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  1. Supertrooper

    Badminton XC thread

    I’d already promised OH that I’d go to a car show so won’t be able to watch live 😭🤣 But hopefully they’ll be some updates via this (especially Pippa’s rounds) Thanks
  2. Supertrooper

    Horse & Hound magazine

    Has anyone been able to get this weeks copy in a shop? Really wanted the form guide and can’t find it anywhere!
  3. Supertrooper

    Badminton predictions

    So who do you think will win?
  4. Supertrooper

    Badminton 2022 course

    I’m not paying for Badminton tv but the small snippet they had on Facebook looked like there’s a ski type jump
  5. Supertrooper

    Artic soul

    Just seen on Gemma T Facebook that he died at an event today Terribly sad for everyone
  6. Supertrooper

    Norwegian forest cat

    I strongly suspect my little rescue chap might be one Has anyone owned one?
  7. Supertrooper

    Desert Island Discs - Carl Hester

    So brilliant, it’s on the bbc sounds app if anyone is interested He’s such a great ambassador
  8. Supertrooper

    This weeks Horse & Hound

    Is anyone having trouble getting it this week?
  9. Supertrooper

    Change to eventing team

    I wonder why Brookfield Innocent was still the travelling reserve horse if the owners had said in May he wouldn’t be going I’m confused
  10. Supertrooper

    Horse and country tv

    I’ve got the subscription and got this on my smart tv But I don’t understand why I can’t see Oasby elite event for example and other competitions?
  11. Supertrooper

    Eventing magazine

    Does anyone have any back copies they’d like to get rid of?
  12. Supertrooper

    Eventing magazine

    Does anyone have any old copies of this magazine they are looking to get rid of? I used to love reading it and would be happy to buy them Thanks in advance
  13. Supertrooper

    Random gundog question - Castleman gun dogs

    Was secret the working cocker ever found does anyone know?
  14. Supertrooper

    Harry Meade

    Has had another awful fall, sounds horrific but hopefully he’ll recover from his injuries quickly
  15. Supertrooper

    Virtual eventing trot up

    Totally worth a watch if you’ve got an hour you want to fill. Fair play to the event riders especially there were some brilliant fancy dress outfits
  16. Supertrooper

    End of my horse owning days

    So my loan pony has gone back to WHW, no fault of his own but unfortunately my health making it difficult to look after him So that’s the end of me being a horse owner. Such an odd feeling and don’t quite know what to do with myself. Not helped by being furloughed too. I’m happy in the...
  17. Supertrooper

    Random question

    On Facebook I’ve seen a post which is top riders doing equestrian challenges every day. Starts tomorrow at 7pm but can’t remember what it’s called? Think it’s two riders going head to head every day?
  18. Supertrooper

    Gelding licking

    Just put my 14yr old gelding in with two new ones. The little new pony has given him short shrift and kicked him which is fine, no shoes all round and mine is annoying. The other one is more placid and mine is licking the top of his tail. Never seen this before, is this a stallion thing?
  19. Supertrooper

    Six year ponyversary

  20. Supertrooper

    Cool forage haylage

    Does anyone use?
  21. Supertrooper

    A sorry to my boy

    I’ve really not enjoyed having him this winter. He’s grumpy and difficult to do anything with and it’s been totally horrible. But my nice boy is emerging again ❤️❤️
  22. Supertrooper

    Help please - coming to end of my endurance

    This winter has been hard, I know it has for everyone. But with a chronic pain condition and recently diagnosed spinal arthritis the mud has been an added element I didn’t need. Every step I’m taking I’m getting stuck and it’s becoming increasingly painful and less fun. Pony is 14.2hh and...
  23. Supertrooper

    Mark Rashid fans

    Don’t know if you’ve seen his wive has a new book out called Continuing the Ride by Crissi McDonald About her journey back from a bad fall. As with Marks books very easy to read and will resonate I’m sure with many of us
  24. Supertrooper

    Pippa Funnell

    Has just won the BT sport action woman of the year Just amazing
  25. Supertrooper

    Holiday entitlement

    Sorry another work question Next week I’m reducing my hours to 38hrs over 4 days, I was doing 42.5hrs over four & a half days. I get 25 days holiday plus bank holidays. Our holiday is 20 days but you get extra five once you’ve been there five years. I’ll now be getting 20 days plus...
  26. Supertrooper

    Anyone with horses living out

    Are you finding they are a bit off/quiet today? Both are not dehydrated, are picking at hay & feed but not quite their normal selves. Coats are glossy and breathing rates are fine. Not sure if they are off colour after a week of frozen ground, snow, minus temps and gales
  27. Supertrooper

    Bone spavin questions

    My little rescue pony is 11 this year, he was diagnosed with bone spavin in his right hock by WHW when he was around 6/7yrs old. He lives out all year round and is 98% fine but the colder weather has started to effect him more often than it did. This morning he looked stiff on his back...
  28. Supertrooper

    Love love love him

    Every single day he makes me laugh xx
  29. Supertrooper


    What do people do when they’ve got nowhere dry to do it? Ponies due on weds, weather forecast awful and his legs are plastered in mud. I’m currently getting over flu and just can’t face doing it. His feet look fine but he’s not been done for over eight weeks.
  30. Supertrooper

    Trickle Net

    Thinking of getting one, do they work well on ground as have nowhere in field to hang it up xx