all class as too hot to walk your dogs in? When I had the malamutes I tended to draw the line at being out in anything over 17 degrees with them but they were getting old and obviously very hairy. For the dogs I walk I tend to...
  14. fankino04

    Poss stupid question re genetic tests

    This might be a really dumb question but as people can have DNA tests to show what they have the genetic markers for, can they do the same for horses? Really struggling to find somewhere new for my massively obese retired mare and worrying myself stupid that she is going to come down with lami...
  15. fankino04

    Can you wash fly rugs?

    As title, can I wash a fly rug at home, what do I need to know?
  16. fankino04

    Home made fly sprays

    Anyone got any good receipes for fly sprays that don't contain citronella as my girl is allergic to that.
  17. fankino04

    Dry skin on belly

    Any idea what would cause the skin on my horses belly just in front of her teats ( going about a quarter of the way along her belly) to go dry and flakey?
  18. fankino04

    Some noodle spam

    Just because why not? Also a bit of Tehya and Ashkii who she will hopefully have found on the other side.
  19. fankino04

    How long for pain meds to take effect?

    So vet has now put noodle on pardale v, tramadol and gabapentin. Could anyone advise how long these take to have an effect?
  20. fankino04

    Healing vibes needed

    So over the past few months noodles signs of aging have increased but out of no where last night getting up became so much harder for her, her legs were bowing very quickly when she was up and it really didn't look good. Gave her her matacam and left her to rest but she's not much better this...
  21. fankino04

    Fat horse, wwyd

    My 17 year old Welsh x mare has been retired for many many years ( my loss of confidence and a stifle / si injury). She lives out 24/7 and for the past 7 years or so I've been very vigilant about her weight ( she lives on fresh air), which was fairly easy to do whilst she was on individual...
  22. fankino04

    Excessive drooling in dog

    Anyone got any ideas on this.... Client messaged to check how their dog had been on her lunchtime walk as she is apparently drooling and licking her lips now and looking very sad. She was fine on her walk but was sniffing and dawdling more than usual although sometimes she does this more than...
  23. fankino04

    Recommendations for canine physio in Wiltshire

    Hi all, I'm in need of a new physio for noodle. It may well just be old age and nothing we can fix but obviously want to know that we have checked everything possible and done everything to help her. She turned 13 at the start of April and as a large breed (Malamute in my avatar) that makes her...
  24. fankino04

    Lame horse ๐Ÿ˜ข

    This morning I put my girls muzzle on for the first time ever. She accepted it ok, didn't try too hard to get it off but didn't seem to figure out how to graze in it unless it was out of my hand. I watched for a bit from the next door field and she just kept wandering, stopping for a bit and...
  25. fankino04

    Yard jet wash service?

    Hi all, I'm trying to think of extra services to offer to try to recoup some of the lost covid income and was wondering if you thought yards might be prepared to pay to have their stables cleaned with a professional pressure washer or steam cleaner ( not the domestic type from b&q, bit a proper...
  26. fankino04

    Happy birthday Noodle

    Happy 13th birthday to my lovely girl ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰
  27. fankino04

    Do entire male dogs smell more

    This is probably a very stupid question but I'm wondering if a dog being entire makes it smell worse. I walk an entire large breed dog who has never been socialised so to avoid any possible issues with other dogs when I walk him I pop him in the car and walk to a quite and open area but my car...
  28. fankino04

    Good crossbreeds

    Just musing really as there are always threads about the terrible crossbreeds being purposely breed (pomsky anyone?), What crossbreeds do people think are a good match? One of our rescue malamutes always looked like he had a bit of German shepherd in and whilst if he did it may have been the gsd...
  29. fankino04

    Just why noodle?

    Why has my 13 year old (at the end of this month) dog suddenly decided that my partners shoes and slippers are her toys? She has never chewed shoes, isn't that fussed about actual toys (occasionally we find one she likes and she will keep it for ages), she has also decided burying things in the...
  30. fankino04

    Rugging dilemma

    My Welsh x is out 24/7 and has been mostly naked for the last few years, however this year due to loss of grazing she moved to full grass livery and they put a rug on her mid January as they felt it was getting too cold. I took it off her on Sunday thinking the weather was turning more spring...